Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mid-April News Round-up of Power Rangers 2017 movie (No Major Spoilers)

UPDATED 4/22/16
Here is the round-up of most of the casting and shooting news from the past few months. Also by the way Power Force (I am part of) now have a representative from Lionsgate who is giving us information when it comes. I ask him if there was any other casting news, he said he did not know or was not privy to that information. 
The official title of the new movie is Saban's Power Rangers
Shooting sites: Kamloops, Vancouver and other parts of Canada
Release Date: March 24, 2017
Director: Dean Israelite
Writing Team: (According to IMDB) John Gatins, Ashley Miller, Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless, and Zack Stentz. (And supposedly Max Landis who said he wasn't working on it)

Elizabeth Banks (Hunger Games, The 40 year old Virgin) - Rita Repulsa
Dacre Montgomery - Jason Scott (Red Ranger) 
 Ludi Lin - Zack (Black Ranger) 
Becky G - Trini (Yellow Ranger)
R.J. Cyler - Billy (Blue Ranger) 
Naomi Scott - Kimberly (Pink Ranger) 
David Denman ("The Office") - Sam Scott (Jason's father)

They are shooting in various cities in Canada like Kamloops, Canada were the above have been seen and have police cars with the Angel Grove logo and other buildings and props with 'Angel Grove.'

Other metro Vancouver locales to play Angel Grove include: Vancouver Technical Senior Secondary School as Angel Grove High School for classroom scenes; five businesses in Crescent Beach as part of the town of Angel Grove; and Burnaby’s Swangard stadium as the Angel Grove stadium. Downtown Kamloops is the setting for the big 3rd act of the movie

Recently Dacre (originally from Australia) has been given the power coins by representatives of the Japanese company Toei who visited the set.

Spoiler in black. The Dewdrop Ecological reserve gets called the "Cascadia Mining Company" for the movie. It's here where the Rangers find out "why they were brought together." 

Last week the cast was on SnapChat, RJ Cyler was spotted with what looks like a communicator. 

 They shot at the Templeton Secondary School in Vancouver, Canada and it doubles as Angel Grove High School with the Angel Grove High seal from the show.


This was revealed 4/19/16 (Power Force was told as well) on Entertainment Weekly (, and other outlets the first look at Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa. At first look, people compared her to Mortal Kombat, Dulcea from the first movie, Scorpina and Poison Ivy but then one fan brought up it could be Dragonzord-inspired. One fan tweeted asking why it is green and Banks tweeted back 'indeed, why she is green?' I was kind of hoping she had a cloak or looked more like the queens from Huntsmen: Winter's War.