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Poll Results: Show Props / Go-Kaiger Excitement / Goranger as Power Rangers / Samurai Morphing Call / Moogers

What do you think fans are excited about Go-Kaiger than any other year?
35th Anniversary 187 (80%)
Decade-Like 102 (43%)
Pirate Theme 92 (39%)
Something Else 27 (11%)
It's no more or less 13 (5%)

What is better for props in Super Sentai?
Detailed Props 143 (77%)
Actual Toys 70 (37%)
Simple Props 37 (20%)

What is better for props in Power Rangers?
Detailed Props 143 (80%)
Actual Toys 62 (35%)
Simple Props 39 (22%)

What should the Goranger be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Go-Kaiger?
Go Rangers 88 (38%)
The Original Rangers 81 (35%)
Ancient Rangers 64 (28%)
Alpha Rangers 52 (22%)
Origin Rangers 42 (18%)
Five Rangers 23 (10%)

What are you most excited about?
Goukaiger premiere 208 (73%)
Samurai premiere 193 (68%)
Goseiger Finale 97 (34%)

What do you think about the team jackets of Go-Kaiger?
Awesome 156 (71%)
Some are Cool 35 (15%)
Doctor Who-Ish 32 (14%)
Don't Know Yet 28 (12%)
Looks like 70's 21 (9%)
Some Suck 13 (5%)
They are horrid 11 (5%)

What is a good Morphing Call for Power Rangers Samurai?
Go Go Samurai 132 (51%)
Etch the Element 76 (29%)
Let's Samuraize 65 (25%)
It's Morphin Time 65 (25%)
It's Samuraize Time 37 (14%)
"Go Go Samurai" is the actual morphing call, Etch the Element is something made up for my proposed fan film.

What would had been a better name for the Samurai footsoldiers?
Moogers 91 (39%)
Tashi 80 (34%)
Piranaoids 67 (28%)
Striders 39 (16%)
Caribes 27 (11%)
Fishers 21 (9%)
Moogers is the actual name and Caribes something I made up for my proposed Shinkenger fan film that never was made.

What do you think about the name of Mooger for the Power Rangers Samurai footsoldiers?
Don't Like It 107 (38%)
Like It 103 (37%)
Either Way 67 (24%)

Hyper Hobby February issue: Super Sentai Special Show


Hyper Hobby is a Japanese magazine about toys, action figures and hobby stuff of Tokusatsu. Here are scans of the magazine, with some pages within it about the 34 years of Super Sentai. Scans are thanks to !!!

This first page covers the Red Rangers. Year 18: Kakuranger, Red Ninja with a inset picture of five Kakuranger; Year 30: Bouken Red with Zuuban sword mode and five Boukenger in inset; Two pictures of Aka Ranger from Year 1: Goranger (inset picture blocked by watermark); Year 3: Battle Fever J, Battle Japan and inset picture of 5 person team; Year 12: Liveman, Red Falcon with inset of 3 Liveman (there was 5); and Year 23: GoGoV, Go Red and inset picture of the five.

Year 25: Gaored and inset of 5 Gaoranger; Year 21: MegaRed vs. Yugande and inset of 5 Megaranger; Year 9: Change Dragon and inset of Changeman; Year 33: Shinken Red and inset of Shinkenger; Year 14: Five Red and inset of Fiveman; Year 24: Time Red and inset of Timeranger; and Year 34: Gosei Red and inset of Goseiger.

This page deals with the girls. Top Left: Mei of Zyuranger; Year 8: Mika and Hikaru of Bioman with inset pic of Bioman; Year 28: Dekaranger, Jasmine (Yellow), Ban (Red), and Umeko (Pink) and inset of 5; Year 29: Magiranger, pictures of Houka (Pink) and Urara (Blue) and inset of 5; Year 19: Ohranger, Momo (Pink) in swimsuit with ball and inset of 5; Year 32: G3 Princess (Villain Kegaleshia, Saki (Yellow), and Miu (Silver) and inset of 5 Go-Onger; Year 6: Dynaman, Dyna Pink and Denjiman inset. Picture next to her is Nanami (Hurricane Blue) and Villain Furabijou of Hurricanger and Denji Princess below them. I forget who the girl in the school uniform is.

Note: The picture of Nanami and Furabijou is from one episode, probably the only pictures in all these pages that is an occurrence that happened only in one episode. They probably that put here because it was sort of a precursor to villainesses joining with a heroine to make a musical group, just like G3 Princess of Go-Onger.

This page deals with sixth or additional rangers. Year #20: Signalman and Carranger in inset; Year #16: Dragon Ranger and Zyuranger Inset; Year #17: Kibaranger and Dairanger inset; Year #27: Abare Killer and 3 Abaranger inset. Shurikenger of Hurricanger is left to him. Year #2: JAKQ, Big One and four JAKQ inset; Ninjaman of Kakuranger is left to Big One. Miu in inset left from Go-On Silver and Go-On Gold of Go-Onger.

Note: Abare Killer and Big One were fifth members. Ninjaman and Signalman are 'extra heroes' and everyone else are sixth rangers, except for Miu/Go-On Silver, who was technically seventh. I like that they highlighted a photo of her as well.

This page deals with allies. Above Right is Battle Fever J and above left is Commander Ibuki of Changeman. Year #15: the commander lady from Jetman; Year #22: the tree and acorn of Gingaman, Year #11: the floaty mentor and his team Maskman, Master Shafu of Gekiranger, DekaMaster/Doggie Kruger of Dekaranger, and the dog is Denji Dog of Denjiman. Year #26: Oboro and her hamster father of Hurricanger.

This page deals with villains. Year #31: Mele and Rio and inset of 3 Gekiranger; to the right is Zonette and Gyamo of Carranger; Year #4: Denjiman inset and Queen Hedrian; Year #5: Queen Heridan and inset of Sun Vulcan; Year #13: Kirika and Yanimaru with Turboranger inset; Year #10: Flashman villains and inset of Flashman. Below are Bio Hunter Silver of Bioman, Buuba from Changeman (thanks FantasyLeader!) and Year #7: Dark Knight of Dynaman (in the inset, blocked by watermark).

Separate Magazine:

Legends and Gokai gashapon incoming.

Friday, December 31, 2010

What IF there was a Scene It Power Rangers??

I love the board game of Scene It?, it can be played on console system or DVD. It is a trivia game, there are four game pieces, trivia cards, buzz cards (could be bad or good) and the DVD. You roll the two dice, one with numbers and another you get either 'All Play,' 'My Play' or one of three Trivia things that are in the cards. All Play and My Play are on the DVD, you get a different category randomly. There has been Star Wars, Simpsons (which I have), Harry Potter, Star Trek and Disney Scene It? games. I think one that is large and big franchise of diverse information would be Power Rangers. There should be a Power Rangers Scene It? !
I slapped this together. It would cover all 18 seasons or how many there are when made. It would have four pieces: Megazord, Putty, Alpha, and the Lightning Bolt. I thought of what was iconic and not having Rangers since they have to be four pieces, not five and it wouldn't be fair. The Simpsons used a slushie, blinkie, a tv and the nuclear power plant. Anyhoo, I think it would be cool, there is plenty to choose from: MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Overdrive, Jungle Fury, RPM, and Samurai.

Just for the heck of it, I made a Kamen Rider one. And if you can't tell, I chose for the four players: Kamen Rider Decade, OOO, the original and Black RX.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Power-Up Henshin and 'Powered Protectors' of Super Sentai and Power Ranger Teams

Inspired by a post commenter, here are the Power-Up Henshin of Super Sentai and Power Rangers and the Powered Protectors of Super Sentai, apparently there is a difference. I got the name 'Powered Protectors' from 30th anniversary Sentai encyclopedia.

Beast Light Mode of Seijuu Sentai Gingaman
Lights of Orion of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

According to the 30th Anniversary Encyclopedia, it began with this. In both versions, a powerful ball of light gave the team extra armor. I would consider Fiveman's FiveTector a Power-Up and this one a Powered Protector.

Abare Mode of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
Super Dino Mode of Power Rangers Dino Thunder

In both versions, the teams' triangles/dinosaur teeth would pop out. Yellow would gain wings.

SWAT Mode of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
SWAT Mode of Power Rangers SPD

Both teams got extra gear, like body armor, knee pads, other pads, head sets, and new guns.

Legend Mode of Mahou Sentai Magiranger
Legend Mode of Power Rangers Mystic Force
The teams got completely different outfits, with armor, their gloves and boots changed and they lost the capes. Their helmets got upgraded as well. In Magiranger, the siblings went to Snowjel for help and gained the power, which increased their chances of becoming god-like and forget each other until Sungel put a limiter on them. In Mystic Force, Genji was stolen, making a dark wish and the team had to go to the Tribunal of Magic.

Super Mode of Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger
Master Mode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury
The trio got new suits, with white and ranger-color instead of black and ranger-color, including claws and jets on their backs. In Gekiranger, they got the mode after being challenged by 3 Kensei (Masters). In PRJF, they had to go to the Spirit World and be challenged by 3 dead masters. The Spirit Rangers had what looked just like the Master modes but were not referred to as such on the show but didn't seem to have alternative modes.

Super Mode of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Power Rangers Samurai hasn't started yet. In Shinkenger, they each accessed Super mode one at a time, they couldn't do it all together at once. Gold didn't become Super in the show, but they all become Super in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger. Red, Green and Gold have become Hyper in different occasions, which is the same outfit but in red.

Super Mode of Tensou Sentai Goseiger
Unlike the Shinkenger, the Goseiger accessed their super mode all at once. They had armor with their super headers on their chests.

I suppose the Metallic Armor of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 3 as a team power-up, even though it had no real armor or protector, just glitter, but it was much in vain of the other power-ups that came later.

DynaBlack's Battle Tecor from Kagaku Sentai Dynaman
DynaBlack was the first one to wear a Powered Protector.

Five Tector armor of Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman
I would consider this a Power-up Henshin as the whole team does it, but apparently Super Sentai considers it different, in the 30th anniversary encyclopedia. Above picture is a picture I took of a poster I've had for like 10 years, the poster itself is like 20 years old. I didn't want to scan it because it is too big.

Mega Tector armor of Denji Sentai Megaranger VS Carranger
Which was worn once during the team-up. This I wouldn't consider a team power-up because it only appear in the teamup and not the special.

Accel Tector of Gougou Sentai Boukenger
Defender Vest of Operation Overdrive

Both teams shared the vests, only used them individually. In Boukenger, they all have been able to use them. In PROO, only Red, Blue and Black used it. BoukenSilver had Accel Tector in the Encyclopedia and then in Boukenger vs. Super Sentai. I guess the Shinkenger super mode could be considered the same but it wasn't a protector armor.

30 Sentai Encyclopedia in SS Wiki
I wonder if Go-Kaiger will have a Anniversary Encyclopedia segment after each episode like Boukenger. Boukenger's segment started in Episode 4, had 30 on each past series, and then 15 special segments on different things like the sixth hero, giant robo, second robo, additional mecha, powered protectors, third robo, extra hero, etc. If the Gokaiger do the 35 series in the first 35 episodes, they have at least 14 or 15 episodes to have other segments. But maybe since they already did the encyclopedia, they might not do it again.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Former Power Rangers Actors in Non-Scripted Television

These former Power Ranger cast members were in non-scripted television programming, meaning reality shows, reality-base contest shows and talk shows.

In 2005, VH1 had a reality contest series called "Kept," in which men vied for the affection of a wealthy woman Jerry hall. Ricardo Medina Jr. (Cole in "Wild Force') was on the show for an episode or two, as you can see on his profile above on the old site (no longer up) that he was a waiter, not an actor. He was doing any roles that year. In the show, I recall his butt got exposed but blurred during a challenge and he was cocky and quickly dismissed. I suppose his behavior on this show cemented some fans to dislike him further.

Blake Foster (Justin in "Power Rangers Turbo") was in MTV's "Is She Really Going Out with him?" in 2008. The show is about 'beautiful' girls breaking up with 'deadbeat guys.' As of 2010, he has been more prominent in fan convention events and active on his Facebook account with fans.

I was reminded that Michael Copon (Lucas in "Time Force") was in "But Can They Sing?" competition in 2005 by VH1. Michael Copon performed This Is How We Do It with the other contestants (except Joe Pantoliano) singing back-up to close out the week 6 show. Copon's charity, Shaken Baby Alliance, received $50,000 from his win.

Bede Skinner (Jarrod in "Jungle Fury") was the presenter of "Top of the Pops" (A rundown of the latest chart hits, featuring in-studio performances from popular music artists in the United Kingdom) in 2005-2006 before he was in PRJF.


Kamen Rider 40th and Super Sentai 35th Anniversaries

UPDATED 1/1/11 11 AM EST
For those who don't know, Kamen Rider started April 3, 1971, so practically forty years later the 40th Anniversary Kamen Rider The Movie will be released April 1, 2011.
It seems there will be a tie in to 7 Eleven in Japan for the 40th anniversary.

There will be a roadshow in 2011 for the anniversary.

As for Goukaiger, four Soft vinyl figures will be re-released of past reds, such as Shinken Red, Deka Red, Magi Red, and Gao Red. They are also from series that there will be Goukai Machines released first (Deka-the PatStriker, Magi-the MagiDragon, Gao- Gao Lion and Shinkenger still to be releaved). It is said that these are the most popular series. I know Shinkenger was popular (evident by the short sequel special), Sentai producer Hideaki Tsukada said if a sequel of any Sentai series would be made it would be Dekaranger, Mystic Force was not popular in America but it was said Magiranger was, and last I heard Gaoranger wasn't that popular--but probably added because it was the 25th anniversary (so then why not Boukenger? Maybe saved for later). Oh and also small simple versions of Engine Oh and Gao King will be released.

Legends and Gokai gashapon incoming.

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Poll Results: New Samurai Ranger Suits / Old Sentai as Power Rangers

Before posting a comment on what I should make a poll about, please click on 'poll results' and check if I already did one
What do you think about that they actually made real suits of the PR Samurai toy upgrades?
Like It 84 (40%)
Not Sure Yet 58 (28%)

It's Okay 40 (19%)
Don't Like It 38 (18%)
Either Way 30 (14%)

What do you think about the live-action PR Samurai upgrade suits?
Like Them 100 (51%)
Not Sure Yet 50 (25%)
On the Fence 35 (17%)
Hate Them 31 (15%)
Don't Care 12 (6%)

What should Maskman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Goukaiger?
Aura Rangers 148 (73%) -- WINNER
Cosmic Rangers 43 (21%)
Spectral Rangers 29 (14%)
Crystal Rangers 24 (11%)
Gem Rangers 13 (6%)

What should Changeman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Goukaiger?
Mythical Rangers 138 (68%) -- WINNER
Astral Rangers 36 (17%)
Spectrum Rangers 31 (15%)
Mystical Rangers 30 (14%)
Crystal Rangers 25 (12%)

What should Flashman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Goukaiger?
Prism Rangers 133 (66%) -- WINNER
Nova Rangers 56 (27%)
Cosmic Rangers 38 (18%)
Crystal Rangers 28 (13%)
Gem Rangers 13 (6%)

What should Bioman be called if transferred to Power Rangers via Goukaiger?
Digital Rangers 122 (60%) -- WINNER
Giga Rangers 47 (23%)
Circuit Rangers 44 (21%)
Servo Rangers 39 (19%)