Saturday, March 15, 2014

Poll Results: Pre Samurai Surprise/Lion's Alliance/Morphin Madness/Meme Generator

How excited are you about seeing Alex Heartman next week on "Samurai Surprise"?
Super Mega Excited
  102 (58%)
Super Excited
  24 (13%)
  50 (28%)
Not so excited
  33 (19%)

What do you think of them using the 3-Black Ranger change for "A Lion's Alliance"?
  92 (62%)
  23 (15%)
Too short
  43 (29%)
  15 (10%)
What do you think about Turboranger and Jetman replaced with just Wild Force in "A Lion's Alliance?
  58 (36%)
  46 (28%)
  81 (50%)
What do you think about Super Megaforce referring to Anamarium as Ana-mar-ia?
  82 (49%)
So So
  30 (18%)
Who Cares
  28 (16%)
  25 (15%)


What do you think about the Morphin Madness voting system?
  74 (61%)
  18 (14%)
  24 (19%)
  10 (8%)
Don't Care
  15 (12%)
Don't Mind
  13 (10%)

What do you think about the Power Rangers Meme Generator?
  58 (47%)
  22 (18%)
Good Press
  19 (15%)
Bad Press
  10 (8%)
Only fuel for trolls
  40 (33%)

Kamen Rider Gaim 22


Toqger 5


Well... They done it again

Today in "Samurai Surprise," they used footage of Gokaiger episodes 11 and 12.
 In Episode 12, Gokai Red became Ryuuranger, Hurricane Red, Bouken Red and Shinken Red.
 Troy became Ryuuranger (Red Dairanger), Red Wind Ranger, Red Operation Overdrive and Samurai Red.
Jake became Midoranger from Goranger, OhGreen and Green Sai of Liveman and Shinken Green.

 Jake only became Green Zeo Ranger IV and Green Samurai Ranger.
Gokai Yellow became Mask Yellow, Mega Yellow, Abare Yellow and Shinken Yellow.
  Gia became Mask Yellow, Yellow Space, Yellow Dino Thunder and Samurai Yellow.
  Gokai Pink became Denzi Pink, Pink Flash, Time Pink and Shinken Pink.

Emma became Pink Flash, Pink Time Force and Pink Samurai Ranger.
The Rangers gathered as Time Pink, Green Sai, Hurricane Red, and AbareYellow. In Super Megaforce, they replaced it with Green Zeo and Blue Megaforce.
First time I saw this I got mad, but it could it be possible Jason Smith (Casey, who wrote the episode) did this as an inside thing? He knows Sentai so maybe he thought he could pass this by the Saban Brands team. I mean, they could had easily edited these two out. And it made no sense to omit Green Sai if they were including MaskYellow and Pink Flash. People are saying why should I care. I am not mad because it is including Sentai. I am just upset they do it willy nilly with such randomness and no context. I mean, they omitted Turboranger and Jetman last week but this week seem to do whatever they want.
I mean they reshot some of it, why not add other teams? Why couldn't Gia become like Turbo, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Wild Force, SPD, Mystic Force, Jungle Fury, or RPM instead of Maskman? And why couldn't Emma become Turbo, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, SPD or Mystic Force? Oh well. Another theory is the reason they reshot the last scene was because they didn't have any of the pre-Zyu suits. So they can sometimes add Pre-Zyu suit footage but not make new ones. At least it gives us stuff to debate over until the cows come home. It is never a dull moment now, Saban.

To keep track of it, check out the Ranger Key section of Power Rangers Central I'm working on:

The code is not working by the way, some pop-ups might come up.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Morphin Madness : Power Rangers Voting Site

With March Madness, Power Rangers have their own madness called Morphin Madness. They want you guys to vote for your favorite Ranger. It is bracket-style, it gives you the chance to 'choose the ultimate dream team.' They pair different seasons against each other, sometimes by color, sometimes if they were Sixth Rangers. Voting starts Monday at 4PM Pacific Time, March 10th through Monday April 7th. So why should you vote? Well for one thing, they have awesome prizes at stake. 1st: When you vote, you can instantly be rewarded with coupons for new Bandai toys from Power Rangers Super Megaforce. 2nd: You have a chance to possibly win the grand prize which is a Limited edition 24k Deluxe Legendary Morpher and an exclusive Legendary Ranger Keys set of the winning Rangers, as voted by the fans. Voting is daily!

Keep checking here for more details!

Toqger 4