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Power Rangers/Super Sentai Villain Comparison: Operation Overdrive / Boukenger

Just like the good guy character comparisons, I will be doing Jungle Fury/Gekiranger sometime later.

Flurious / Gaja
Gaja was this priest of an ancient society that lorded around the show, as the show was about different villain sects. So he would make treaties and be betrayed by them. He worked with dark magic and conjured many things. He memorized a code and made these gyro-like devices that were used by the majority of the foes. The outfit was basically un-loved by the PR crew, so they made their own new villain called Flurious. He and his brother were turned into hot and cold. He had a poor dim-witted yeti do his dirty business and basically sat around. He became the final form Gaja became and was destroyed, while Gaja reverted to his regular form and went to sleep.

Moltor / Ryuuwon
Ryuuwon was conceiving and scheming, he considered himself higher than humans. He once was a human adventurer who sought immortality and got it, with a price. His helmet let him revive himself after being defeated. Ryuuwon ultimately became a man again and died in an explosion of a building in a vain attempt to become his old form again. Ryuuwon was a sign of what could become of Akashi (Red) if he was a selfish adventurer. Moltor on the other hand had a inferiority complex because of his brother and was killed by his brother.

Kamdor / Yami No Yaiba
Yaiba was a cruel ninja warrior, he killed people in front of Masumi (Black) as a child. He was grooming Masumi to be evil like him, but Masumi ultimately chose the side of light. Yaiba worked for Dark Shadow but defected from them. He was destroyed by Masumi. Kamdor was the source of all the power (making monsters and growing them) instead of Gekkou, an owl that was kicked out of the series. He was locked in a necklace, released, he betrayed his pupil Miratrix and was ultimately destroyed by the Black Ranger. Kamdor was a bit toned down next to Yaiba.

Miratrix / Kaze No Shizuka
Shizuka was a child-like perky fun-loving convening and mistress of disguise ninja chick. Shouta (Blue) would flirt with her, she ended up encouraging him at the end of the series. Her outfit or attitude was probably not considered appropriate, so they made a whole new outfit for Miratrix. Like Elsa, Miratrix's outfit was boring and uninspired. Miratrix tricked the Blue Ranger into loving her and then ended up following Kamdor until she was betrayed and became an owl-monster (from footage of Gekkou). Shizuka briefly became a strong form, that was seen in PR but not given a name. Shizuka came back from it, and had a friendly relationship with the Boukenger until the teamup Gekiranger vs. Boukenger.

Mig / Gai
Gai is one of the Ashu Clan, ancient demons, while Mig is a Fearcat, aliens. Mig/Gai were upgraded by Flurious/Gaja. Gai became a Quester, along with Rei. Both were conniving and treacherous. Both were destroyed by Mercury Ranger/BoukenSilver. Mig was more of the head of the operation. Gai killed Silver's father.

Benglo / Rei
Gai is one of the Ashu Clan, ancient demons, while Rei is a Fearcat, aliens. Benglo/Rei were upgraded by Flurious/Gaja. Rei became a Quester, along with Gai. Rei was more of the head of the operation, he was knowledgeable and smart with when to divulge such information. He is tactical and quick to get out of situation. Benglo was kinda smart. Belngo was destroyed by Red Sentinel Ranger and Rei was killed by BoukenSilver.

Cheetar / Hyouga
Hyouga/Cheetar were both loyal followers who were sacrificed so the other two (Ashu/Fearcats) could survive.

Crazar / Ouga
Ouga was male, while Crazar was for some reason turned into a woman. Ouga was a Western Ashu, who was friends with BoukenSilver's mother and was bent on killing him to let her soul escape purgatory. He turned Silver into stone and took him to purgatory and pretended to be his mother. Silver ultimately found this out and killed him. Crazar on the other hand boasted that she killed Mercury Ranger's fiance and pretended to be her to keep him away. Mercury destroyed Crazar and ultimately got his fiance back, because she could only imitate people who were alive.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Villain Comparison: Mystic Force / Magiranger

The Master / N.Ma
Both pictures are of both characters. Both of them started as an eye, then a Lovecraftian creature (right), and his final form (left). Both were treated basically the same, they both were the bosses of the villains and manipulated Wolzard/Koragg. Bragel/Bowen were good warriors that fought N.Ma/Master and were brainwashed and turned evil. more power helped the master strive. Bragel/Bowen turned good again thanks to the Rangers and fought the villain, sealing it within them. The Ten Terrors/Gods rescued their master and the master took over the body of Titan/Matoombo. Both were defeated by an overload of magic.

Necrolai / Vankyuria
Vankyuria had more than a split-personality because she could change into Nai~Mea, two human girls. Vankyuria was sneaky, wicked, and did act a bit curious like Nai Mea. Vancuria was not constrained by the seal that kept the rest of Infershia underground and thus served as an overseer of her masters' plans. She worked as a spy and betrayed Wolzard many times. Braken tried to kill her for her failure. After hearing Sphinx attempting to reason with Dagon and Sleipnir, Vancuria began to have second thoughts about N Ma. As a result, she went against N Ma's wishes by reviving Sphinx, Bragel and Sunjel. Both tried turning Pink into a vampire, since both were 'Queen of the Vampires.' Necrolai was a mother and got too involved in her evil work, that lost sight of what was important. In the end, she protected the Rangers and became a normal human woman.

Leelee / Nai~Mea
Nai~Mea was the child-like girls Vankyuria could become. They were both sneaky and playful. Mea often repeated what Nai said. Probably because of the gothic lolita outfits, they were ditched. In the end, Nai and Mea joined Sphinx in the "New Infershia." Lee Lee is Necrolai's daughter and her alliance changed a lot. All in all, she wanted to be a normal girl with friends. Her outfits changed alot, even when she was with her mother in the Underworld. In the end, she fell in love with Phineas, a Troblin. Her father was turned into a worm and never mentioned again.

Morticon / Buranken
Both were the first general and were basically just stern, mean and grumpy. They were both defeated by the Rangers.

Imperious / Memi
Both were traitors, they were once known as Calindor/Raijel and turned Daggeron/Sunjel into a frog and were turned to stone. To release him from a cave, a bad guy couldn't enter but someone good, Nai~Mea tricked the Rangers to break it, while Necrolai used her daughter. Anyway, both were enfeminate and were scheming. They were both defeated by Daggeron/Sunjel in a duel.

Koragg / Wolzard
Koragg and Wolzard were basically the same. They were both fathers of the Red Mage, who they tortured and fought. Wolzard killed his wife, while Koragg merely de-powered his wife. They were turned good again by their children, fought the master, sealed it within them and then came back, turned into a red good warrior. Wolzard worked at his own accord and his alliance was murky. Koragg believed in honor.

The Ten Terrors/Gods were bascially the same. Not much changes, other than mentions of death. Both worked for the master and took out the master from Wolzard/Koragg. Both had a hand in striking down Itassis/Sphinx. They were defeated by by Itassis/Sphinx.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Villain Comparison: SPD/Dekaranger

Here we got something different. Dekaranger didn't have your average group of villains with a hangout. They just had Agent Aburera who supplied most of the villains of the day with grunts. In SPD, they supplied the show with a group and main villain called Emperor Grumm. Another major difference was that in Dekaranger, the villains were judged and then destroyed, while in PR, they were simply captured in cards.

Broodwing/Agent Aburera
Both were the same, they sold weapons/monsters and provided grunts and only cared about the money. Broodwing began to plot revenge on Gruumm, when he starts ordering him to offer his services while refusing to pay. Both stoled the ranger's base robo, both were 'contained.'

Mora / Rije
Mora got more inspiration from Rije from Abaranger. Rije was the voice of Dezumozorlya and was taken over by it. She was a normal sweet girl, just cruel and evil. She also had a crush with Mikoto. Mora was the second child-villain in PR, next to Prince Sprocket. Grumm needed Mora to create monsters. Instead of being established criminals, like in Dekaranger, they were creatures she drew to life. Mora was manipulative, selfish, but smart and wicked. Mora was in actuality an adult woman known as Morgana who wanted Grumm to turn her into a child. She became Mora again a second time and was brainwashed by Omni and captured. Rije became a good girl by the name of Kasumi and than an infant.

Morgana / Succubus / Rijewel
Rijewel was Rije but forced to grow into a sexy woman, who was to enthrall Mikoto to the dark side. She was turned into an ultimate form monster and then changed into the good infant Kasumi. Morgana basically was a merging of the Rije/Rijewel concept and had the costume of Succubus from Dekaranger. Morgana was a standard villainess, just much more whiny and child-like than Mora. Succubus was an alien woman who loved eating people and targeted Jasmine (Yellow). She was taken down, while Morgana was rewarded into becoming Mora again and then encased. Morgana had a grown-up outfit similar to Mora's and had the Succubus battle outfit.

Villain comparison:
Lord Zedd / Emperor Grumm
Both created exclusively for Power Rangers and both considered fan-favorites, fans believe them to be at the same level, but come on, they both sat on their duffs! Lord Zedd was considered scary by parents and they begged for him to be toned down. Lord Zedd was Rita's boss and was upset at her failure and came in to take over. He had a wicked sense of humor and was no nonsense in defeating the Rangers. He took a liking at torturing Tommy. Emperor Grumm was relentless in his plan of taking over the Earth, but he dealt with betrayer Broodwing and the child habits of Mora. Emperor Grumm took a human form in one episode, played by the actor who did his voice. Lord Zedd had to deal with the dummies who followed Rita and her annoying family. He was given a potion to marry Rita to soften him up. Emperor Grumm had a past with Doggie Cruger, held his wife hostage and was captured by Cruger. Zedd was ultimately turned into a human man, never seen again, except for his son Thrax.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Villain Comparison: Dino Thunder/Abaranger

Both villain sects were extremely different. The Evorian from Abaranger were complex and complicated to explain, they were from another dimension... Dino Earth. The Dino Thunder villains were dinosaur-hybrid creatures.

Mesogog / Dezumozorlya
Dezumozorlya was the mysterious boss/god of the Evorian. It took many hosts, of basically all of his minions and at the end of the castle. It came from a meteor that split the Earth into two dimensions---the second took the dinosaurs with them. He had two parts of him transmigrate from generation to generation, one in each dimension. One was Mikoto and another was Kasumi/Rije/Rijewel. He was replaced with Mesogog, a dinosaur-hybrid who came from an experiment and took over the body of Dr. Anton Mercer. He was cruel, dark and uncaring. Both were destroyed by the heroes at the end. Dezumozorlya took over their castle, while the castle became a 'zord' for Zeltrax.

Elsa / Jannu (Mohoro)
Mohoro was Asuka's (AbareBlack) love and fiance. Dezumozorlya raped her and taking over a child that was already Asuka's to create Rije. Jannu took over Mohoro's body and targeted Asuka. She even wore the Cursed Armor that was only known as Zeltrax in Dino Thunder. Jannu was seemingly killed, but was brought back into Mohoro. She tried to trick the bad guys as Jannu but risked her life. Ultimately, she was saved and lived with her husband and children on Dino Earth. Jannu was seen on footage in Dino Thunder in an episode where the Rangers saw a supposed show the Japanese made of the Rangers. She merely said she hated the Black Ranger.

Elsa was an irritating humor-less sidekick of Mesogog who pretended to be Principal Randall of the Ranger's High School. She merely wore glasses to conceal herself. Elsa wore an uninspired outfit, completely ditching Jannu's outfit. Elsa was the first villianess to have a new outfit other than the original source, since Trakeena in Lost Galaxy. She even got a new hairdo, but who cares. She ended up being a nameless woman who was hynpotized and brain-washed by Mesogog.

Gairudon / Cursed Armor / Zeltrax
The outfit you see above was the Cursed Armor, that would take over a person and have them be bent against evil. In Abaranger, it was worn by Jannu, Mohoro's brother Mizuho, and Asuka. Mizuho was killed by Jannu for her to take over the armor, they wanted revenge on Asuka. Asuka seemingly died once and was rescued by the armor. At the end, Dezumozorlya took over the armor to attack Asuka and Mohoro, it was destroyed by Abareyellow and Black. On the other hand, Zeltrax was a cyborg created by Mesogog that used to be Smitty, a colleague of Tommy who vowed revenge upon him. He defected from Mesogog and tapped into the Tree Life, which gave him the ability to transform into an advanced form. Since Zeltrax refuses to stop his efforts for ultimate revenge, the Power Rangers are forced to destroy him.

Voffa and Mikela were simply used for the Ninja Storm teamup and didn't speak. Rije/Rijewel I am covering for SPD.

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Power Rangers/Super Sentai Villain Comparison: Ninja Storm/Hurricanger

Lothor /Tao Zanto
Lothor replaced Tao Zanto in Ninja Storm. Tao Zanto's final form was changed into Lothor's 'Zord' in the finale. Tao Zanto was the domineering boss of the all the bad guys (Jakanja). When they failed, he would shock them with electricity. Lothor was the Ranger's mentor's twin brother who betrayed the good and became evil. He had a sense of humor but a bit of a pain to fans, they didn't really like him. Tao Zanto was destroyed, while Lothor was dumped into the Abyss of Evil, escaped in Dino Thunder and then encased in a jar by Messagog, the main villain of that series.

Zurgane / Sargain
Besides the similar names, Sargain was actually a small robotic ant that pilots the giant robot warrior. he even changed suits for one episode. Sargain was strong, serious, and would get real angry. Zurgane is constantly frustrated by the lack of seriousness on the part of those who work around him. Sargain took forever to defeat, he was in charge of the machine corp. Sandaru/Vexacus killed Sargain/Zurgane.

Also had similar names but that is where the similarities end. Chuuzubo was stern, stuffy and sneaky. He had a gruff voice. Choobo on the other hand was silly, goofy and a scaredy-cat. Chuuzubo was number 1 dealing with the Goraijer and sought revenge on them when they defected to the Hurricanger, risky enough to use a dangerous scroll to become huge. Choobo was pushed to fight the Thunder Rangers, fought them, became little--a pet for the two girls. He was last seen on the space fortress shortly before it self-destructed.

Kapri / Wendinu
Wendinu was sexy, flirtly and dangerous. She was cute sexy, a girly girl. But Kapri, anything but. Gruff, dumb, and out of it and whiny. She and Marah were sisters and hated by fans. Wendinu was in charge of growing the monsters. She and Furabijou returned in Abaranger vs. Hurricanger, they were supposedly sent to the Dino Earth and came back to our dimension. Kapri turned good, joined the Ninja Academy with her cousin Cam and pretended to be evil again with her Uncle Lothor to save some captives.

Marah / Furabijou
Furabijou was cute and fun, child-like. She is a fan favorite. Marah, not so much. Dumb, bumbling and a crybaby. You just couldn't take her serious. Furabijou, when she became serious, you could take it seriously and be afraid of her, she meant business. She stamped on a clipboard when her team lost. Furabijou pretended to defect, befriended Nanami (Blue), and then betrayed her trust. Marah instead tricked the Yellow one Dustin. She and Wendinu returned in Abaranger vs. Hurricanger, they were supposedly sent to the Dino Earth and came back to our dimension. Marah turned good, joined the Ninja Academy with her cousin Cam and pretended to be evil again with her Uncle Lothor to save some captives.

Manmuraba had been in the series since the beginning, Motodrone was introduced later in the series. Manmuraba started as a small creature (Above far right) that floated around and was picky. He would be hard on his teammates. He later went into a cacoon and went into the form in the center, with a robe. He was basically the same physically except for the robe in Ninja Storm. Motodrone ws created from a project went ary and when the person that housed him was removed, he became his own entity. Manmuraba was much darker and sinister, he picked on Ikkou (Kabutoraijer) and planted a killer bug inside him.

His final form was a giant round fat monster. This creature was seen in the series, but separate from Motodrone, called Eyezac. Eyezac was seen in a human-size form, which didn't happen in the original. Manmuraba's infant form was also made into a nameless toy in America that accompanied Kelzak Fury (a foot solider repaint). Manmuraba was destroyed by the Rangers, while Motodone was done in by Vexacus.

Shimazu / Satorakura
Satorakura was a jokester, big into playing games and was as funny as evil, wicked and not above killing. Probably because he seemed to garish that Disney didn't bring him into the series until later on, realizing he was in too much of the footage. Satorakura originally came in when Shurikenger was introduced, but Shimazu came in after Vexacus. His goofy attacks and fun graphics were watered down in Ninja Storm. Satorakura was an alien, while Shimazu was an ancient being that was awoken. Shimazu was destroyed by Marah and Kapri after their plan against the Rangers failed. Satorakura took off his mask and was a crazy looking ghost dude and was killed by the Hurricanger.

Vexaus / Saandaru
Saandaru was the deadly last of the seven. He killed Sargain and Shurikenger. He had plans of his own. Vexaus was an alien, not affiliated with Lothor and later joined them. He mostly spent time in the background, after his introduction. Saandaru had little time, since he was introduced late in the series. Vexaus was destroyed by the Rangers, so was Saandaru.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Villain Comparison: Wild Force/Gaoranger

Master Org
Both series had their own master org, both were figureheads. The Gaoranger's master org was just a stone statue and nothing more. The PR one was a man who pretended to be an org for more power. 20 years ago he killed the Red Ranger's parents. His costume was inspired by the boss in Dairanger, expect for the eye and horn. PR's Master Org was discovered and kicked out, but got more power and became a new formed monster that was defeated by the Rangers by the end. He was wicked and selfish.

Toxica / Tsuetsue
Toxica was the last American actress to have the same costume as the original source but also be Asian. All other actresses, of course because the show is now filmed in New Zealand, are either Australian or a Kiwi. Both were basically the same kind of witch, other than acting style and cultural references. Master Org brainwashed Toxica and Jindrax to be 'super', but in Gaoranger they simply upgraded, no brainwash. Both became different forms as Necronomica/Onihime temporarily. Both were tricked by Rasetsu/Mandilok to cut off their horns to loose their Org-ness. She later returned in Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger and Boukenger vs. Super Sentai.

Jindrax / Yabaiba
Both were kinda goofy knife-wielders. Both also were partners with Toxica/Tsuetsue (who they loved and rescued from hell). While Jindrax pretended and wanted to have a rivalry with Yellow, Yabaiba actually had one with GaoYellow. Yabaiba and Tsuetsue were buried under a cave-in and later returned to fight the Gaoranger in Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger. Jindrax and Toxica became good on their own and roamed the planet.

Retinaxe/ Shuten
Shuten was the first of the Highness Duke Org. Shuten was harsh to his underlings and was cruel and serious. When he lost to the Gaorangers, Ura drained and absorbed all his power. Shuten was later resurrected in the series finale to be fused with the others to become Senki. On the other hand, Retinaxe was loyal bodyguard to Master Org. After Master Org was defeated, he roamed the Earth in shame. Upon hearing of the Master's return, he set out to destroy the Rangers to prove himself, but he was defeated. Master Org later destroyed Retinaxe to prevent him from revealing his true identity.

Urawas effeminate and obsessed with collecting beautiful things, he was the one who woke Loki. He was beaten by the newly transformed GaoSilver, who also takes out Ura. Ura's crown is then used by Tsustsue to become the Highness Duchess Onihime. But Ura regenerated himself from his crown and captured GaoSilver to have him reabsorb the power of 1,000 years' rage (Loki's energy). Nayzor was released by Master Org to find and free Zen-Aku. Nayzor succeeded, but failed to gain any control over Zen-Aku. Nayzor served as Master Org's general (through an implant) and was upgraded to a super form and then killed. Nayzor was just 'classy', not effeminate.

Rasetsu had both female and male voices, personality of both genders and surprisingly was passed through to Power Rangers. Both were
ravenous with an appetite for anything in its reach, and used a knife and fork as his weapons. Both betrayed Toxica/Tsuetsue into cutting their horns and demoting their org-ness. They were destroyed by the Rangers in both versions.

Zen-Aku / Loki
Zen-Aku basically means good and bad. Both were basically the same. Both were tormented warriors who once were good, they put on a wolf mask that took them over and were bad to the Rangers. They stole their Power Animals and had their own. They then had some redemption and redeemed when the curse was broken. Unlike Loki who was destroyed forever, Zen-Aku lived and then roamed the Earth alongside the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Villain Comparison: Time Force/Timeranger

Power Rangers Time Force (2001) / Mirai (Future) Sentai Time Ranger (2000)

Gluto / Don Doinero
Dinero means money in Spanish. Don Doinero is the mafioso godfather who is only in it for the money, though he also comes with a firm love for his crime family. He is the tough, gruff and deadly leader. In PR, he was demoted to a bumpling fat dumby. The PR writers, either Saban or Disney, they had a habit of turning the fat villains into dumb slobs. He once sent MadBlast to assassinate Yuuri's detective father. He is the one who had a friend make Giem into a robot. He cared about Giem's well-being since he was sort of responsible for his condition. In trying to stop Giem in his psychotic delights, but he unfortuantely died in a vain attempt to save Giem. During the final battle against the Rangers, Gluto chickened out, and cryogenically froze himself in the prison.

Nadira / Lila
Really really different. She is a sexy mistress of disguise who loves stealing jewelry and clothes because she is a material girl. She is the one who actually selected the four Timeranger to traveled to the 21st century, in the guise of Team Captain Ryuuya. After Dornero's death, Lila went into hiding and has been missing since. Nadira also stole jewelry, clothes and money, but she was obnoxious, whiny, and eventually had a heart. After helping giving birth to a child, she started questioning everything her father Ransik and served as his moral compass. She felt sympathy for Frax and in the end, her father did come around and she worked community service/child-care for her bad deeds. Nadira went to all extremes, comedy and emotion.

Frax / Gien
Gien is a scientist, creator of the legions of the Zenitt. Dornero saved had a friend transfer the brain of the once young human Giem' into his robotic body. There were side-effects that made Gien increasingly insane. Having access to the Hell's Gate prisoners, he cared for nothing except for his own masochistic pleasure and went against Dornero's orders. He later constructed several massive robots (Except for the G-Zord). Gien later piloted the NeoCrisis robot, only to be fatally wounded when his robot was destroyed. The person Gien once was resurfaced before he died and dissolved to dust.

Frax was a mindless robot to Ransik, but he had his own agenda, and constantly devises his own schemes behind Ransik's back. He despises both humans and mutants, and plans on one day having robots rule the world. He was once the upstanding Dr. Fericks. He showed an ailing Ransik kindness, only to be betrayed. Ransik burned down his lab, and left him for dead, and transformed his body into a robotic one. Ransik eventually discovered who Frax was, and had him hunted down and turned into a mindless robot--much to Nadira's dismay, which piloted Doomtron to its own destruction.

Ransik vs. Don Doinero as main villains
Don Doinero was a down and dirty sneaky mob boss, but surprisingly, Ransik was colder. Don Doinero felt sorry for Gien and responsible, and was killed for his kindness. Ransik on the other hand, was mean and cruel to Frax and ended up wiping his mind. Ransik then went on to be captured and turned into a good human in Wild Force, so very interesting. Both would sometimes be clueless to things around them like betrayal but did punish when needed.

Power Rangers/Super Sentai Villain Comparison: Lightspeed Rescue/ GoGoFive

Diabolico / Zylpheeza
Zylpheeza deeply loves his brothers and sister, he was sinister and killed by GoGoV. He was revived but killed by his brother Salamandes. Diabolico on the other hand didn't care about his teammates, either his queen Bansheera, who he betrayed. To begin with, he somehow broke free from his imprisonment all the demons were in and stole Ryan (Titanium Ranger) as a child and raised him. Diabolico was killed, came back and tried to help the Rangers. Both had their powers given to their Salamandes/Olympius. Both were then upgraded and used as a puppet. Diabolico returned one last time as a spirit to pull Queen Bansheera into the demon shadow world.

Loki is brawny and dumb. Cobolda's strategies always relied more in strength than thought. Secretly coveting the rank of Dark King, he tried to take it over after Zylpheeza's death but was overpowered by Salamandes. He and his older brother Zylpheeza were close because they survived together when they were younger. Loki and Cobolda both died in the same way. Cobolda/Loki fought the GoGo V when given a bazooka and was killed by Zylpheeza/Diabolico, who was being controlled by Grandiene/Bansheera.

Vypra / Venus
Vypra was the first villianess to be played by an American actress to wear the same outfit as her Japanese counterpart other than Rita. Venus is the only daughter, she is a queen of disguise to gather information or just cause havoc. Venus' strategies were particularly cruel and fearsome. Vypra battles the Rangers in her high speed dune buggy, the Vyprari. Both felt great respect for Zylpheeza/Diabolico. Near the finale, Venus planned to use a spider to siphon off Matoi's life-force to resurrect Zylpheeza failed when the other GoGo V were able to separate the spider from Matoi, by striking the other spider that was on Zylpheeza's chest. Venus placed the spider on her own chest and sacrificed her life so Zylpheeza could live. Vypra was killed by Queen Bansheera, who absorbed her energy to gain a bodily form. But somehow turned up on Time Force for revenge from a grave.

Drop / Impus
He is youngest, being just an infant, he had to be carried by Pierre and would only say 'Drop.' He had abilities of high sorcery and fire. Upon Zylpheeza's death, he received the Dark King Star and using energy that was transferred from Zylpheeza, Drop underwent a maturation inside a cocoon. During that time his soul took on the form of a human boy with pyrokentic (fire-strater) powers who Matsuri befriended. Impus was the only one to be the son of Queen Bansheera, other than all of them being related to her. Impus was cared for by the trio of demons. When Diabolico was destroyed, Impus received the star power he possessed, and transformed into Olympius. Drop became Salamandes.

Salamandes / Olympius
Drop's monsters were always strong and serious, while Olympius' monsters were goofy-lookinh, probably to counter balance the seriousness Salamandes brought to the series. He lost Grandienne's affection with the failure of the Infinity Clan monsters. Using the star gem, both tried to trap the GoGo Five in hell and ends up being banished there by Grandienne. They escaped as a strong form but is done in by the heroes and later resurrected as a dragon and were destroyed by the heroes in the finale. They had the same fate and both were treacherous, serious, and selfish.

Jinxer / Pierre
Both were in charge of Impus/Drop and were sorcerers and made the monsters big with their cards. Both were very loyal to Salamandes/Olympius, helping him out when no one else would. Jinxer was killed when the Omega Megazord was destroyed while he was piloting it. Pierre was seemingly squished by the GoGo Five's efforts but came back in Timeranger vs. GoGoV, using his Saima Magic he made the Londers Prisoners immune to the Timeranger's weapons. He merged with Boribaru and became PierreBori. He was killed by the TimeRobo Alpha, using the energy from Victory Robo. Pierre was the only one not related to the other demons.

Triskull / King Gil
Triskull was a villain that Trakeena brought in her return, King Gil was actually son of Witch Grandienne. Triskull was just destroyed. King Gil tried to overthrow Grandienne and she had Pierre dropped into hell. He came out in the GoGoV vs. Gingaman teamup and became that big monster that they used as Trakeena's final form.

Grand Witch Grandiene / Queen Bansheera
Queen Bansheera was off in unknown parts when Diabolico and the demons were released. She returned as an energy being, and eventually returned to her solid state. She advises the newly matured Olympius in his attacks on the Power Rangers. Queen Bansheera was so obssessed with defeating the Rangers that she betrayed her own followers. She absorbed Vypra to regain her full bodily form, abandoned Olympius in the shadow world, and set up Loki to be destroyed while battling the Rangers. She was finally vanquished when the Rangers threw her back into the tomb, trapping her in the shadow world.

The mother of the Saima Clan, Grandienne was seperated from her children long ago. A short while later she arrived in this dimension but is trapped halfway because Mondo interrupts the spell. She advises the newly matured Salamandes in his attacks on the GoGo V. Grandienne banishes Salamandes to Hell after disappointing her and she leaves to complete her transfer to our dimension. She fights GoGoV and weakens them. She sent all of her energy into resurrecting Salamandes and Zylpheeza into their final forms and loses all her power with their destruction.

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Camaraderie Between the Power Ranger and Super Sentai actors

It all started with this picture. Above is James Maclurcan and Yasuhisa Furuhara. James played Mac in "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive." Yasuhisa currently portrays Sousuke in "Engine Sentai Go-onger."

Above is a new picture, which is bringing murmurs about James being on Go-onger, but I personally doubt it. Above with them is Shinwa Kataoka and Kenji Ebisawa. How is this possible? Well, James is from Australia and filmed PR in New Zealand, so super close to Japan compared to America. They know he is a Power Ranger, but didn't know which series he was from or what the name of the series was, becuase they aren't familiar with the current incarinations. Apparently they didn't have a translator.