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Power Rangers Megaforce - United We Stand - Episode Review

Emma and Gia (in new clothes other than normal clothes) go mountain biking in a forest to find a rare flower that only blooms once. They take pictures together but Gia doesn't want pictures of her smiling to be released, just privately. Vrak and Loggies attack the city and the Rangers fight the Loogies. The Rangers wonder who Vrak is, who is wearing red claw armor. The bad guys retreat, the girls leave the guys to print photos. Vrak arrives on the Warstar ship. The Warstar meet a Queen Bee alien who plans to target the girls and argues with Creepox. Her jelly venom make men her servants. The girls come out of the one hour photo shop and get hit by Beezara. Emma and Gia both get mad at each other and instantly hate each other. They break one photo and crumble up the pieces.

At the computer lab, Jake wants Noah to hurry so he can play soccer with the guys outside. Noah notices that Vrak was not an insect. Beezara and the Loogies attack the osccer playing boys and stun them. Noah and Jake morph and call the girls. Blue and Black Ranger fight Beezara and get stunned as well, de-morph and fall to the ground. Yellow, Red and Pink arrive but fight over their weapons. Troy gets stunned to. Troy figures that Beezara did something to them as she mentioned the photo shop. Emma tries merging their weapons but they don't fit together. Beezars knocks the girls into a goal. She has the three boy rangers to carry her away.

 At her hideout, Beezara has the boys serving her. They can still think and talk but when she commands it, they uncontrollably obey her. Troy sharpens her nails, Noah massages her yukky feet and Jake fans her. When Noah angers her, she makes Jake hit him, which he detests. Emma finds a branch that has been broken and thinks of following it. Gia wants logic to go to find a place that could hide a large amount of people. They go in opposite directions and Emma finds them.

Emma confronts Beezara and insta-morphs. Emma gets tied up in vines. Gia arrives and fights the monster. The boys try to help the girls but get hit by a forcefield. The boys remind the girls that they have been best friends for years. Gia calls for the Land Brothers to blast Beezara. Beezara tie her up in a laser lasso.They cheer the girls on but Beezara makes them close their mouths with their hands. They start snapping out of it. The girls realize that they were under a spell and that they were always friends. Emma breaks the spell with friendship and snaps out of the vines.

Emma receives a new card which are the Sky Brothers: Crow, Ptera and Hawk. She uses them in an attack Beezara and free Gia. Emma blasts Beezara with the Hawk Zord and they fight the MoTD. The girls call one zord for their Mega Blasters (Pink with Ptera and Yellow with Dino). They destroy Beezard with an attack called Ultimate Dino Blast Now. The boys cheer the girls with hands on their mouths but Troy clarifies that they were off her control. Jake takes his hand off his mouth but Gia snaps it back, saying women like the strong silent type. He nods and closes his lips like a zipper.

Beezara becomes huge and they fight her with the Sky Brothers and make the Sky Megazord/Sky Gosei Great to destroy her with Sky Strike. At the juice bar, the guys are glad the girls have made up with each other. They tell each other that the mean things they said before were only the spell. Emma spots that they are in the newspaper and hides it from Gia, Gia tells them that friends share secrets so Emma shows her the picture of both them smiling. Emma worries but Gia likes it. Emma tells her she should smile more.

Lots of people are talking about this episode being a homage to the first few seasons that most of the episodes revolved around the Rangers falling under spells. In Season 2 of MMPR episode "Bloom of Doom," Kim is put under a spell to be against Trini. This episode also involves flowers. This episode uses footage from two different Goseiger episodes, the most from Episode 9 but a scene from Episode 18 (I think). Anyway, this episode had its corny moments, its unintentional Lesbian innuendo ("This are just for us.") and laugh out loud moments like the guys covering their mouths with their hands.

I hated the puns in Samurai but I don't mind them here as they seemed out of place in the more somber Samurai. One scene that buged me was a SFX shot from Goseiger where you see Alata (GoseiRed) briefly. Also for an episode featuring the girls, doesn't show them morph (in fact, we see Jake and Noah morph TWICE). One thing fans like is Jake referring to the MOTD as "Big Bad Beetle" as a reference to "Big Bad Beetleborgs." I like girl episodes and dislike that Samurai didn't have one, given they made a big deal in some episodes of the two getting along. It was pretty coherent and cohesive episode.

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Power Rangers Action Card Game: Guardians of Justice Previews

UPDATED 3/3/13 7:30 PM EST
 Here are previews to the series 2 coming out in APRIL!
FuryDiamond of confirmed that Guardians of Justice will be a booster only set of 115 cards from Power Rangers S.P.D., Ninja Storm, Lightspeed Rescue, Lost Galaxy, In Space, and Mystic Force. These are preview cards, hence why it doesn't have the barcode on the sides.

Fury Diamond also got these questions answered from a Bandai Rep in the beginning of last month.
Q: What does the P stand for in the product cards? A: P stands for "Promo". The Set will use 1-### for Set 1.

Q: Are P cards going to be product exclusive or will they be included in packs?
A: They are product exclusive.

Q: How many cards are in Series 1?
A: 90 cards in Set 1 and 30 exclusive cards in Set 1 Starters for 120 cards total. The starter has 40 cards and is made for a 2 player game. But an actual Deck requires 30
cards so with the starters can you customize a legal 30 card deck.

Q: How many series are there going to be? When can we expect Series 2?
A: Series 2 has already been created, and will come out sometime in April with Series 3 sometime this Summer. Each Set will introduce more TV series, in set 1 you have
Megaforce, RPM, Samurai, Super Samurai, Mighty Morphin.

Q: The current version of the App Scanner doesn't play the new cards. Can we expect an update this month for those cards?
A: Yes, an update to the app is coming shortly.

Pre-order 15 packs:

Power Rangers Action Card Game Facebook says:
You are all such great fans, since the Power Rangers ACG Series 2 "Guardian of Justice" previews have begun we have gotten over 200+ likes. As a treat, we'll show a NEW Ultra Rare for every increment of 100 likes we get from here on out, and make sure to check back each Friday for Ultra Rare Fridays! =D

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Ehh?? Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Returns vs. Dōbutsu Sentai Go-Busters

 You heard right, Go-Busters vs. Go-Busters. That is the new V-Cinema direct-to-video film that wil be released June 21, 2013. It seems that the Go-Busters will be fighting or alling themselves with copies from another dimension. It seems that Pink Buster is coming back.

'Dōbutsu' of Dōbutsu Sentai Go-Busters is animal-related.

RedCheetah/Sakurada Hiromu- Suzuki Katsuhiro
BlueGorilla/Iwasaki Ryuuji- Baba Ryouma
YellowRabbit/Usami Youko- Komiya Arisa
GoldBeetle/Jin Masato - Matsumoto Hiroya
Black Puma/Commander Kuroki- Sakaki Hideo
 GreenHippopotamus/Doumyouji Atsushi- Suzuki Tatsuhisa
PinkCat/Sakurada Rika- Yoshiki Risa
God- Jinnai Syo
Machine Empress Tranji-Star- Misaki Ayame

 Here is Black Puma and Stag Buster wielding a flamingo. I like that they made generally a new suit for Black Puma. But I am not crazy about the Commander's Hitler mustache.

More Info:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Poll Results: Hypothetical Megabloks/Possible Gold Morpher/Which Red Ranger you want most/Megaforce Thoughts

 New names: Pick one for possible 3rd ACG series 
Defenders of the Earth
  93 (62%)
Colors of Courage
  41 (27%)
Warriors of Peace
  14 (9%)
The same name as before wins.

Select Four: Which Four you want in the third ACG deck? 
  82 (50%)
  95 (57%)
  56 (34%)
Time Force
  96 (58%)
Wild Force
  69 (42%)
Dino Thunder
  92 (56%)
Mystic Force
  77 (46%)
Jungle Fury
  63 (38%)
The top four are Time Force, Zeo, Dino Thunder and Aquitar.

Do you realistically think Bandai will release a golden morpher with Dragon and Tigerzord coins?
  83 (48%)
  42 (24%)
  47 (27%)

 Pick Two: Which coins do you want in a possible gold Morpher? 
Dragon Coin (from show)
  152 (87%)
Dragon face from 93 toy
  47 (27%)
Tiger Coin from chest
  115 (66%)
Tiger face from 94 toy
  45 (25%)

 What do you think about Power Rangers Megaforce so far? 
  114 (54%)
Better than Samurai
  116 (54%)
  38 (18%)
Not Sure Yet
  31 (14%)
Don't Know
  19 (9%)
  22 (10%)
Worse than Samurai
  18 (8%)

 Mighty Morphin Red Ranger is in 20th anniversary toys, which one you want most?
Armored Bandai figure
  82 (58%)
Metallic Bandai figure
  86 (60%)
Battle Ready Mini
  24 (17%)
MegaBloks Figure
  30 (21%)
  44 (31%)

 Which Megaforce villain do you want to see in MegaBloks, Mini figures or regular action figures? 
  76 (56%)
  52 (38%)
Metal Alice
  75 (55%)
  42 (31%)
  40 (29%)

 If you could pick only one MMPR, whcih should be made into Megabloks? 
  46 (30%)
  57 (38%)
  8 (5%)
  6 (4%)
  15 (10%)
  17 (11%)

 Which other Red Ranger (Saban Era) would you want in Megabloks?
  58 (37%)
  75 (49%)
  46 (30%)
In Space
  79 (51%)
Lost Galaxy
  53 (34%)
  51 (33%)
Time Force
  84 (54%)
 Which other Red Ranger (Disney Era) would you want as MegaBloks in the new style?
Wild Force
  55 (36%)
Ninja Storm
  54 (36%)
Dino Thunder
  69 (46%)
  79 (53%)
Mystic Force
  64 (42%)
  48 (32%)
Jungle Fury
  52 (34%)

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Super Megaforce Spoilers: Stunt actors training for sword and gun use

UPDATED 3/6/13
I just did a post on stunt people and now news from the Power Rangers stunt people. This is from the suit actor and stunt Namihei Koshige, stunt and choreographer with minor details on Super Megaforce. Namihei has played mainly female characters since season 2 or so like the White Aquitar Ranger, Pink Lightspeed Ranger, Pink Time Force Ranger, Yellow Dino Ranger, Pink SPD Ranger, Pink Samurai Ranger and much more. 

.@SilurianRanger on Twitter helped translate the important parts:
"Next week stunt team will be receiving scripts. He states that the stunt team will be using the plot in these scripts to enhance fight scenes, and characterizations. There will be more rehearsals than normal to perfect this, then the cast will join to learn this new fighting style.

The more spoiler filled segment in the final paragraph comes from the segment before the URL, and the video itself. He says, "It will go from ray-guns and colored weapons to a mix of sword and gun fighting." I suspect that this is leading to Gokaiger adaptation. If you then watch the video you can see where I think this is the case. The stunt team will use props for practice next week, as in the past."

Kyouryuger Suit Actors

I love suit actors and I haven't checked out who the stunt actors are until now. It seems that Hirofumi Fukuzawa who played Red warriors for a whole decade (from Gaoranger to Gokaiger) has retired. He wasn't in Go-Busters so I thought he was on a break or something. I am glad Mizuho Nogawa is back as a female warrior. Yuuichi Hachisuka who played Yellow Buster, Gokai Yellow and Gosei Pink must be on a break as a ranger (hopefully), he is back to villain.

Yoshifumi Oshikawa has mostly played Kamen Riders but also Go-On Blue, Shinken Blue, Gosei Black, Gokai Blue and Red Buster.  Like Yasuhiro Takeuchi before him who played Gosei Red, he got to play a Red Ranger as Red Buster. Now he plays Kyoryu Red.

Yasuhiro Takeuchi has played a lot of different characters (different colors), he also did a little bit of the Dragonranger. He played Dragon Ranger, Ginga Green, Go Green, Go-On Green, Shinken Green, Gokai GreenOh Blue, Blue Racer, Time Blue, Gao Yellow, Hurricane Yellow, Bouken Blue, Geki Blue, and Gosei Red. He will now play Kyoryu Black.

Mizuho Nogawa has played MagiBlue, MagiMermaid, Go-On Silver, Gosei Yellow an and Gokai Pink. She played Escape Evolve in Go-Busters. Now she plays Kyoryu Pink.

Masashi Takada plays Kyoryu Blue. I am not aware of anything else he has done. 

Kosuke Asai plays Kyoryu Green. He played Cheeda Nick and Go-Buster Ace in Go-Busters. He also played Basco's true form in Gokaiger. 

Torin: Jiro Okamoto
He played Gorisaki Banana, MagiShine, Shinken Gold, Gosei Knight, Barizorg, various big villains and various Kamen Riders (Ohja, Ryuga, Odin, Leangle, Den-O Ax Form, Black, Black RX, Shin, ZO and J. 

Chaos: Hideaki Kusaka
He has portrayed too many to mention--but to name a few, he has played Doukoku (Shinkenger), Tottobatto (Zyuranger), and Gunther (Fiveman) for the bad guys and Kabuto Raijer, Abare Black, Deka Master and more for the good guys.

 Dogold: Riichi Seike
He played Geki Violet, Go-On Black, Zuuban, Juuzo (Shinkenger) and Buredoran (Goseiger).

Canderilla: Yuichi Hachisuka
He has played Five Yellow, Mega Yellow and Bouken Yellow, Go Yellow and Ginga Yellow,Change Phoenix, Pink Flash, Pink Mask, Blue Dolphin, Pink Turbo, White Swan, Time Green, Gao White, and Gosei Pink

Luckyuro: Naoko Kamino
Yes, she is a female. She played Mega Pink, Gao White, Bouken Pink (sub), Deka Pink (sub), Gosei Pink (sub), RoboTough, Datas and Master Shafu.