Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Preview Pictures: Advent Master Returns

Wow the preview for next week's “Advent Master Returns” shown after "Xaviax's Wrath" has big spoilers and surprising events. Here are some Spoilery pictures of next week:


Scroll down at your own discretion, I am sorry, I know you are stuck looking at this if you going to scroll down on the blog anyway.

Mark Dacascos guest stars as Eubulon/Advent Master next week.

Aria Alistar as Maya, in a new outfit premiering next week by judging by the promo. I had this picture for a while but I didn't know when it was coming.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: Vented Score Card #4

In the Episode Xaviax's Wrath, many Riders were vented. James/Kamen Rider Strike was vented by Wing Knight, Xaviax as Wrath vented Dragon Knight and Wrath's body got vented too. "Xaviax's Wrath" was actually a good episode, very emotional and very surprising. I didn't think Dragon Knight was going to be vented.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Early reviews of Power Rangers 2010 figures

This is a bit disappointing. With how great the figures look (except for the steroid bodies and big breasts), I would have prefer them to be the same height of the other figures. All other figures have been 5.5" and this is 4 inches. Almost the same height as the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight figures. I am disappointed but I will see it in person and see if I will buy it. I hope it is cheaper than the other figures.

Alpha 5 is almost as tall as the Rangers. And the RPM Ranger's height compared to Alpha 5, Alpha looks the appropriate height. Fans don't like Zordon right now, Zordon looks like Patrick Stewart (X-Men, Star Trek: The New Generation). It would have been great if there was blue-green ooze inside the Zordon cylinder. I don't think young fans would recognize Zordon. He reminds me of how he looked in the movie.

I do like the personal weapons and Blade Blasters and the gold wing items. They are great. I wasn't sure of the weapons being black but I guess they did them for them to stand out. I like how the female Rangers look. I also love the detail on the morphers. I also like how the Green Ranger has the shield straps.


Height wise, they did look the same height but if you look carefully, they are using forced perspective. The RPM Rangers are all lined-up but the MMPR Rangers are closer to the camera and Red's hand is up distracts. If you look at MMPR yellow and RPM Blue, you can see she is smaller.

These are the new Green Rangers. The small one from the new Mini Mix & Morph playset, the 2010 4" figure, and the Super Legends figure that came out a year ago.

UPDATE 11/6/09 5pm EST
Mark commented asking what will we have for Fall 2010 for the second round of figures, if new Rangers like the Spirit Rangers or RPM Dino Rangers; upgrades to the MMPR Rangers; Dairanger inspirations or Shinkenger? I think most likely we will get upgrades to the MMPR Rangers, because this is the MMPR line. Rangers like Spirit Rangers would be interesting--but the only one they could do is a Ranger based on Titanus. Maybe they will release the White Ranger. It would be cool if they release the Dairanger figures.

New Revelation:
A special Mighty Morphin Figure Pack from Wal-Mart, with Pink, Red, Blue, and Green figures (with less pose-ability) and a skinny Lord Zedd figure (not like the Super Legends one).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Second Wave List

From this link at BBCW Distributors, no pictures yet but here is the list of upcoming toys for December 2009. Hopefully we will be getting more:

4" Figures
Kamen Rider Wrath
Kamen Rider Thrust
Kamen Rider Axe
General Xaviax
Kamen Rider Spear
Kamen Rider Siren

Deluxe Figure Sets
Evildiver w/ Chris
Metalgelas w/ Kamen Rider Thrust
Destwilder w/ Danny

Deluxe Cycle and Rider Sets
Strike w/ Cycle
Sting w/ Cycle

Deluxe Battle Charger Sets
(New Sub-Line)
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight w/ Dragon Cycle
Kamen Rider Wing Knight w/ Bastlinger Bee

Kamen Rider Figure
(New Sub-Line Listed as 6-9" figures)
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Survive
Kamen Rider Wing Knight Survive

Kamen Rider Transforming Bike
(New Sub-Line)

Now we need 4" Figures of Onyx and Eubulon.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight toyline cancelled

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mini Mix and Morph Base

Pictures taken by Jason Vermin on his mobile phone.

The Mini Mix and Morph Base toy (which he got from and now is out of stock) comes with a Power Morpher (with the Dragon coin molded into it, does not come out), Green Ranger figure and translucent Red Ranger figure. The first time I saw this morpher on the promotional video, I thought the morpher sucked, that it was just a cheap glittery toy. Now, the one amazing thing is that the back of the toy--it is a new mold, molded in images of the Zyuranger Dino Buckler back. We never intentionally see this back on the MMPR show, only accidentally from the Zyuranger footage, but it is pretty cool to see the care that went into this.

Now that the coin doesn't come out of the morpher, maybe could mean something for the future. It can be either that we won't get the Dragon Morpher or this is just a preview and we will get a better Dragon Morpher. Most likely we will be getting the Power Morpher with the five coins because every toy line has morphers. And judging by past years, maybe we might just get the Power Coins belonging to the men (Remember how with the Mystic Staffs we only got the Red, Yellow and Green symbol tips?). Judging that they picked the Dragon Coin in this sparkly black morpher, BOA clearly knows fans want the Dragon Coin. It can go many many different ways. All we have now is our speculations.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Video Game not ready for X-Mas?

Play all 13 riders with their own unique Contract Beasts, Advent Cards, and special abilities. It will be available on Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. T for Teen for violence. Judging by the video promo on YouTube, it looks awesome and I might get it. But my own complaint is that it will be released December 22, 2009. How is anyone suppose to buy it for Christmas?! It would make it sense that it would be available in November. Oh Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, they were late with the toys and now late with this, will they ever get anything on time?

This is a new game, it has Xaviax in it and the Gelnewt as minions.

Poll Results: Are any of your children family members going to be a Power Ranger for Halloween?

Poll Results: Are any of your children family members going to be a Power Ranger for Halloween?
Yes - 15 (25%)
No - 43 (75%)

So 43 out of 58 kids in your family did not dress as Power Rangers but 15 out of 58 did. I give out candy to kids every year on Halloween in my neighborhood and always find Power Rangers and always give them the most candy. But this year, there were very little kids and ZERO Power Rangers. I had at least four last year.