Sunday, February 28, 2016

Now Complete (ish) Ranger Key Teams

Turbo Yellow has been spotted
With the upcoming Ranger Keys, now the majority of teams are complete except for some Extra Heroes (which didn't appear in Super Megaforce which I suppose are excusable). 
Super Megaforce/Mighty Morphin/Alien/Zeo
Super Megaforce had 3 packs but to get Silver Ranger you had to get the Silver Morpher and/or 20 Keys set. Mighty Morphin you had to get 4 different packs. Aquitar and Zeo you had to get 2 packs to have complete team.
Full Team: Yes
Availability: if you buy all the packs (3, 4, 2, 2)

You can only get 6 of 7. Red, Green and Blue came in Set A, Pink, Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion in Set B available at TRU as of January 2015. Pink Turbo came in TRU 20 Key Set. Most likely Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger were chosen for Turbo Pack B because they are both male and both Sixth or extra heroes. Turbo Yellow will be coming in a third set in 2016 along with Translucent Red and Phantom. 
Full Team: Yes
Availability: If you buy three packs

In Space
Red, Blue and Black released in Set A. Silver comes in the TRU 20 Key Set. Set B had Yellow, Translucent Red. Most likely Pink was excluded to not have 2 females in the pack. The New 2016 set C has Pink, Translucent Red and Black. The Translucent keys include Red, Blue and Black.
Full Team: YES
Availability: Hard, you would have to buy THREE packs AND the 20 Key Set.

Lost Galaxy
Red, Green and Blue come in Set A and Set B with Yellow and Magna Defender at TRU. As of 2016, we will get Pink with Translucent Red and Magna Defender. Most likely Pink was excluded from Set B to not have 2 females. Pink appeared at SDCC 2013 and 2014 but not at NYCC 2014. The only translucent keys are Red, Green and Magna Defender 
Full Team: YES
Availability: If you buy THREE packs.

Lightspeed Rescue
Red, Blue and Green come in Set A and Titanium is only available through PMC 2014. Finally in 2016, we get Pink and Yellow in Pack B. Titanium comes in Translucent form. 
Full Team: YES
Availability: Really hard. LR came limited when released and Titanium only available if you went to PMC, got a ticket and paid for it or paid A LOT for it on the web. If you buy 2 packs and weren't able to get the PMC pack, you have a translucent Titanium.

Time Force
SThe first set came with Red, Green and Blue; while Quantum Ranger comes in the 20 Key Set and Pink will come in the Set B Ranger Key Pack. The third set in 2016 comes with Yellow and funny enough, a translucent Pink key. Translucent Keys are Red, Blue, Green and Pink
Full Team: YES
Availability of 5 keys: Hard, you would have to get the 20 Key Set and 3 packs.
Picture: Quantum from

Wild Force
 The first came with Black, Red and Blue. The second set will come with Yellow and Lunar Wolf.  White appeared at SDCC 2013. Most likely White was excluded from pack B to not have 2 females. In 2016, pack C has White, translucent Red and Silver. The Translucent keys include Red, Black and Lunar Wolf.
Full Team: YES
Availability: If you get three packs

Ninja Storm/Dino Thunder/Jungle Fury
Ninja Storm has 2 packs, Dino Thunder has 2 packs and 20 keys set and Jungle Fury has 2 packs. For non-transcluent Violet Wolf Ranger, you had to get PMC pack. Fans have wanted Spirit Rangers so bad, they are three Rangers that are American and not Japanese. But they don't seem to be in the making. Even if they only had 3 keys they would probably make 2 packs to milk it. This looks like the last round.
Full Team: Yes (ish)
Availability: If you both packs for each and for Yellow Dino--20 key set
Missing: Camile, Elephant Ranger, Bat Ranger, Dai Shi, Shark Ranger

Red, Blue and Green came in Set A and Pink, Shadow and Omega come in Set B.Yellow has appeared in promotional posters. In 2016, Set C has Yellow, Translucent Red and Shadow, not Kat and no Nova.Yes I am counting Kat Ranger as she was part of the Gokaiger Ranger Keys. Nova Ranger got a key in Japan recently part of the Lost Key Edition. Most likely Yellow was excluded because there was no space. The A-Squad Rangers did not appear in Sentai. Probably Kat and Nova weren't included because they didn't appear in Super Megaforce but neither did Shadow Ranger! Translucent keys are Red and Shadow.
Full Team: YES (ish)
Availability: Three Sets
Missing: Kat Ranger, Nova Ranger

Mystic Force
First set has Red, Yellow and Green; second has Solaris Knight, Wolf Warrior and White. Blue and Pink have appeared in promotional posters. In 2016, third set has Blue, Pink and Translucent Solaris Knight. Translucent Key only is Solaris Knight. 
Full Team: YES
Availability: 3 Sets

Operation Overdrive
Red, Black and Blue came in Set A and Yellow and Mercury will come in Set B soon to come out with translucent Red. In 2016, Set C has Pink, translucent Blue and Mercury. No Sentinel Knight.  I am counting Solaris Knight as he was part of the Gokaiger Ranger Keys. Translucent Keys are Red, Blue and Mercury
Full Team: YES (ish)
Availability: 3 Sets
Missing: Sentinel Knight

Red, Yellow and Blue came in set A and Green, Gold and Silver in the Set B now available at Toys R Us. Black is left out which is ironic as he was the main character. Black has appeared at SDCC 2013. In 2016, new set with Black, translucent Red and gold.
Full Team: Yes
Availability of 6 keys: Three Sets

Even though Lauren (female Red) has been advertised in promos and back of boxes, she won't be available. Red, Green and Blue came in the first set and Pink and Gold will come in a second set with a translucent MALE red key. Yellow has only seen in a  small promotional image for the initial 20 key set which later changed. In 2016, the final set has Yellow, translucent Gold and Green. Translucent keys are Red (male), Gold and Green.
Full Team: No
Availability of 6 keys: Three Sets
Missing: Female Red Ranger (Lauren)

Red, Blue and Black in Set A and Robo Knight in the Silver Spear or the 20 key set. Yellow has been seen in promotional posters and in a small promo pic for initial 20 key set which later changed. In 2016, Set C has Pink, Yellow and Translucent Red. The only Translucent Key is Red.
Full Team: YES
Availability: Sort of difficult as if you want Robo Knight you need to find the Silver Spear or get the 20 key set. You need two sets.