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Power Rangers RPM - Monsters yet to be used and won't be used

Four episodes are left to air for Power Rangers RPM and we won't see them until December but I love to speculate. I was concerned when the show started about the bots, as I remember many non-robot-looking foes, and that the RPM crew would overuse the monsters (having too many in one episode) and then running out of them but they have done a good job at spreading them out. They have used two per episode at times but it's been good.

Most Likely Will Be Used
He appears in episode 47 of Go-Onger and only seen for one episode, maybe he will be used as Kireizky has been used for Kilobyte and
Yogoshimacritein is being used as Venjix. Maybe as just an Attack Bot.

Kettei Banki
A robot made out of many of the robots, only appeared in 48, most likely will be used for the end.

Bin Banki
Appeared in Episode 42 of Go-onger, since footage for 43 and 44 have already been used for episode 28 of RPM, maybe he will just appear among a bunch of robots and maybe his megazord footage will not be used.

Maybe Won't Be Used
Prince Nigorl zo Arelunbra
Appeared in Episode 26 of Go-Onger, I think he was not used because he is looks less like a robot and has a different ascetic (look) than the others. The bot that looked like a knight in "Not So Simple" (21 of RPM) was connected to this prince, but his footage was pretty much short.

Engine Banki
Appeared in Episode 37, he has been skipped over, he was a transforming robot. Maybe because he is too garish is why he has not been used. Maybe he might appear in the background.

Definitely Won't Be Used
Shower Banki
Definitely will not be used because there are shower valves on her chest that resemble nipples. She appeared in Go-onger episode 38, Yellow and Silver fought her, the plot point inspired the RPM episode 22 "Dome Dolls."

Yatai Banki
Appeared in episode 39, most likely he won't be used, he is way too out of the spectrum of the Attack Bots used.

There were a couple of 'organic' monsters in Go-Onger that came from other dimensions and don't match at all with the RPM Attack Bots. Baaki appeared in Episode 24 of Go-Onger and his footage was skipped.

Gokugokumaru and Rairaiken
Repaints of a Go-Onger movie monster, they appeared in episodes 39-40, they definitely won't be used.

Appeared in Episode 31, he was the reason the girls united with the villianess Kegaleshia to form G-3 Princess. He wasn't used for obvious reasons.

Appears in Episode 41, for sure will not be used.

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Power Rangers RPM - Episode 28 - Run Ziggy Run

Episode Summary:
Tenaya 15 gets a new card on the opening, I didn't think they would change the opening, so I didn't record it---I was loading in a new disc. It's not much, its just her (with the cyborg stuff on her face) and it says 'as Tenaya 15' instead of Tenaya 7.

Ziggy is alone and finds a penny, saying it is his lucky day. He spots thugs and starts running from them. They try to fight but he avoids them in a rhythmic coordination. He then disappears. Dr. K is working on a new weapon and he teleports as Ranger Green in her chair and she accidentally sits on his lap! Tenaya looks at guards guarding a gate. Back at the evil lair, Venjix meets his new body that looks like Shifter, it is black. Venjix uploads into it, rather quickly, with no explanation on how. Tenaya comes in and says this mission will be difficult and bows to him.

Ziggy explains to the gang that he owes them, saying there is a mix up with numbers and hijacking the truck... $5 million. He says he is a ghost. Summer says ghosting him doesn't make sense. Frenso Bob tells his goons to 'ghost him.' Tenaya comes in, the guards hand her and Bob tells them to let him go. She asks if he controls the truck drivers, she says she has a job for him, giving him Ziggy in return. Ziggy panhandles to Flynn with a can saying 'save Ziggy,' the twins give him rocks and buttons. Kilobyte attacks the city and confronted by the seven. Dillon fights him and goes down. He goes towards Ziggy, he cowards and Kilobyte grabs him.

After the break, the Rangers regather. Kilobyte says its boring. The six morph. Kilobyte drops ZIgy and fights Blue, drops him, fights Yellow and Black and drops Yellow. Black and Red go after him and he kicks down Black. He fights the twins and brings Silver down. Ziggy morphs. Red and Green fight him and they both go down. The truck goes up to the gate. It is a pick up for Truman. The driver gives them a paper clipboard, they say its digital now, he says if they want to call Truman an old man and they let him in. The Rangers go down to Kilobyte's finisher. They de-morph. He leaves laughing. Tenaya grabs Ziggy and covers his mouth. The others realize he is gone.

3 Grinders take Ziggy in and he says his family is high-strung. He says he is not scared of her or Venjix. She says she is taking him to Bob. K says Green's signal is out, Black says she is as bad as the machines. Scott says he is sending the twins to her. K widens the search for Green. Bob gets the package and it glows red and he laughs. The Grinders puts the bombs in place all over the city like light bulbs. Ziggy tries to convince Tenaya against turning him in. A black limo arrives and Bob comes out. The twins and K work on the new weapon. She tells Red of a breach in the system. They are to make the exchange, Ziggy for the case. The case is given to a Grinder, Tenaya opens it.

After the break, Kilobyte faces the four Rangers left. He takes them all down. Bob wants Ziggy, Tenaya brings her gun up, saying he is valuable to them. Ziggy fights the Grinders and Tenaya and gets his morpher back, he morphs and tells the gangsters to run. The Rail Saber is finished. Dr. K detects Green. She tells Gema to help "Zig-- Ranger Green." The gangsters leave in the limo. Tenaya fights Green. Gold arrives with the Rail Saber to save the four. Gold loads the cells 11 and 12 (T-rex and Triceratops) into the saber and fights Kilobyte. Kilobyte goes down. Green and Ziggy fight. Silver flies in, literally and they both fight Tenaya. Gold gives the saber to Red, he puts the mamoth cell into his gun and makes the Rail Blaster by combining the two and take down Kilobyte. Kilobyte says begin the download and becomes big.

PaleoMax is formed and the other zords attack Kilobyte. Silver and Green fight Tenaya but go down. Tenaya picks them both up and drops them down. The Grinder and Tenaya leave. ValveMax is formed with Gold zord as an arm and HighOctane fights Kilobyte. K has detected charges around the city. The Grinders are about to detonate it when Mach Megazord arrives with Ziggy's zord as an arm. Road Attack Zord is deployed. The five robots kick Kilobyte down. Kilobyte attacks them and out of the blaze, the 12 zords comes towards him and form the Ultrazord. They destroy him, he says it isn't over yet.

Back at the evil lair, Kilobyte comes in damaged and moaning. Tenaya brings in the case. Venjix says the final strike is coming up. Back at the garage, Ziggy is packing and moving out, scared. The others try to convince not to leave. Fresno Bob comes in and his men grab Ziggy. He says when he saved his life, he figured he is 'all right' and they are now even. Ziggy is thrilled. He calls him 'bobarino' and Bob tells him not to push his luck.

Tenaya 15 doesn't have the 'moxie' she used to have. Even though Astronema was brainwashed and evil, she still had a unique personality. The robotic-like Tenaya is listless. I didn't like how the zord battle was reduced to a few minutes because with the unique zord combos, it was kinda too fast to get. Footage of Episode 44 of Go-Onger was used, meaning they only got footage to six episodes left and there is only 4 episodes left. I think this episode was made to wrap things up with Frenso Bob and the cartel since there are only 4 eps left. No new episodes next week, just re-runs. ABC schedule says Episode 29 will air in December. No episode titles or descriptions have been revealed as of yet. Did I mention, there are only 4 more eps left?

Power Rangers RPM - Episode 27 - Control - Alt - Delete

Episode Summary
Recap is shown.

Kilobyte is working on a new project. Venjix says Shifter will pay after their weapon is done. Dillon, Summer, Scott and Flynn are in Flynn's jeep following tracks in the wasteland. Dillon thinks they are close to the kingdom. The twins and Ziggy are with Dr. K in the dome and Scott tells them to wait for him. Scott is feeling pain. Back at the garage, Dr. K scans it. Shifter has a controller and says the Hyperbot was just the beginning and sends the signal, Scott is effected. Generation 15 comes out, new weapon, Crunch says it is a '10,' Venjix says it needs a mission. Dr. K says Scott doesn't have the virus and he is missing, then they hear the alarm. Shifter is attacking the city and the Rangers arrive to fight the tin can.

Shifter says he has a big surprise and he wraps the six in tape and swings them in the air. Scott appears as Ranger Red and blocks Shifter, Shifter controlling him against his will. Red draws his weapon. Black wants to shoot. Blue says they don't have a clean shot. Shifter is attacked. The controller goes down and the gear falls out of Scott. Everyone sees Tenaya, Dillon runs to her. He sees she is brainwashed, she says that she is Tenaya 15 in a robotic voice. Shifter becomes huge. Scott is not sure if he can do it, Summer says it's okay. Dillon morphs. Red looks at the controller gear. The zords attacks Shifter. The yellow zord bites the gear. The other zords attack Shifter. Red energy level climbing. They make G12.... i mean, the Ultrazord. Blue takes Red's spot and Shifter goes down.

Red meets Shifter in a quarry. Red does a summary of their plight and they fight. Scott delivers a final blow, takes off his helmet and Shifter explodes behind Scott. Gema works on the control key, Dr.K explains the key. Ziggy wants to control lovely lady. Dillon asks if the key is trashed, asking if it will work on Tenaya. Dr. K says it might work for three to four seconds. Dillon wants to use it on Tenaya. Back at the evil lair, the Grinders bring the scraps of Shifter. Tenaya is powered up and go. Venjix ordered an attack and send a new bot. Kilobyte is mad. Venjix wants him to help him rebuild a new body for him, using Shifter. Dr. K gives Dillon a new cannon with the control key, they only got 3 seconds.

The new attack bot (the exercise weight one) is attacked by the twins and they fight the Grinders. The other four arrive and fight. Dillon comes behind with the cannon and puts the control key in. He waits for Tenaya. The bot makes Ziggy go down. Summer fights the bot and he pounds her. She morphs and then Ziggy morphs. The twins then morph. Flynn takes a Grinder down and morphs. Scott takes Grinders down and morphs. Blue goes down, Red holds the bot down. Tenaya attacks Dillon. Dillon aims the gun at her but she swipes it out of his hand and it swings away. She tosses him away and he morphs and lands. He goes out for the cannon but she lands and fights him.

The bot beats up the others. Black says he won't destroy her as she continues fighting him. She points her gun at him, he uses his shield and her power destroys his shield. A sound powers down as she sees him and she retreats. He is about to shoot her when he sees his friends in danger. They are all down, he realizes what is more important. He shoots the bot and it goes down. They make the RPM enforcer and with the combo of the Twins' power, they destroy the bot. It is made giant and Road Attack Zord fights it. Mach Megazord then attacks the bot and destroys it in one fell swoop. Black sighs as he looks down at the weapon. After the commercial break, the control key is broken and Ziggy is still stuck on his idea of controlling women. Dr. K scans Dillon, saying he made the right decision, Dillon is still upset. The virus has spread to 40%, when it hits 50%, he will loose control to Venjix. She can't stop it. Summer and Dillon exchange looks.

There was no much to this episode. It had the plot points but it was like it just happened, stuff just occurs. But, since they have given us such great episodes already, I forgive them with no problem. Tenaya 15 has no major design overhaul than Astronema did when she went evil, just a design on her face and her armor gear is now silver and has two metal stripes on her stomach.

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Power Rangers Licensing Show Promo Sheets/Press Release

Here is a list of the press releases/promo sheets for Power Rangers through the years. It was hard for me to find them all, I am sure it was hard for everyone else to find it. There was press releases for Turbo, Space, Time Force, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, SPD, and Mystic Force. I am not sure if there was one for Lost Galaxy or Lightspeed Rescue, I don't remember seeing any. I know there was no press kit sheets like these for Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, and RPM.

This is a backstory sheet for Alien Rangers and Zeo, it was for 1995/1996. It details the vents of season 3 of MMPR and the beginning of Zeo. It puts which teen corresponded to which zord. This was a early one, having Tanya as 'Kenya.'

Power Rangers Zeo (1997)
This was not technically a press release but it was a commercial promotion, teasing for a Power Rangers Zeo movie. Because it says Coming to movie theaters Spring of 1997, but I think they meant the Turbo Movie. Because it just says 'Power Rangers' are coming to theaters.

Power Rangers Turbo (1997)
Here is the first press release as we know them. It has the live-action Rangers on the front and on the back, boasting the success of the franchise. Also, the story of Zeo and the movie. It explains the releases (show episodes weekly, theatrical release, marketing budget, movie soundtrack launch, on-air promo support, D.A.R.E. campaign, home video launch, and domestic licenses). Also present is the second Saban logo and all five Rangers (Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green).

Power Rangers in Space (1998)
Saying it is the #1 toy line for 3 consecutive years (are they skipping 1997?), it details the plot and says when episodes will air and promotional stuff. The front is just the logo and back is mix of illustrations (Astro Megaship) and live-action (Red Ranger and Astro Megazord). I am not sure if there were a Lost Galaxy or Lightspeed Rescue press kits.

Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)
I know there was a Time Force Press Release, just can't find it! Time Force release was the first to have illustrations completely with no live-action picture. The Time Force one had the Pink Ranger and male Rangers on it. Wild Force continued this, it only had the plot. My favorite part of this design is the jellyfish. The girls were missing from this one, only Red, Blue and Black Rangers present.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)
Instead of the usual Press Release, for the first year to be completely under Disney, they use their Disney stationary. With no illustration or photo, it has an early description, with the Thunder Rangers as 'Red and Blue Shadow Ranger.' It reports telecasts on Fox Kids and ABC Family, this is probably talking about the first half of Wild Force that aired on Fox Kids.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)
The front had the four Rangers (sans White Ranger) in illustrations with schedule of when things to be released, toys and McDonalds toys in December retail in January and the series in February. The plot is detailed in the back. It is rumored because Tommy was mentioned in this summary, it drove Jason David Frank to do it but the timing isn't right. No company or channel logo present here.

Power Rangers SPD (2005)
This one sure did have Jetix, ABC Family, Toon Disney, and ABC Kids logos. One side had the plot and the other has facts, quotes and calendar. Only the boys were present here, Red, Blue and Green.

Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006)
With logos of Jetix, ABC Family, Toon Disney, and ABC Kids logos on one side and illustration (only the Red Ranger) on the other side. A small plot is the back with Highlights, brand equity, positioning, and so on. It is the only one to mention the Disney-MGM Studio's Cars Parade. There was no press release like these for Operation Overdrive or seasons after that.