Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blue Samurai Ranger Promo - complete with Mega Ranger upgrade footage

Well just like I told the people who thought Shinkenger was not going to get adapted into Power Rangers (and they said 'That's why Disney dropped out')---these upgrade suits will be used on the show. To be like a 8 year-old, "Told You So!"

Friday, January 14, 2011

Power Ranger Samurai Theme Song

It has been brought to my attention that you can hear a bit of the new theme song during a Thanksgiving Parade video in the Fan Zone of the official site. Sounds like they just re-did the original song and added 'Samurai' to it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Discreetness among Castmembers in Both Super Sentai and Power Rangers

I found this interesting. I wanted to do a compare and contrast between how Toei and Saban/Disney handled or handles discreetness of castmembers on the internet. Now that blogs, Facebook and Youtube has gotten more popular, even actors who play Power Rangers or Super Sentai heroes have had profiles and fans have responded and they have had revealed some secrets. So want to see how the companies handle them revealing secrets.

Above Yui Koike, who portrays Goukai Pink in the new series that has not premiered yet. All the Goukaiger actors have blogs. Two months before the show aired, and most of the actors have posted pictures on the web of themselves in the dressing room, with a script or with past Sentai actors.

This is Ryota Ozawa (Goukai Red) with Go-On Red, who hasn't been revealed yet to be Goukai Red, posted this pic and it was out already by December, making rumors circulate that he was Goukai Red. So far there has been no indication that Toei has penalized him or Go-On Red, as a lot of the former castmembers have hinted they were feeling 'nostalgic' but said they were sworn to secrecy.

Toei seems to be more lenient at castmembers hinting or slightly revealing secrets of upcoming series as they let them have blogs. Many past castmembers have had blogs with pictures during shooting, for example the actor who played Rio, often showed up in costume, but of course they never showed anything spoiler-y.

Past casts of Power Rangers haven't revealed many big spoilery things. A picture of the SPD cast partying was revealed before the series premiered but nothing else after that. Behind the Scenes photos turned up after the series ended. One picture of Once A Ranger did turn up before the episodes aired.

And some spoilery RPM pictures did spring up but it wasn't on Facebook and I don't think Disney ever found out. There was that trailer that someone spilled on YouTube and got yanked a bunch of times by Disney.

As for the cast of Power Rangers Samurai, they have been posting pics of themselves together for months and months, probably mid-way in 2010 since shooting began in August.

And many months ago, fans were suspicious that Ricardo Medina Jr. (Cole/Wild Force) would be in the series as his facebook profile said he was in New Zealand and seemed to be communicated with the PRS cast.

Then more revealing, Hector David Jr. (Mike) and Rick both had pics of themselves together. Their profiles are now either been closed or made private. Probably done by Saban Brands.

Steven Skyler's (Gold) profile is still up I beleive. Above picture is him with Yellow and Red and some other unidentified people.

Also interesting to mention that Ayumi Beppu (Who portrayed Houka Ozu/Magi Pink) was invited to Disneyworld to participate in a parade (unknown which one or the significance) and got to be with the costumed Power Rangers of MGM studios and her counterpart the Pink Mystic Force Ranger in 2006. We found this out on her own blog. She also said she was not allowed to post pictures.

And if actors didn't post stuff up, we wouldn't have known that James Maclurcan (Mac of Operation Overdrive) met the cast of Go-Onger. Of course, this was not a spoiler and didn't reveal any secrets on the show because this was not show related. As James just had happened to visit Japan and stopped by the Go-Onger set. Kenji Ebisawa (Go-On Black) told my insider that he was not familiar with which Power Ranger series James was part of.

In Conclusion, it seems Toei is more lenient while Saban wants to keep things on wraps but probably didn't anticipate actors spilling secrets on Facebook. I think Disney had a tighter grip but most of their casts were pre-Facebook.

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Hearts in Pink Rnagers' Visors

I decided to cover the heart-shape symbols in the Pink Rangers, they are the only rangers to have heart-shape visors. Hearts usually symbolize love, in most cultures. The history of the heart shape (since it doesn't really look like a human heart which it represents) harks back to silphium pod, which has been used since the 15th century as early data indicates, but probably earlier than that.

Momo Ranger (1975)
The first Pink ranger, from the first team ever, had a heart. It probably is a stereotypical symbol that are said that women like, or a symbol that through time has been tied to women. Most things that include little girls has heart symbols somewhere. She even had heart earrings.

Heart Queen (1977)
It is in her name and on her boot cuff, arm band, and cufflink, other than her visor.

Five Pink (1990)
13 years later, another Pink Ranger has a heart symbol.

Time Pink (Timeranger, 2000) / Pink Ranger (Time Force, 2001)
Ten years later, not only another Pink Ranger has a heart-shape visor, but is the first Pink Ranger leader.

Go-Kai Pink (Go-Kaiger 2011)
Eleven years later, another Ranger has a heart symbol (with the stylized lines below it), probably a homage to Momo Ranger, but she is the fifth.

Note: Pink Flash and Pteraranger kind of look like hearts but are not full hearts, the top of Pink Flash's visor kind of looks like a heart but is flat on bottom. And Pteraranger's round parts are way too oval to be considered a heart, even though it sort of reminds people of a heart.

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Pink Rangers are Back

Maybe it might seem that I am obsessed with the Pink Ranger, as I do a lot of posts on Pink, but it might also be that the Pink Ranger is an anomaly in the Power Rangers and Super Sentai franchise, as a female hero in a boys franchise. Pink Ranger is unofficially a representative in some ways, lack of a better term for the other heronies, as pink is the closest to red and Pink is more commonly known as a girl's color (as I have mentioned before) almost in all the countries Power Rangers and Sentai are broadcasted in. Here I will discuss how Pink is used sometimes and sometimes not always in the other teams.

Time Pink (Timeranger, 2000) / Pink Ranger (Time Force, 2001)
Pink was commonly used in the 90's decade but by the 2000 decades, sparsely used. After Timeranger, there was no Pink Ranger for three teams, with White in Gaoranger, Blue in Hurricanger and Yellow in Abaranger. She is the last Pink Ranger (so far) that was the solo girl.

Deka Pink (SPD, 2004) / Pink Ranger (SPD, 2005)
Back in Dekaranger, after three years of no Pink Ranger, we had the Pink Ranger back, of course along with a Yellow Ranger.

Magi Pink (Magiranger, 2005) / Mystic Pink Ranger (Mystic Force, 2006)
Second Pink Ranger of the 2000 decade.

Bouken Pink (2006) / Pink OO Ranger (2007)
Third Pink Ranger and then after that, another break, with 2 Yellow Rangers and no Pink Rangers.

Shinken Pink (Shinkenger, 2009) / Pink Ranger (Samurai, 2011)
Getting Pink Ranger once again, after 2 years. It is interesting how the teams that had no Pink Rangers were teams that started with 3 Rangers, and the females were Yellow or Blue. The only one that doesn't go with this is Gaoranger.

Gosei Pink (Goseiger, 2010)
Second Pink Ranger since the last break.

Go-Kai Pink (Go-Kaiger 2011)
The whole reason I started this post was because it seems Pink is back once again, as she is the third one.

Some fans may want Pink in every team, but I like when she is in sometimes. I do like when she is used but I like when they switch it up. I did a poll long ago if Fans wanted Pink to be gone, and most fans said she had to stay. Let's see if we get another Pink Ranger in 2012 or there will be another break. It is interesting how there is 3 Pink Rangers in a row and then another break. Interesting how the Gaoranger to Abaranger break is 3 years and the Gekiranger and Go-Onger break was just 2 years. I also got to mention that pink is rarely used in other Tokusatsu (like Metal Heroes, Kamen Rider, Gransezar, etc.) except for Thailand's Sport Ranger.

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Poll Results: Karou in teamup / Skirts for Goukaiger / Names for Old Sentai for PR

What do you think of the Wood Kanji being called Forest for Power Rangers Samurai?
Kids should learn Kanji 122 (50%)
Doesn't Matter 94 (38%)

It's All Good 83 (34%)
Horrible 31 (12%)

Like adding skirts, do you think they will remove skirts of female Blue Rangers for Goukai Blue?
Yes 116 (51%)

Maybe 74 (32%)

No 33 (14%)
Don't Know 42 (18%)

How do you feel about skirts added to Red Rangers for Gokai Pink & Yellow?
Good 111 (49%)
Either Way 67 (29%)
Don't Know 40 (17%)

Bad 38 (16%)

How do you feel about skirts added to male Yellow Rangers for Goukai Yellow?
Good 123 (56%)
Either Way 69 (31%)

Bad 42 (19%)

Do you think Kaoru will fight in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger?
Yes 184 (76%)
No 55 (23%)

If by a fat chance Google V is used for Power Rangers via Go-Kaiger, what should name be?
Gem Rangers 195 (63%)

Crystal Rangers 110 (35%)

V-Rangers 77 (25%)

Bib Rangers 12 (3%) - Joke

If by a fat chance Dynaman is used for Power Rangers via Go-Kaiger, what should name be?
Dynamic Rangers 210 (70%)
Dynamo Rangers 99 (33%)
Danger Rangers 27 (9%)

Visor Rangers 17 (5%)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who Exactly was in Go-Kaiger promo

As I said before, you can see around 160 of them.

They are to the left behind Goukai Pink, Green and Red. You can see all five.

They are way in the back, to the left. You can see their heads.

Battle Fever J
You can ssee them all (their heads), they are to the right to the JAKQ, they are to back left.

You can see all but Pink, in the back center, behind GoGoV and Maskman.

Sun Vulcan
They are behind the Ohranger and Liveman in center back.

Goggle V
You can see all, behind the Gaoranger and Turboranger in back center.

You can only see Blue and Pink and Red, they are way in the back to the right, left of the 35th anniversary logo.

You can only see Yellow Four and Green Two, on the right side in the back, behind Mega Blue and Yellow Owl.

They are to the left back, you can see them all except for Change Dragon (red).

I think you can only see Red, he is in the back near Battle Fever J.

You see them all except Blue. They are in the back center, near Kakuranger, GoGoV and behind the Dekaranger.

You can see all of them. They are behind the Ohranger. It is hard to see Green Sai, the is behind Magi yellow.

I think you can only see Red Turbo, in the back behind Gaoranger.

You can see Red and Pink and Blue. They are next to the 35th anniversary logo, to the elft.

You can see Yellow Owl at the back right, you can see the heads of Blue and White, just the chest of Black under the logo and you can't see Red.

They are located behind the Gingaman at the left side, you can see them all. Dragon Ranger is behind Ginga Red.

You see them behind the Flashmen and Abaranger, at the left of the screen. You can barely see Kibaranger but he is behind Go Green. The one you see the most is Kirin Ranger (Yellow).

They are located behind GoGoV, you can see all their heads. Blue is harder to see.

Tehy are located in the center back, behind the Magiranger, Ohranger, Gaoranger and Timeranger. King Ranger is behind Magi Yellow, next to Green Sai. Oh Red is between Time Blue and Gao Black. Oh Pink and Oh Green are behind Gao Black.

You can them all, they are behind the Gaoranger and Boukenger at the left of the logo. No others from that series is present.

You can see Red, Pink and Blue and the chest of Silver. You can't see Black and Yellow. They are located to the right of the screen.

Theya re located behind the Abaranger, to the left of the screen. They are very visible. BullBlack is not present.

They are behind Dekaranger, Go-Onger and Dekaranger. You can clearly see Go Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink. You can't see Go Red.

You can them all, behind the Go-Onger in the center. Time Fire is to the left of Time Pink. And Time Red is behind Deka Green.

You can see them behind the Magiranger. Gao Red is left of Silver and Blue is on the right. And White is enxt to him. You can see them all.

Hurricane Blue is behind Bouken Blue and in front of Shurikenger. Yellow is under the logo. You can see Red between Blue and Yellow. Kabutoraijer and Kuwagataraijer are at the left bottom from the logo. Shurikenger sticks out bin front of Mega Blue.

They are on the left of the screen. You can see them all. Abare Yellow is behind Geki Yellow.

DekaMaster is not present. They are at the center, behind the Go-Onger. Deka Break, Yellow and Blue are behind GekiChopper and Go-On Green and Blue. Deka Pink can barely be seen, behind Go-On Red. Deka Green is between Go-On Yellow and Black.

They are behind the Shineknger. MagiMother is not present. Blue, Red, and Shine are behind the Goseiger. Magi Yellow is behind Go-On Gold. Magi Green and Pink is behind Shinken Green.

They are to the right of the screen. You can clearly see Pink and Blue under the logo. Red is behind Shinken Gold. Silver is left of him. Black and Yellow are next to him.

They are as clear as day behind the Goranger, to the left of the screen.

They are in the center of the screen behind the Goranger and Goseiger. Go-On Green, Blue and Red behind the Goranger. Go-On Yellow and Black are behind Momo Ranger. Go-On Silver and Gold are behind Black and Gosei Yellow.

They are behind the Goseiger. Pink is behind between Gosei Blue and Red. Shinken Green behind Gosei Black. Shinken Red and Blue behind Gosei Pink. Shinken Yelllow and Gold behind GoseiKnight.

Right directly behind Goukai Blue and Yellow.

Right front in center.