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Sailor Moon Crystal - Act 1 Usagi -Sailor Moon - Episode Review

UPDATED 7/7/14

Most diehard Sailor Moon fans in North America woke up early to watch Sailor Moon Crystal, available on Hulu and Neon Alley on Sunday. Crunchyroll had live streaming. Niconico is for Japanese fans. Hulu, Neon Alley and Crunchyroll has English subtitles. At one point they will dub the episodes. They will be release bi-weekly meaning every two weeks. Meaning Act 2 will come out July 19.
Basic plot summary of the first episode:
Usagi has brief dreams of the Moon Princess and her prince. She wakes up late and heads off to school. She accidently steps on Luna and pulls off a bandage on her crescent moon spot. Luna scratches her and leaps off. Elsewhere, Jeadite calls upon a Youma to do his bidding. At school, Usagi is forced to stand outside her class room, has a vision of the princess and wishes she was. Her teacher is mad she got a 30%. Usagi introduces us to her mom, her brother Shingo, Miss Haruna (who has lighter coloring than before), Naru, Umino, and her Crown Arcade crush Motoki. Her friends talk about jewelry crimes and Sailor V fighting bad guys. Naru invites her friends to the jewelry store her mom owns. Usagi goes to her friend Naru's mom's jewelry store where there is a frenzy for a sale.

 She throws her test at Mamoru who calls her a 'bun head' and he is wearing a tuxedo. She leaves and Mamoru wonders if the jewelry shop has the Illusionary Crystal. Usagi wishes she could be Sailor V and then plays the game at Crown Arcade. She spots the cat she saw before, Motoki says its been wandering around for a while. Back at home, Usagi is kicked out of her house for her bad grades. Her brother arrives and makes fun of her. Elsewhere at the Jewelry shop, Tuexedo Kamen arrives outside. The Youma has gathered energy from the jewelry she sold. Naru finds out that her real mom is locked in the basement. Usagi takes a nap and has a strange dream (princess running with prince, then mixed with Sailor V fighting a dinosaur and Luna locked up) and wakes up to Luna, who gives her a brooch and it glows. Luna tells her about her mission, find her allies, fight evil and find the princess.

She is told to transform, which she does and hears Naru calling for help. She runs to where the monster is. She presents herself as the moon glows. The Youma calls for the women with jewelry as zombies. They arrive and freak out Sailor Moon. She falls and scrapes herself, seeing blood. Luna tell her to fight. She starts crying, which stuns the Youma and the zombies. Glass breaks. Tuxedo Kamen arrives and tells Sailor Moon to straighten up. Luna tells her to use her Tiara, she does Moon Tiara Boomerang.  She makes the Youma into moon dust and the women faint. Moon runs outside to see Tuxedo Kamen who says he is Tuxedo Kamen. Jeadite sees her through his crystal ball. Next day Naru tells her friends of a Sailor Heronie. Usagi is quiet. Luna asks her what is wrong. She is upset it wasn't a dream. We see Ami. To Be Continued... The ending theme is fully animated unlike the first season's.

 We all seen this story before, in Manga, the original Anime and the 2003 live-action version, but this one doesn't really add anything new. Sure, it has Ami at the end. It does have some subtle changes. The Animation is really beautiful and it is years ahead of the original 1992 Anime animation. Re-watching the original Japanese series on Hulu, this new background soundtrack is much more a feast for the ears. It's haunting and epic. I am disappointed that the mom didn't offer her breakfast but wished she was more like vigilante Sailor V. The mother and brother are exactly the same as the original anime and not like the live-action version where the mom was hyperactive while the brother is almost depressed. I did find it off that Miss Haruna and her mother are lighter colors than the original anime.

Also I didn't like Mamoru in a tuxedo outside of being Tuxedo Kamen (It has been brought to my attention that this was in the manga but I still don't like it). But these are minor things. The opening sequence, transformation sequence and ending sequence are stunning and epic. The opening theme song is very catchy. Talking about catchy, the eye catcher bumpers and title card art are beautiful. The episode was very beautiful and animation was great, also I liked the design of the villain and especially her being destroyed, much more detailed than in the original. The voice acting was perfect, given that Usagi has the same actress but I liked the new Mamoru and Luna.
 And if anyone complains that I am doing a post on Sailor Moon and not Live-action Tokusatsu hero show, then you have no soul!

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Met Austin St. John!

Today at Florida Supercon, they had various Power Ranger actors like Catherine Sutherland, Nakia Burrise, Brandon Jay L., Najee De Tiege, Jason Faunt, Karan Ashley, Walter Jones, David Yost but I met them all. Who I hadn't met was Austin St. John and Anne Hutcherson (Yellow Jungle Fury) so me and my nephew went. The line for ASJ was super long but worth it. He's a great guy. He says there will be a new announcement on new projects he is working on in a couple of months he can't announce yet. He's taking pictures of the fans to put up on his media like Facebook etc. My nephew was tired but he enjoyed it. This might be the only con in a while for him though, waiting in lines isn't quite his thing. Oh, I couldn't meet Anne Hutherson because he didn't want to, he wanted to go home. No worries, I can still see her at Power Morphicon (I'm flying again to Pasadena as I did two years ago in August).

Also I forgot to say that I had him sign my poster (which I have had signed by Johnny Yong Bosch, Walter Jones, Steven Cardenes, Karan Ashley, Catherine Sutherland, Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost, and Jason David Frank) so he was the last one. There was not much space and White Ranger blocks the Red Ranger on the poster. I told him to sign the crotch. He said, "I rather not." He chuckled. It was pretty funny.

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Difference between American Power Ranger Super Megaforce Ranger Key toys

UPDATED 8/1/14
For Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the Rangers access the powers of past rangers through small figures that change into keys that are placed into their arsenal. The key toys produced by Bandai America are smaller than the ones produced in Japan and Korea. The Japanese keys had three differences: Deluxe (came with zords and arsenal), Gatchapon (came apart and needed stickers, came in capsules), and Candy Toys (came in small boxes). The American keys also have slight differences, this post is highlight some. Forgive some of the images. I don't have Photoshop anymore, I had to use Paint.

All pictures [unless otherwise specified] from Fury Diamond's Megaforce
Zord Builder Keys - These keys come with morphers, zords, cycles and weapons. They are slightly different from the ones that come with the Legendary Ranger Key Multipacks.
[Above pictures from Fury Diamond]

Legendary Ranger Key Multipack - These keys come 3 per pack. They all share designs (for example, Red Samurai Key looks like Blue and Green) but do not look exactly the same as the Zord Builder Keys (for example, the Red Samurai Key is not exactly the same in the two versions).
Translucent/Translucent and Glittery/Metallic - At least for Red Ranger, there are different variations. There is translucent (see through), translucent and glittery (which looks like sparkles inside of it) and metallic which is a shiny coat. Translucent Super Mega Red comes with the Legendary Megazord, the translucent and glitter Super Mega Red comes with the Toys R Us Deluxe Training Set and the metallic Super Mega Red comes with the second Legendary Multipack. (Forgive the image above, I don't have Photoshop anymore, I had to use Paint).
[Above pictures from Fury Diamond]
Now let's go by some Rangers...
Super Megaforce Red
The jacket 'wings' is what I will call the six gold designs on each side of the torso. The jacket wings are thicker and wider on the Zord Builder Key than on the Multipack key, they are wider but thinner on the Metallic key. The Transulcent keys shows the top lines more. The top lines are higher on the Zord Builder Key. The 'wings' are thicker on the Glittery one. The pirate symbol is bigger on the Metallic key. The helmet is slightly different on the metallic key than the others. The visor is smaller on the Zord Builder and Glittery one. Most of the changes are on the torso and heads. The regular Zord Builder key comes with the Deluxe Legendary Morpher and Red Ranger Training Set. My nephew has the Multipack key, Zord Builder Legendary Morpher key, Legendary Megazord Translucent key, and the Metallic key that comes with the second set of Super Megaforce. Multipack Set B came in the third wave.
[Above pictures from Fury Diamond]
 Super Megaforce Blue
The top lines are higher on the Zord Builder version and the jacket 'wings' are thicker and wider than the Multipack version. The helmet is a bit higher on the Multipack than on the Zord Builder version. The ZB SM Blue key comes with a variety of things including the Deluxe Super Mega Sword, the regular Super Mega Sword and the Blue Ranger Training Set.
[Above pictures from Fury Diamond]
Super Megaforce Green
The top lines are higher and the jacket 'wings' are thicker and wider on the Zord Builder Version than the Multipack version. The Zord Builder Super Megaforce Green Ranger key comes with the Super Mega Blaster.
 [Above pictures from Fury Diamond]
Mighty Morphin Red
The Zord Builder Key has white under the arm cuff while the Multipack key has white mid-way of the arm cuff. The white goes over the knee on the Zord Builder key. The Armored Red Ranger in Multipack Set B seems to be a mix of both, the arms are like the Multipack while the legs are the same as the Zord Builder key. The visors also seem to be slightly different on all the heads. The MM ZB key comes with the Deluxe Legendary Morpher. The MMPR Multipack Set A came in the 2nd Wave in the Spring and Set B will come out in the 4th wave in the Fall.
[Above pictures from Fury Diamond]
 Mystic Force Red
The 'M' line is more narrow on the Multipack keys than the Zord Builder key and the Phoenix looks like a spider than the Zord Builder Key. The Zord Builder key can be found with the Mystic Dragon Zord. Mystic Force Multipack came in the first wave in Spring.
[Above pictures from Fury Diamond]

Zeo Red
The Multipack gold 'v' is more arced and less pointy. The Zord Builder key is more pointy on the chest 'v' shape. Zord Builder key comes with Zeo Zord and the multipack came out in wave 2.
[Above picture is mine]
Wild Force Red
The visor on the Zord Builder key is smaller than the one in the Multipack key. The lion symbol is bigger on the Zord Builder key than the Multipack key. The line sash is thinner on the Multipack key and goes slightly different angle than the Zord Builder one. My nephew has these two. The Zord Builder key can be found in the Wild Force Lion Zord. Wild Force Multipack came in first wave in spring.
[Above are my own pictures]
Time Force Red
The chest arrow is thicker and goes down more on the Zord Builder key. The silver goes slightly over more on the Zord Builder than on the Multipack key. The Mutlipack key's chest arrow is thinner and narrow. The arrow on the head of the Zord Builder key is narrow and lower. My nephew has both of these. The Time Force Zord Builder key comes with the Blue Time Force Cycle. Time Force Multipack came in second wave in spring.
[Above are my own pictures]

Dino Thunder Red
The white triangles on the top of the torso look smaller on the Multipack key and the logo on the center looks bigger on the ZordBuilder key. The bottom gold cuffs are lower on the Zord Builder key than the multipack key. ZordBuilder key comes with the Q-Rex Megazord.
[Above pictures from Fury Diamond]

Samurai Red
Picture above from @Razzle1337. The Zord Builder Key comes with the Super Mega Cannon, it is at right. The multipack came out with the first wave and the key is at left. The Shiba Clan symbol is better defined in the Zord Builder key. The 'Y' shape is different on both. The head symbols are different too.
[Above pictures from Razzle1337]

Which Ranger Key(s) will come with the Super Mega Cannon?

UPDATED 7/11/14
Most pics and info from Razzle Dazzle's tumblr

Razzle1337 bought it and it comes with the male Red Samurai Ranger (Jayden). Of all the promotional pictures, the Jayden key did not appear. Wow, Bandai missed out. I was going to buy the cannon for the Lauren key but no lauren, not worth it. Now I saved money. I still have to buy the Silver morpher, Silver Spear, the Wave 4 Ranger Keys, Possibly Q-Rex, maybe Falcon zord, the Deluxe Legendary Morpher and Ranger Key Set, and whatever PMC exclusive will come out.

When we first saw the promo pictures for the Super Mega Cannon for the New York Toy Fair 2014, we saw the female Red Samurai Ranger key with it. We first saw the Lauren key on the back of Super Megaforce toy boxes (Spring and Fall Waves). At the actual Toy Fair, we saw no new keys so we didn't see female Red Samurai Ranger, we just saw Super Megaforce keys with the Super Mega Cannon at the toy fair. All listings say it comes with one key.
Razzle Dazzle (@razzle1337) brought to our attention that in this promo picture we see Super Megaforce Red and Green Keys, Yellow Mystic Force Key and Pink DAIRANGER Key. The Blue can't be seen. As we saw Houhouranger (Pink Dairanger) Prototype key in the treasure box at SDCC 2013, I think they just put any key.
But then later Razzle Dazzle found a picture of the Super Mega Cannon with the Super Megaforce Red Ranger Key and not female Red Samurai Ranger Key. We should find out by mid-July as it is on order at Toys R Us. Pre-order at Entertainment Earth says it is coming in August. This doesn't mean necessarily Super Mega Red will come with it. Picture thanks to Razzle.
Entertainment Earth listing:

The Entertainer The Toy Shop United Kingdom Listing posted new photos of Silver Ranger Role Play Battle Gear

UPDATED 7/3/14
Following brought to my attention from @Pocky Bandit has posted new promo photos of...
Operation Overdrive Cycle
Promo shows Lightspeed key but hopefully it comes with Operation Overdrive key.
Turbo Cycle with Silver Ranger figure
Photo shows Wild Force and Lightspeed keys but hopefully it will have Turbo Key. I don't like Silver Ranger coming with the Turbo Cycle, should have been with OO since OO had a Silver Ranger and Turbo didn't, Turbo could had been red.

Jungle Fury Cycle with Blue Ranger Figure
Two pictures show it with Wild Force and Lightspeed Keys, hopefully it will come with the Jungle Fury Red Ranger Key.
Ninja Zord
It is said to come with two keys. The key is not clear in the pictures, looks to be to be Wild Force Red. Since it has a Power Rangers in Space Mega Winger mode, I think the two keys will be In Space and Ninja Storm.

Legendary Silver Morpher
I have the Gokai Cellular and this one has same basic colors but missing the red anchor (which always comes off) and the inside background is black, the original has a Silver symbol and phone symbols.

Silver Ranger Hero Set
Comes with Super Mega Silver Key, I am guessing this will be a Zord Builder key and since Silver doesn't seem to come in a Legendary Multipack so I guess that's all we are getting.
Super Silver Spear
The promo pic has Robo Knight key and it does indeed come with it. People have bought it and shown it to the fandom.
FuryDiamond found images of the wave 5 and 6 Figures on the Amazon photo server:
These include:
Red Alien Ranger
Red Lost Galaxy Ranger
Red Time Force Ranger
Red Super Samurai Ranger
White Mighty Morphin Ranger
Gold Zeo Ranger
Titanium Ranger
Quantum Ranger
Green Samurai Ranger
Lunar Wolf Ranger

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Legacy MMPR Figures and Legacy Titanus Promo Photos

This might be a little late but here are some official press photos of the eight Legacy figures and Legacy Titanus. They should be out around late Summer.
Pictures from RangerCrew Blog:

Pictures from:

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Unlock the Power Sweepstakes: For those who are confused or Don't Know

For official rules check the above link (official website) or check out Fury Diamond's at RangerCrew Blog (
Bandai has been nice enough to do coupons lately for Power Rangers toys, some for limited time, some for 5 months (like this case) with Morphin Madness on March 2014, go go Megaforce last year and in 2012 the Bandai website with the Zord Builder Sweepstakes. This 'Unlock the Power Sweepstakes' was announced at the New York Toy Fair 2014. It started June 23rd and ends December 31st. So here are some steps for those people who might not know how to join the sweepstakes or are confused by it. Believe or not, I was confused too until I scanned the keys.
1. Scanning Keys (Update your app!)
It says you have buy toys with Ranger Keys but all you got to do is scan any key you have but your app has to be updated. Sometimes the Ranger Key scan app is automatically updated. In the case of my phone, I had to manually do it.
2. Vote once a day on different devices
When you scan it, it asks you to enter, you can either enter the sweepstakes or get a coupon (Instawin, but you know you are most likely going to get a coupon). You can vote on different devices. But only once a day.
3. What coupons can you get?
$5 off Megazord, $5 off Morpher and Buy Two, get one free coupons. You can also get them at Fury Diamond's blog and Razzle Dazzle Tumblr.
4. What can I win?
Apparently a voiceover stint, Deluxe Titanus, Deluxe Dragonzord, Deluxe Dragon Dagger or other Super Megaforce toys listed on the website. Grand prize includes... "round trip, coach-class air transportation for four (4) from a major airport near winner’s home (determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion) to LAX; three nights’ accommodations at a hotel determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion (single room, quad occupancy); ground transportation to and from destination airport and hotel; $500 spending money; and travel agent services."
5. How long does this last again?
Until December 31st, winners announced in January. Good Luck! 

2nd PR SDCC 2014 Exclusive: Legacy Lord Zedd

Legacy Lord Zedd will be available at Toys R Us with other Legacy Rangers but at Sand Diego Comic Con 2014, it will available at the Entertainment Earth Booth #2343. No further information has been given.
Toys R Us:

Sailor Moon Crystal and Viz Dubs and Subs on HULU

 Well if you didn't know, Sailor Moon is making a comeback. The original Manga and Anime came out in 1992 and 2012 was its 20th anniversary. For the anniversary, the manga was reprinted in Japan, the USA and many other countries. Bandai even got into the game with FiguArts. A new Anime was announced and fans were patiently awaiting it.
Sailor Moon Crystal premieres online for the Japanese next week. It will be subtitled and be available on Hulu. Also, the original Anime is already available on Hulu thanks to Viz, it is being subtitled with two episodes every Monday. So far they are in the Nephrite arc, for those who don't know--Sailor Mars, Mercury and Moon are so far a team.
Soon Viz will be dubbing the original series, no word on the new one yet. The new dub and sub will be available on DVD soon but we can see it on Hulu too. As for Crystal, it is a retelling the story once again, a reboot and it is based on the manga more than the original.
More Pictures from:
UPDATED 7/2/14 11 PM EST
The first 23 Sailor Moon Episodes are available for purchase on iTunes

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The Mystery of the Zeo Green Key

UPDATED 1/22/15
When fans first saw the Ranger Keys available were in the back of the Megazord and Morpher products at New York Comic Con 2013. We saw the first and second wave of keys. All of those keys were released EXCEPT for Zeo Ranger Four Green and Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren). Three keys were released per teams. For example, the first Super Megaforce multipack came with Red, Blue and Green. I bring this up because I've been asked and seen people ask it on Twitter.
But when the Legendary Ranger Key Pack (Zeo) was released with the second wave, we got the surprise that there was no Green key but Yellow. We were of course pleasantly surprised because of the lack of female keys. Well to be honest we first discovered the Yellow Key thanks to Bandai UK at a German Toy Fair.  
In the checklist available with Wave 3 of key packs, Green is in the checklist. And up to recently, Green was in and now replaced by Yellow.
Now on the back of Fall items like Q-Rex Megazord and Might Armored Silver Ranger has Yellow instead of Green. Some people thought we would get Green Zeo in Zeo Pack in Wave 4 but it has come out and it had no Green, just Yellow. Also, the Lauren key appears on back and in checklist and promos for Super Mega Cannon but she hasn't come out, only Jayden (Red Samurai) keys.

Now for sure the Green Zeo Key comes with Zeo Pack B, coming out January 2015 at Toys R Us exclusive in what I am calling Wave 6.
Pictures from