Monday, October 28, 2013

Titanium Ranger Day

My Power Force liaison has informed me to promote Titanium Ranger Day and I was going to do it anyway since my buddy Fury Diamond is behind it. And plus I love the Titanium Ranger AND I LOVE RHETT FISHER. He's great on Twitter!!! RangerCrew has 'united' with Bandai Cards to promote the Titanium Ranger. Today RangerCrew and the whole Ranger Nation is celebrating Titanium Ranger Day today with the debut of the Titanium Ranger Card and a live chat with Rhett Fisher. 

The Official Power Rangers Action Card Game Facebook page will premiere the Titanium Ranger card from the Legends Unite set in the morning pacific standard time. A live chat with Rhett Fisher will be hosted by RangerCrew 2 to 3 PM PST (5 to 6 PM EST). You can submit your questions at RangerCrew as soon as you register for RangerCrew forum if you haven't already done so.

One of the reasons this is being done is because Titanium Ranger is the first US-exclusive Ranger AND he has been highly requested by fans for the card game.