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Super Sentai and Kamen Rider TV Show Ratings vs. Toy Sales

Super Sentai and Kamen Rider TV Show Ratings vs. Toy Sales
Show Ratings from a Japanese site and the Toy Sales are from Wikipedia, so might not be super accurate, but oh well, at least we get an idea.

Super Sentai TV Show Ratings
Goranger: 16.1%.
J.A.K.Q.: 9.8%.
Battle Fever J: 12%.
Denjiman: 13.5%.
Sun Vulcan: 12.5%.
Goggle V: 12.3%.
Dynaman: 10.6%.
Bioman: 10.5%.
Changeman: 11.1%.
Flashman: 12.3%.
Maskman: 11.4%.
Liveman: 10.5%.
Turboranger: 7.6%.
Fiveman: 6.5%.
Jetman: 7.1%.
Zyuranger: 7.1%.
Dairanger: 7%.
Kakuranger: 5.7%.
Ohranger: 4.5%.
Carranger: 4.8%.
Megaranger: 6.5%.
Gingaman: 8%.
GoGo V: 6.6%.
Timeranger: 7.1%.
Gaoranger: 8.8%.
Hurricanger: 7.5%.
Abaranger: 7.1%.
Dekaranger: 7.1%.
Magiranger: 7.7%.
Boukenger: 6.7%.
Gekiranger: 5.2%.
Go-Onger: 5.1%.
Shinkenger: 5.9%.
Goseiger: 5.4%.

Source for these ratings

Toy sales vs. Ratings, but it is not fair because the toy sales is in Million Yen and the Ratings are percentages of people viewing. So I am just comparing them by the numbers. Wikipedia is not always accurate, but let's just say it is an estimate, get more or less an idea. Toy Sales and Ratings were different back then compared to now, things cost less but people earned less and TV ratings were different than now thanks to web and phones.

Source of Toy Sales are from Gekiranger Japanese Wikipedia

Kamen Rider Ratings from this site
Kuuga - 9.7%
Agito - 11.7%
Ryuki - 9.4%
555 - 9.3%
Blade - 7.9%
Hibiki - 8.2%
Kabuto - 7.7%
Den-O - 6.9%
Kiva - 6.2%
So yeah this chart is not super accurate or makes sense because the toy sales are million yen and the ratings are percentages of households, not money. The toy sales come from Wikipedia so most likely not accurate.

Kamen Rider Ratings

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