Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 31 and 32 Preview

I was not able to catch this episode because of a family engagement but got these captures from the usual Japanese forum.

Basco and Wolzard Fire gets the legend powers of Changeman (judging from the outfit, we don't see his face)

 OhPink offers her legend power to Marvelous, he refuses.

Basco with his 9 Extra Hero clones

Gai became Go-On Wing combo
 Gokai Silver Super Mode takes down two
Wolzard and Zuuban become huge

Gai finishes off Wolzard Fire and Zuuban

The Gokaiger summon Ohranger's cannon

 Gai manages to gain all 9 keys.

Basco shows off his new monster form.

Basco has the legend powers of Changeman, Maskman and Flashman

Next Episode (32)...
Gokai Red as Mask Red
 Gokaiger as Kakuranger
 Gokaiger as JAKQ

Gai and Don work on the buster and the other four become Changeman (FINALLY... sort of) and Gekiranger. The final pictures are from

Friday, September 23, 2011

Is Saban contracted to adapt all consecutive Super Sentai series into Power Rangers?

Saban Brands has stated after the International Licensing Expo 2012 that they are contractually obligated by Toei to not skip a Sentai season.
Here is a question that is asked a lot but I don't think it has been highly investigated. The question I am referring to is the fact that so far (as of 2011) Power Rangers has been adapted from every consecutive Super Sentai series since 1992. No series after Zyuranger (1992) has been skipped for footage. They may have skipped suits like Dairanger but they used the footage for zords, some arsenal, and monsters so I still consider it using a consecutive Sentai series, same goes for Season 3 and Kakuranger. They didn't skip a consecutive season because if they did, we wouldn't had Thunderzords or Ninja Zords. Adapting for me is using any amount and size of footage. In the credits for Season 2, they mention Dai Rangers and end of season 3 they mention Kakuranger, very little Zyuranger footage was ever really used by season 3. So the question is if Saban (and Disney when they owned the franchise) contractually obligated to do the Super Sentai series in order and not skip one? Linkara has brought this up in History of Power Rangers, he felt like Carranger could be skipped. Many people have wished many a Super Sentai series would be skipped, many even thought Shinkenger was 'unadaptable' and now we have Kanji at McDonalds. Linkara also brought up the topic of the possibility of using a Super Sentai series prior to Zyuranger. Many fans had brought up in the past that a past Sentai could be adapted. I agree that could have. I would had welcomed to skip a series as well. 

So far it is an unspoken rule to not skip one. I think it goes higher than Saban or Disney, I think Bandai is also in the works. Many people think Toei doesn't play into a lot of Power Rangers but I think Toei is more in control. Because Toei recently approved that Power Rangers Mystic Force to be an online game for South Korea. Also Toei lets Sentai be labeled as Power Rangers in Korea and Thailand, so maybe Toei has more sway. Also at the end of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie, (which I've seen so many times lately because of my nephew) it says A Saban Entertainment/Toei Company production. Anyway, there is no official statement that we know of that a Sentai series can't be skipped for Power Rangers. But I, myself, with no confirmation believe that they can't skip a Sentai series. Maybe there is a contract and maybe not, but since no series has been skipped, makes me think there is a contract or an unspoken agreement. Also fiscally it is bad financial move, here are cons and pros. The reason there is more cons and than pros is that some cons are to adapt or not adapt.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dice-O Gokai Red Gold Mode

UPDATED 9/25/11
There will be four Dice-O cards of the Gokai Blue, Gokai Greem, Gokai Yellow and Gokai Pink wearing the Gold Mode armor. Thanks to Mr. yellow of Rangerboard for the pic.

This is old news, about Gokai Red Gold Mode, where Gokai Red wears the Gold Mode in Dice-O game. I didn't think it was worth mentioning before and a fan had e-mailed me telling me about it. They asked me if it would be on the show, I doubt it but that stuff can happen. But for now, there is just two cards on Dice-O. So far there has been no live-action shot of him in the armor. The armor has the sixth rangers on it, no changes to it. Now I bring it up because i didn't know they made an Armed Tyrannoranger card. Probably since Tyrannoranger got his shield from Dragon Ranger and Gokai Red got his from the sixth ranger is why they made the card. So far, it is the only card I've seen of any Ranger in Gokaiger merchandise in their armored or powered up mode.

I also wanted to point out the Princess Shinken Red card.