Friday, July 10, 2015

CGI Zords of non-Kyoryuger zords in Dino Chargers?

I haven't seen much people mention this that the new translucent Dino Chargers coming out in the Fall has images of CGI zords. Those dinosaurs of 11-23 don't have zords in Kyrouger.

 So far it looks like Dino Chargers 13-18 and 21 will have translucent Dino CHargers with these images. Not sure if they are toys or CGI. Interesting non of these are listed to have toys coming out except for Ammonite and Deinosuchus but we haven't seen them like this. 
Kentrosaurus (Dino Spike) looks like Stegosaurus, not only by color but shape.

Styracosaurus (Dino Cupid) looks like Triceratops.

Allosaurus (Dino Blaze) looks like Turannosaurus in the logo but more like Raptor but original in this picture form.

Diplodocus (Dino Stretch) looks kind of original.

Oviraptor (Dino Gas) kinda looks like the Allosaurus one.

Iguanondon (Dino Laugh) -- my favorite because Lavender, looks original, kind of hard to see.

Archelon (Dino Slow) is a real turtle and original.

My theory is that Plex or whoever for Bandai was asked to design all of these and they picked a few to actually make into toys like Ammonite and Deinosuchus. This is real cool, I would love to see these images in High Quality. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

New Dino Charge Trailer, Armored Dino Drive Rangers at SDCC and Dino Drive Purple and Graphite confirmed


Pics from Trailer:
Gold Ranger

Graphite Ranger

Debate if male or female Purple Ranger in Sledge's ship

Confirmed Dino Drive mode for Graphite and Purple Rangers.

Photo Credit: @powerrangers The Armored Dino Drive Rangers, now I notice white around their eyes and obviously no mouth plates. I recently drew them, I have to remove the mouthplates now from my drawing.

Credit: @Nickwalsh

 Following from @rangercrew:

Dino Chargers at SDCC 2015

UPDATED 7/10/15 2:30 PM EST
Pictures from Rangercrew:

This took me like 3 hours. ( ) is the Japanese name. [ ] is if available in stores yet. There was around 77 Dino Chargers on display!

Clockwise: Super Turannosaurus (Carnival) with 1+ and all red [New, not released yet], All red Tyrannosaurus [Scheduled Fall Release], Gold plated one [New, unreleased], black plated one [Special at the Con], translucent one [Released, Megazord], fossil [Released] and regular [Released]. 

Clockwise: All-Black [Scheduled Fall Release], Translucent -- Black or clear? [Scheduled Fall Release], Fossil [Released] and Regular Parazord [Released]

Clockwise: All-Blue [Scheduled Fall Release], Translucent Blue [Scheduled Fall Release], Fossil [Released] and Regular Stegazord [Released]

Clockwise: All-Green [Scheduled Fall Release], Translucent Green [Scheduled Fall Release], Fossil and Regular Raptorzord [Released].

Clockwise: All Pink [Scheduled Fall Release], Translucent Pink [Scheduled Fall Release], Fossil [Released] and Regular Triceratops [Released].

Clockwise: All Gold [Scheduled Fall Release], Translucent Clear [Released, Megazord], Fossil [Scheduled Fall Release] and Regular Pteranondon [[Scheduled Fall Release in set and other toys].

Clockwise: #8 Pachy [Scheduled Fall Release], #10 Titanosaurus or Brachiasaurus [New, Unknown], #8 Fossil [Scheduled Fall Release], #9 Pleiosaurus [New, Unknown] and #7 Ankylosaurus [Scheduled release in set]

Mighty Morphin Clockwise: Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Yellow, Megazord, White and Green. [At the con]

#11 Deinonychus and #12 Deinosuchus
Regular and Fossil [Scheduled Release Soon]

#13 Kentrosaurus
Clockwise: Fossil [Scheduled Release Soon], All-Periwinkle [Scheduled Fall Release], Translucent [Scheduled Fall Release] and Regular [Released].

#14 Styracosaurus and #15 Allosaurus
Top Row: Regular, Fossil and Translucent Magenta
Bottom Row: Not sure which is the Fossil one and the last is Translucent Scarlet.
[Fossil and Regular scheduled release soon, released in some locations and the clear ones scheduled for Fall]

#17 Seismosaurus and #18 Oviraptor
Left to Right: Regular, Fossil and Translucent. In a promo pic, the Seismosaurus originally looked purple and not indigo, here it looks more Indigo. 
[Fossil and Regular scheduled release soon, released in some locations and the clear ones scheduled for Fall]

#18 Iguanodon and #19 Tupandactylus
Left to Right Top Row: Regular, Fossil, Translucent Lavender
Bottom Row: Regular, Fossil, and All White 
[Fossil and Regular scheduled release soon,  and the clear ones scheduled for Fall]

#20 Amnoite, #21 Archelon, #22 Fukiraptor, #23 Futabasaurus
Regular and Fossil except for Futabasaurus. And also Archelon Translucent (pic from Tokunation and not Rangercrew).
[Amnoite will be released soon, Archelon scheduled for the Fall, Fukiraptor in some locations and Futabasurus is new and unreleased]

X (the last 5 guardians), V (the first five guardians) and SD one with a ranger in it.
[New, Unreleased]

Not present at the con:
Solid Green #20 and Solid Yellow #11  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

SDCC 2015 Legacy Thunder Megazord and Dino Chargers

 Pic from Bandai America Twitter
Thunder Megazord
High Res Pics

Pics from Rangercrew Twitter
Legacy Thunder Megazord

 Legacy Blade Blaster

 Dino Chargers

Pic from TokuNation:
Free at SDCC

Some more pics from TokuNation:
Transparent Iguanodon, Raptor, Mighty Morphin Red, Transparent Triceratops, Transparent Stryaco, and Transparent #16

Mighty Morphin Blue, Mighty Morphin Yellow, Super Red, Transparent Oviraptor, Transparent Stegasaurus and the other one.