Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who Exactly was in Go-Kaiger promo

As I said before, you can see around 160 of them.

They are to the left behind Goukai Pink, Green and Red. You can see all five.

They are way in the back, to the left. You can see their heads.

Battle Fever J
You can ssee them all (their heads), they are to the right to the JAKQ, they are to back left.

You can see all but Pink, in the back center, behind GoGoV and Maskman.

Sun Vulcan
They are behind the Ohranger and Liveman in center back.

Goggle V
You can see all, behind the Gaoranger and Turboranger in back center.

You can only see Blue and Pink and Red, they are way in the back to the right, left of the 35th anniversary logo.

You can only see Yellow Four and Green Two, on the right side in the back, behind Mega Blue and Yellow Owl.

They are to the left back, you can see them all except for Change Dragon (red).

I think you can only see Red, he is in the back near Battle Fever J.

You see them all except Blue. They are in the back center, near Kakuranger, GoGoV and behind the Dekaranger.

You can see all of them. They are behind the Ohranger. It is hard to see Green Sai, the is behind Magi yellow.

I think you can only see Red Turbo, in the back behind Gaoranger.

You can see Red and Pink and Blue. They are next to the 35th anniversary logo, to the elft.

You can see Yellow Owl at the back right, you can see the heads of Blue and White, just the chest of Black under the logo and you can't see Red.

They are located behind the Gingaman at the left side, you can see them all. Dragon Ranger is behind Ginga Red.

You see them behind the Flashmen and Abaranger, at the left of the screen. You can barely see Kibaranger but he is behind Go Green. The one you see the most is Kirin Ranger (Yellow).

They are located behind GoGoV, you can see all their heads. Blue is harder to see.

Tehy are located in the center back, behind the Magiranger, Ohranger, Gaoranger and Timeranger. King Ranger is behind Magi Yellow, next to Green Sai. Oh Red is between Time Blue and Gao Black. Oh Pink and Oh Green are behind Gao Black.

You can them all, they are behind the Gaoranger and Boukenger at the left of the logo. No others from that series is present.

You can see Red, Pink and Blue and the chest of Silver. You can't see Black and Yellow. They are located to the right of the screen.

Theya re located behind the Abaranger, to the left of the screen. They are very visible. BullBlack is not present.

They are behind Dekaranger, Go-Onger and Dekaranger. You can clearly see Go Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink. You can't see Go Red.

You can them all, behind the Go-Onger in the center. Time Fire is to the left of Time Pink. And Time Red is behind Deka Green.

You can see them behind the Magiranger. Gao Red is left of Silver and Blue is on the right. And White is enxt to him. You can see them all.

Hurricane Blue is behind Bouken Blue and in front of Shurikenger. Yellow is under the logo. You can see Red between Blue and Yellow. Kabutoraijer and Kuwagataraijer are at the left bottom from the logo. Shurikenger sticks out bin front of Mega Blue.

They are on the left of the screen. You can see them all. Abare Yellow is behind Geki Yellow.

DekaMaster is not present. They are at the center, behind the Go-Onger. Deka Break, Yellow and Blue are behind GekiChopper and Go-On Green and Blue. Deka Pink can barely be seen, behind Go-On Red. Deka Green is between Go-On Yellow and Black.

They are behind the Shineknger. MagiMother is not present. Blue, Red, and Shine are behind the Goseiger. Magi Yellow is behind Go-On Gold. Magi Green and Pink is behind Shinken Green.

They are to the right of the screen. You can clearly see Pink and Blue under the logo. Red is behind Shinken Gold. Silver is left of him. Black and Yellow are next to him.

They are as clear as day behind the Goranger, to the left of the screen.

They are in the center of the screen behind the Goranger and Goseiger. Go-On Green, Blue and Red behind the Goranger. Go-On Yellow and Black are behind Momo Ranger. Go-On Silver and Gold are behind Black and Gosei Yellow.

They are behind the Goseiger. Pink is behind between Gosei Blue and Red. Shinken Green behind Gosei Black. Shinken Red and Blue behind Gosei Pink. Shinken Yelllow and Gold behind GoseiKnight.

Right directly behind Goukai Blue and Yellow.

Right front in center.


Firestarter1331 said...

do you think there will be a six gokaiger? seen any spoilers lately?

Luca said...

As much as I love Where's Waldo (I'm a cult follower of it), it didn't remind me of Where's Waldo because I wasn't looking for anybody.

Lavender Ranger said...

no spoilers yet. I think there will be one, Firestarter.

Lavender Ranger said...

True, Luca, True.