Thursday, August 8, 2013

Seasons 8-12 DVD Box Set Art Revealed

Thanks to Rangercrew for the picture of the boxart for the Seasons 8-12 DVD set. Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, and Dino Thunder. People noticed that on the bottom there is Quantum Ranger, Zeo Ranger One, Wild Force, Lightspeed, Mighty Morphin and Time Force Red Rangers, a continuation of the ones in the box set of Zeo to Lost Galaxy as a reference of Forever Red. I suppose the next set would be SPD to RPM (5 seasons), because Samurai to Megaforce will be included in the 20th Anniversary Red Ranger head and they belong to Lionsgate. I suppose Saban only let Shout Factory have Samurai to Megaforce only for the 20th anniversary set. Director Brian Ward says he will be creating new discs and menus for Samurai to Megaforce for the anniversary set.
November 12, 26 disc set.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Target to sell Exclusive Guardians of Justice 3-pack

The PR ACG Facebook announced today that Target will release mid-August 3-packs of the Guardians of Justice cards and will contain one exclusive Forever Red card. I think there will only be two of these exclusive cards but I could be wrong. So for $9.99, you can get 31 cards: 3 packs and the exclusive card. So this will only be at Target.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Poll Results: Universe of Hope cards (last poll)/Dairanger and Thunder Megazord/MMPR Megabloks

Which Universe of Hope card you like the most? (All Together) 
Shadow Ranger
  59 (47%)
Silver Space
  55 (44%)
  48 (39%)
RPM Team
  46 (37%)
Samurai Team
  45 (36%)
MF Team
  41 (33%)
Zeo Team
  55 (44%)
Gosei Jet
  44 (35%)
Magna D
  59 (47%)
Triassic Batt.
  42 (34%)
  55 (44%)
Lord Zedd
  52 (42%)

How would you feel if they connected the Dairanger to the Thunder Megazord in Super Megaforce?
Bad Idea
  48 (24%)
Good Idea
  92 (47%)
  29 (14%)
Not Sure
  25 (12%)

What do you think Yayoi becoming a female KyoryuViolet? 
Finally a 2nd Girl
  151 (80%)
  29 (15%)
  6 (3%)
Don't Know
  1 (0%)

Have you found the MegaBloks MMPR Toys R Us exclusive at TRU?
  28 (28%)
  71 (71%)

 Have you found Universe of Hope at local stores (Walmart, etc.)?
  30 (32%)
  62 (67%)

What do you think about the SDCC Super Megaforce teaser?
  74 (69%)
  8 (7%)
So So
  17 (16%)
Don't care
  7 (6%)