Thursday, April 7, 2011

List of all Ultramen

UPDATED 4/8/11 9:15 AM EST
I might be missing some. Kind of out of order.

  1. Ultraman

  2. Ultra Seven

  3. Ultraman Jack (The Return of Ultrman)

  4. Ultraman Ace

  5. Ultraman Taro

  6. Ultraman Leo

  7. Ultrman Jonias (The Ultraman)

  8. Ultraman 80

  9. Ultraman Tiga

  10. Ultraman Dyna

  11. Ultraman Gaia

  12. Ultraman Neos

  13. Ultraman Cosmos

  14. The Next [Ultraman (2004)]
    Ultraman: The Next, released in Japan simply titled ULTRAMAN. It is part of the Ultra Series' experimental Ultra N Project, and features an Ultraman character codenamed "The Next".

  15. Ultraman Nexus

  16. Ultraman Max

  17. Ultraman Mebius

  18. Ultraseven X

  19. Ultraman Zero (Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie)

  20. Zoffy

  21. Father of Ultra

  22. Mother of Ultra (Taro)

  23. Ultraman King

  24. Ultraman Astra (Leo)

  25. Evil Tiga

  26. Ultraman Agul (Gaia)

  27. Ultraman Hikari (Mabius)

  28. Hunter Knight Tsurugi (Mabius)

  29. Ultraman Justice (Ultraman Cosmos)

  30. Ultraman Noa (Noa: Nostalgia)

  31. Ultraman Xenon (Ultraman Max)

  32. Ultraman Belial (Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie)

  33. Dark Zagi (Ultraman Nexus)
  34. Ultaman Chuck

  35. Ultraman Scott

  36. Ultraman Powered

  37. Ultraman Great

  38. Astra (Leo)

Might count, dunno:
Ultraman Nice
Ultraman Nice was released in a series of commercials advertise the wide variety of Bandai Ultraman toys.

Ultraman Zearth
Ultraman Zearth is a parody Ultraman and had a hygiene fixation.

Ultrawoman Beth (Ultraman: The Adventure Begins)

Yullian (Ultraman 80)

Ultrawoman Amia (The Ultraman)


Anonymous said...

You missed Ultraman Chuck and Ultraman Scott (both from The Adventure Begins), Ultraman Great, Ultraman Powered, Ultraman Zearth, and Ultraman Nice. Also, Ultraman Astra is simply known as Astra. ^_^

zzz said...

shouldn't there be only 38 offical ultraman?

syer1001 said...

dark mephisto, dark mephisto zwei, dark faust is not there. and you put ultraman nice as kamen rider nice...

Anonymous said...

Andro Melos, Andro Wolf, Andro Mars and Andro Flor not there too.

Unknown said...

There was an episode i was looking for that I never finished as a child.
Here's what I remember, there's a super powerful monster on another planet that the ultraman want to defeat (obviously), however, the ultraman try to defeat it one by one but they all die. Please tell me the episode!!!

Unknown said...

Its not an episode but an ultraman movie name 'The mighty seven ultra brothers'

Carlos Campani said...

Blog sobre brinquedos - Ultraman

Dee said...

My childhood is happy due to this ultraman series..but i just love the showa ultraman..heroic and memmorable..

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Thank you for this. If I had seen this as a kid back in 66 along with star trek life would have been perfect. I am happy to say since I discovered it in 2011 I have caught up 😍

Ashuie said...

Ultraman Ribut😂

RICHARD S said...

Someone help me find this episode, if it ever existed, its been so long ago. But ultramans light started blinking real fast and he didn't make it off of earth. His father? Came down to save the day and he had a ton of lights on his chest, and looked like he could stay for a while. Was it a dream or what, been trying to find it for a long time with no luck.