Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Super Sentai actors who have done Adult Films

This may be old news to older Super Sentai fans but new to younger fans that some Super Sentai actors have done adult films (porn). Yes, an porn actor doing a children's show isn't as much of a big deal in Japan as it is here. It is taboo but done anyway, it just isn't mentioned or frowned upon. Porn is frowned upon by the older generation, but actors are not discriminated against by producers over there as much as they are here. It's complicated and different.

Rika Nanase (Zonnette of Carranger)
I do not know if she still does adult films but she certainly did before 1996.

Asami Jo (Shibolena of Megaranger)
Shibolena was the villainess in Megaranger. Asami Jo did adult films before Megaranger and continues doing adult films afterward.

Kei Mizutani (Shelinda of Gingaman)
I remember she was at an American event and Jake Speed (who used to have a Super Sentai scan page back in 1998) had her sign a Gingaman photo and she was surprised Americans knew who she was.

Tetsuji Tamayama (Shirogane of Gaoranger)
One of the rare male heroes to have done an adult film. He filmed it before he filmed Gaoranger but it came out after Gaoranger ended. I personally saw the film, it was more about story than anything. He only got shirtless and the sex scenes were short. I never knew the name in English and the tape belonged to a friend.

Nao Oikawa (Kegaleshia of Go-Onger)
Nao Oikawa is a former adult film star, being a Super Sentai villainess in a long time to be one.

Yumi Sugimoto (Miu/Go-On Silver)
She currently is in a Playboy magazine issue (in Japan), but not nude. This has stirred rumors she is doing porn.


Sean Akizuki said...

Have you heard Ayumi Kinoshita stars in Peeping Tom?

Sean Akizuki said...

By the way, Mina Asami of Maskman did adult films too.

Retrograve said...

Wow, never knew Takumi Tetsuji made adult films. As in porn right?

Lavender Ranger said...

Taki, like a soft core porn.

gokaired said...

so in japan they hire former porn stars to play characters on kid's shows but in America we get upset if they say something like "Die"

Jeffpiatt said...

The actress behind lamie aka scorpina was an former jav star before sentai super sentai is where porn stars in Japan retire just imagine if saban got Tracie lords or Sasha gray to fill the corsets of the sentai vileness's the Ptc would go nuts