Saturday, December 31, 2011

Go-buster scans and Gokaiger Basco Showdown pics

Gavan in Dice-O

Ryota Hirofumi (Marvelous) and his suit actor Ozawa Fukuzawa.

Kazuki Shimizu (Don) and Yasuhiro Takeuchi (with a bad wig or tinted hair)

YukiYamada (Joe) and his suit actor Yoshifumi Oshikawa.

Junya Ikeda (Gai) and relatively new stunt actor Daisuke Sato

Keichi Wada as Ryou and Junya Ikeda (Gai)

Poll Results: Blue Changes / All Gold Change

 Episode 45 of Gokaiger airs next week January 7th.
Do you like the choices for 6-Blue Change in Ep45?
Yes - 141
No - 13

Which of the 6-Blue Change would you switch?
  38 (23%)
  53 (32%)
  39 (23%)
  69 (41%)
  67 (40%)
  50 (30%)

There are only 4 gold keys, which 4 Gokaigers would you pick?
  44 (26%)
  19 (11%)
  25 (15%)
  18 (10%)
  23 (14%)
  20 (12%)
  21 (12%)
  28 (17%)
  24 (14%)
  42 (25%)
  28 (17%)
  61 (37%)
Looks like the boys win.

There is 4 Gold keys, which Gokaiger would you have be Gold? Pick 4
Marv as Go-On Gold
  61 (33%)
Marv as Shinken Gold
  29 (16%)
Marv as Zuuban
  26 (14%)
Marv as MagiShine
  63 (35%)
Joe as Go-On Gold
  43 (23%)
Joe as Zuuban
  29 (16%)
Joe as MagiShine
  56 (31%)
Joe as Shinken Gold
  53 (29%)
Don as Magi Shine
  38 (21%)
Don as Go-On Gold
  26 (14%)
Don as Shinken Gold
  43 (23%)
Don as Zuuban
  52 (28%)
Gai as Shinken Gold
  50 (27%)
Gai as Zuuban
  47 (26%)
Gai as Go-On Gold
  43 (23%)
Gai as MagiShine
  34 (18%)
Luka as Zuuban
  55 (30%)
Luka as MagiShine
  27 (15%)
Luka as Shinken Gold
  39 (21%)
Luka as Go-On Gold
  42 (23%)
Ahim as MagiShine
  24 (13%)
Ahim as Shinken Gold
  27 (15%)
Ahim as Zuuban
  22 (12%)
Ahim as Go-On Gold
  48 (26%)

The highest for Marvelous/Gokai Red is MagiShine at 63 votes but the highest for Joe was also MagiShine at 56 votes. This frustrates me. Since the first poll, the boys were picked, I had to use Red and Blue, but it was almost tied with Go-On Gold and MagiShine so I picked Go-On Gold as it was the second highest. Don's highest was Zuuban and Gai's highest was Shinken Gold. As for Luka, her highest was Zuuban and Ahim's was Go-On Gold.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dragonzord: REAL or FAKE!?

I've Written a post recently on thing to look foward to, some confirmed and some unconfirmed. One particular item on that list has raised controversy on the comment wall and may have even damaged the ethos of this blog. I am, of course, talking about the MMPR-R Dragonzord. First, I'd like to repeat that not everything on my list is confirmed. Second the reason I believe in this, than not are for the following reasons: there are products that were sold in America, but not in England. There are products that are sold in England that aren't in America (for example some retrofires that weren't sold here until recently). Third, Rita is an MMPR-R figure but packaged as samurai anyways, so this could be too. Like I said before, that the figure was on my friend's shelf (which was the point that most people believe is the anti-ethos), but here is the photo below.
The point of this post is not to prove or disprove if this toy exists, but just for you to see the photo, and decide for yourself if this is fake or real. If you believe this is real, then you have something to look foward to. If you believe this is fake, then go ahead and disbelieve this, but at least give my friend props for doing such a good job photoshopping, because this looks too real to be fake (like a photo of Aziz Ansari with Kanye West and Jay-Z).
Again, as of yet, we of Henshin Grid cannot confirm if this is real or fake until we get further proof of one way or the other, but in the mean time, feel free to write a comment on if you believe if this is real or fake, and why. Just remember, when commenting or replying to anything us writers or even your fellow readers say, be polite and choose your words carefully because we all have feelings, and different conotations make the difference between criticism and insults.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Highlighting Kamen Rider Producer

Highlighting Kamen Rider producer Naomi Takebe, the article has no new news but describes how she has changed Kamen Rider and the much disputed handsome Riders and other such things.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Henshin0's Megamax Predictions-Updated

During the summer, after my trip to Israel, I wrote a post and part of it was a list of predictions I had about what's to come for the kamen rider movies. For those who don't remember or didn't read it, here's the list again (note this is prior to the release of "wonderful 21 medals":
>Before fighting the main villain in OOO movie, OOO will face a lesser
movie villain, but will be interrupted by a brief arrival of 4's, who
will also defeat that lesser villain.
>Given the previous titles given to year-end team ups (war
and core), the movie will likely be called 2012 Soar (because it rhymes with the
above and it's appropriate for 4's motif.
>The OOO side will feature a new combo and/or new
form for birth and/or new rider (most likely options 1 and 3)
>The 4's side will feature a mid form (like fang-joker and
>Either during the 4's side or in the Soar-cross, the
second rider will be revealed (like accel and birth)
>Next spring, there might be another den-o film that may
include 4's (and if it does, it might take place in space)
Now, here's the update, on my predictions so far. The first one was not only true, but highly anticipated even though many fans don't really like fourze. The second one, sadly, wasn't true. Instead of being called "soar", it was called "megamax", which doesn't sound as cool in my opinion (in fact, I almost think "miramax"). #3 of prediction 3 was correct with not one, but two riders (even though they are the good and evil versions of the same person). #1 did come true, but in the Megamax-cross, rather than the OOO arc. Since we are talking about arcs, I should mention they really sucker-punched me be also having w and showa arcs. Fourze gets Double Rocket states. I said he will get a mid form on either his or cross arcs, but sadly, I have not seen the movie. I don't know at what point he uses it, but he definately uses it on one of those two arcs. The real question is, is it a mid form, side mid form, or sub mid form? For those of you who are confused about the terms "mid", "side", or "sub", don't worry, I'm planning on writing a post on rider forms, and my terminology for them. But I do know that swtches 30 and 31 form magnet states, which I think will be mid form. If it turns out that it is final form, then yeah, Double Rocket will be Mid form. The end credits do count as part of cross arc, so I was right about Meteor (second rider) being in the cross arc.
Ok, let's tally up: out of 5 (not counting the den-O prediction), where correct is +1, partially correct is +0.5, maybe or so-so is 0, and wrong is -1, I got 2.5/5, the maybe or so-so being the validity of dbl-rocket being a mid form. That makes the difference between 1.5/5, and 3.5/5. I kinda hope I'm wrong because I just don't like the idea of it being the mid form. I prefer it being sub mid, and magnet being mid.
As for the cross with den-o, there hasn't been an anouncement for it being made, but if they insist on making a new movie every year, They are missing a big oppertunity if denliner with the KR club aren't going to space on 1961 with Gagarin or doing a lunar landing with Armstrong in 1969. Gentaro and Yuki dreamed of being astronauts, and this is a chance for them to live that dream. I prefer a cameo from Gagarin over Armstrong because everyone (and sorry for the fallacy of generalization) knows Armstrong was the first man to step foot on the moon, but very few people (again, sorry for generalizing) know anything about Yuri Gagarin, who was the first man in space, and after whom Fourze is comemorated the 50th anivarsery of. He was a cool guy, both in the heavens and on the earth, and it would be cool for more people to know about him. Besides, there may be a possibility that if he didn't make that first flight, Armstrong wouldn't have made his landing (again, POSSIBLY). And let's face it, DEN-LINER IN SPACE!!!!!!!

Henshin0's List of Upcoming Things

Hey everyone, henshin0 here. Sorry i haven't made posts in a while, I was under the weather. This is just a quick notice on a few things I want mention, some of which you should write down for future reference (note, not everything on the list is confirmed, so take with a grain of salt):
First and foremost, Happy Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, and New Year.
On 1/7/2012, there will be a PRDT 48 hr marathon on Nicktoons, with a commercial emphesizing the fact that Tommy is in it.
The second half of Samurai will air as the "twentieth" season of Power Rangers, titled, "Power Rangers Super Samurai".
Filming for the "twenty-first" season, "Mega-Force" (based on "Goseiger") will begin, with it airing in 2013.
Gokaiger has been extended to fifty-ONE episodes, with the thirty-sixth season of Super Sentai, "Tokumei Sentai Gobuster", premiering in Febuary, instead of late January.
Power Morphicon comes back for a third session in August. Unlike the last two conventions, the one-day passes are given ranger color of blue and yellow, much like how there are red, silver, and gold.
All 200 gold passes are already sold out.
I don't know about Pat, but Lavender and I are definately going, so be sure to muster the investigative ability to find us there.
Having said that, Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam Park MMPR2-PRIS, PROO) and his band are touring in Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and one other state (can't remember which), but has expressed interest in coming to PMC3.
Lastly, MMPR-R Dragonzord will appear in the 2012 toyline, so, you can wipe your tears if you have MMPR-R Titanus, because you will soon have the complete set of seven.

(Lavender Ranger Disclaimer: I love Henshin0, but some of what he said has not be confirmed to be official yet. We have no confirmation of the Dragonzord, there is no confirmation on Mega Force being based on Goseiger as of yet, and everything else is on the up and up as far as I know. This is too no way discredit Henshin0, just to clarify some of the questions that have arisen due to this post.)

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Upcoming Gokaiger Episodes (45-48)

Episode 45:
Awatenbou Ninja (Confused Ninja)

Airs- 1/8/12
Ninjaman appears from the jar in Megakure Shrine! Since he was sealed, and does not know of the Legend War, the Gokaiger explain old battles to him (sounds like a clip show). Ninjaman was sealed into the jar 10 years ago by the Sanshinshou, due to a certain incident, and as such, was not able to participate in the Legend War. The Gokaiger will try and get the Kakuranger power from Ninjaman, but it seems like a difficult task. Ninjaman decides to live with the Gokaiger aboard the galleon, to observe them. In other words, they have to impress him to get the power.

Episode 46:
Hero Goukaku (Hero Success)

Airs- 1/15/12
The evil in the hearts of Don and Gai is magnified by the powers of the new Action Commander, Evil Spirit Faith Healer Jyujyu. With Ninjaman observing the Gokaiger, what is about to happen?!

Episode 47:
Uragiri no Hate (The Limits of Betrayal)

Airs- 1/22/12
47 and 48 will showcase the final battle with Basco! In 47, Basco uses Sally, making a surprising strategy! Basco's final droids appear, Sunroid Solar and Goldroid Geronpa.

Episode 48:
Shukumei no Taiketsu (Showdown of Fate)

Airs- 1/29/12
Second part of the final fight with Basco. 

More Go-buster scans

Chief Producer- Takebe Naomi
Main Writer- Kobayashi Yasuko
Action Director- Fukuzawa Hirofumi

The Go-Busters. 3 Heroes, and their 3 Partners, the BuddyRoids. Their "Mission"- Protect the Earth, as only they can, a battle for their fate tinged with "Special Mission" begins! The stages for their battle are the Earth, and another world that looks just like Japan. Events that happened 13 years ago are where the story starts. 13 years ago, a Bug-like Program was created accidentally, and began to run wild on the Energy Management Office's Main Computer. Somehow, the building is transported to another dimension. As a by-product of the battle, man obtains the mysterious energy known as "Vaam".

13 years later. In the present time, Vaam has become an indispensable energy source. The bug program, from another dimension, once again begins its invasion of Earth. 3 children who escaped from the Energy Management office building 13 years ago appear. Acting together with their BuddyRoids, they have obtained specific abilties beyond what normal humans can do! They are the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters!

Able to teleport. Legs have been empowered with unbelievable speed. Makes Chida Nikku his partner.
Chida Nikku:
Cheetah-type mecha. Positive thinker, and though a robot, has no sense of direction. Acts like an older brother to RedBuster. Able to transform into a motorcycle for RedBuster to ride into battle (where his face becomes the handle and meter.) When fighting in robot mode, Nikku can also use his rear wheels as handheld weapons.

Buster Gear:
Equipment the Go-Busters use to go into battle, and conduct espionage. The Go-Busters suits also carry the spy motif (glasses and shoulder straps.) Indeed one of the themes of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters is Spy Action. The first Super Sentai, Goranger, had the spy game as a main component, and in a way, Go-Busters marks the "first new sentai series."

The fated youth who gained awesome physical strength. Eldest of the Go-Busters. Makes Gorisaki Banana into his partner.

Gorisaki Banana:
Gorilla-type mecha. Faint hearted character who falls easy, and apologizes immediately for it. Always worried about BlueBuster. Acts as a mechanic in the base.

Girl of fate who gained incredible kicking and jumping power. Makes Usada Letas into her partner.

Usada Letas:
Unyielding and selfish. Always quarreling with YellowBuster. Works on Data Management in the Control Room.

Morphin Brace:
Transformation item which is equipped on the left arm. By calling out "Let's Morphin!", transformation is activated.

Ichigan Buster:
Single-Lens Reflex Camera that transforms into a gun, long range battle weapon. Has a special function in Camera mode.

Sougan Blade:
Binoculars that transform into a sword, short range battle weapon. Has a special function in Binocular mode.

(Ichigan Buster) Special Buster Mode:
Ichigan Buster + Sougan Blade. Fires a more powerful attack.

Buster Gear equipped to the Shoulder Strap of the Go-Busters' suits. Has the Go-Busters' mark. Transmission equipment which transports different items and weapons. (As from the toys, we also know it's a communicator/voice changer.)

Gokaiger vs Gavan, the Gobusters fight Basco

  The toy heads become cockpits for the figures.