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Bandai America Ranger Key Complete or Incomplete Teams

UPDATED 5/17/15
Added pics for all teams except for Megaforce

The following does not include Translucent, Metallic or any other kind of special keys in the pictures but are mentioned. This is an easy guide to if you can get complete teams (about 6) or incomplete teams (more than 10!)
Super Megaforce
All six Rangers of Super Megaforce are available to make a whole team. Red, Blue and Green regular ones are available in weapons and hero sets but also in the first Super Megaforce set, Pink and Yellow came in Set B, Silver came in the Silver Morpher and TRU 20 Key Set. Red had 5 versions (regular, metallic, translucent, translucent & glitter and opaque); Blue had 3 versions (regular, translucent and opaque); Green had 2 versions (regular and opaque--rare); Pink had 3 versions (regular, translucent and opaque); Yellow had 2 (regular and opaque--rare); and Silver had 4 (regular, translucent, translucent & glitter, and opaque).  Of the Translucent keys: Green and Yellow are missing.
Full Team: Yes
Full Opaque: Yes
Full Translucent: 4/6
Availability of regular keys: If you buy 2 sets and a Silver Morpher
Availability of Opaque Keys: Difficult to Ultra Rare. Red, Blue, Silver and Pink came in costumes; Red, Blue and Silver came with underwear; Yellow was an exclusive at Nick Hotel during PRSM weekend in October 2014; Green was exclusive at a Meet and Greet in Asia, spotted in April 2015.
Availability of Translucent Keys: If you buy Toys R Us Training Sets, Legendary Megazord and PRSM Set C.
Mighty Morphin
All eight Rangers (included Armored Red) of Mighty Morphin are available to make a whole team. Red, Blue, Black came in Set A. Green, White, and Armored Red came in Set B. Yellow comes in Set C and Pink comes in Set D (as of November 2014 spotted at Toys R Us and K-Mart). Red has 4 versions (regular, metallic, armored and translucent); Blue has 3 (regular, metallic, translucent); Green has 4 (regular, translucent special, translucent and metallic), White has 3 (regular, translucent & metallic); Black has ONE; Pink has two (regular & metallic); and Yellow has two (regular & metallic). SDCC 2014 released metallic keys of all seven. Of the Translucent keys: Black, Yellow and Pink are missing.
Full Team: Yes
Full Metallic: Yes
Full Translucent: 4/7
Availability: If you buy all 4 packs
Availability of Metallics: Bought at SDCC 2014, eBay or other third-party suppliers at cons and online
Availability of Translucent: Buy MMPR Set C and MMPR Set D 

 Alien Rangers
All five Alien Rangers are available for the team. Red, Blue and Black in Set One and Yellow, White and Ninjor in the second set available at Toys R Us as of January 2015.
Full Team: Yes
Availability: If you buy both packs

All six Zeo Rangers are available for the team. Red, Yellow and Blue in Set A and Pink, Green and Gold in Set B at Toys R Us as of January 2015. Pink Zeo also came in the TRU 20 Keys Set.
Full Team: Yes
Availability: if you buy both packs

You can only get 6 of 7. Red, Green and Blue came in Set A, Pink, Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion in Set B available at TRU as of January 2015. Pink Turbo came in TRU 20 Key Set. No Yellow Ranger Key has been made. I suppose if sales go well with the new keys, they'll release Yellow with translucent versions of 2 others. Yellow has NEVER appeared at conventions nor promos. Most likely Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger were chosen for Turbo Pack B because they are both male and both Sixth or extra heroes. Yellow was probably excluded because all these new packs or wave '6' do not have TWO females and only allow ONE.
Full Team: No
Availability of six keys: If you buy both packs


In Space
Red, Blue and Black released in Set A. Silver comes in the TRU 20 Key Set. As of January 2015, Set B has yet to be released and the only new key coming in that one is Yellow. No plans for Pink yet. The new set might come with translucent Red and Blue. Pink did appear at SDCC 2013. Most likely Pink was excluded to not have TWO females in the pack.
Full Team: No
Availability: Hard, you would have to buy both packs and the 20 Key Set. New set won't show up for another couple of months. I guess March but maybe May.
Lost Galaxy
You can only get 5 out of 6. Red, Green and Blue come in Set A. As of January 2015, you can get Set B with Yellow and Magna Defender at TRU. Pink appeared at SDCC 2013 and 2014 but not at NYCC 2014. No plans for Pink yet. The only translucent key is Green. Most likely Pink was excluded to not have TWO females in the pack.
Full Team: No
Availability: If you buy both packs.

Lightspeed Rescue
So far they only released 4 keys out of 6. The new TRU wave won't have a LR set. Red, Blue and Green come in Set A and Titanium is only available through PMC 2014. Let me add that Pink and Yellow have NEVER been seen at cons nor promotional posters.
Full Team: No
Availability of 4 keys: Really hard. LR came limited when released and Titanium only available if you went to PMC, got a ticket and paid for it or paid A LOT for it on the web.

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Vehicles in Super Sentai (2015 Edition)

This is the third one of these. Just like the Animals in Sentai, I decided to do Vehicles in Sentai, it is exhausting to do because it isn't as easy as animals. I am not including the Liveman, Jetman, Hurricanger (Ninja Storm), Go-Onger (RPM), nor Goseiger because I already included them under Animal and they are majorly modeled after animals. I might have miss some, please kindly point them out, not rudely, like some do. If one vehicle appeared just once, then they are not mentioned here. So if you say... "You forgot Toqger's Shield Reesha or Diesel Reesha." I'll say...  "There's just one of those so far." If you read this and it is no longer 2015 and there is a new vehicle, keep in mind this was written in 2015.

Cranes (2)

Boukenger - Indigo Crane
Go-Busters - BC-04 Beetle

Bikes (2)
Dekaranger - DekaBike (Omega MaxCycle)
Go-Busters - LT-06 Tategami Lioh Trike form

Jeeps (2)
Turboranger (1989) - Blue Jeep 
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - Blue Vehicle/Mountain Blaster

Vans (3)
Turboranger (1989) - Pink Turbo Wagon
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997)- Yellow Vehicle/Dune Chaser (SUV) 
Green Vehicle/Desert Thunder (Mini-Van)
Drills (4)
Maskman - Black Masky Drill

Boukenger (2006)/Operation - Orange Gougou Drill/Drill Driver
Gokaiger (2011) - Gouzyu Drill
Toqger (2015) - Drill Reesha
Fire Engines (4)
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - V Fire/Lighting Fire Tamer 
Lightspeed (1999)/GoGoV (2000) - Pyro Rescue One/Red Ladder
Boukenger (2006)/Operation (2007) - Gougou Fire/Zord #11

Toqger (2014) - Fire Reesha

Tanks (4)
Goggle V - Goggle Tank 
Flashman - Tank Commander
Maskman - Masky Tank

Toqger - Tank Reesha

Ambulance/Emergency Vehicle (4)
Carranger/Turbo - White Wind Rescue/V-Rescue 
GoGoV/Lightspeed - Pink Aider/MedRescue Five
Boukenger/Operation - Gougou Aider/Rescue Runner
Dekaranger/SPD - PatSignlar /Delta Runner 5 (not ambulance, but emergency vehicle-like)

Police Cars (5)
Carranger/Turbo - Blue V-Police/Siren Blaster BlueWhite Robo Racer/Sirender 
Boukenger/Operation - White Gougou Police/Zord #12
Dekaranger/SPD - Red PatStriker/Delta Runner 1
Gokaiger (2011)/Super Megaforce (2014) - Red PatStriker/SPD Patrol Zord
Toqger (2014) - Police Reesha

Dumps (5)
Google V - Yellow Dump
Carranger/Turbo - Green V Dump / Thunder Loader
GoGoV/Lightspeed - Yellow Armor/Haz Rescue 4
Boukenger/Operation - Red Gougou Dump / Dump Driver
Ninninger - Yellow Dump

Trucks and/or Trailer (6)
Flashman - Titan Boy
Turboranger (1989) - Black Truck
Fiveman (1990) - Five Trailer
Dekaranger (2004)/SPD (2005) - Green and White PatTrailer/Delta Runner 3
Goukaiger (2011) - Yellow Goukai Trailer
 Go-Busters (2012) - Blue GT-02 Gorilla

Racers/Dragsters (7)
Turboranger (1989) - Turbo GT Fiveman - Land Gamma
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - Red Vehicle/Red Lightining
Carranger (1996)/Turbo (1997) - Yellow V Dozer/Star Racer
Boukenger (2006)/PROO (2007) - Black Gougou Formula / Speed Driver
Goukaiger (2011) - Green Goukai Racer
Go-Busters (2012) - Red CB-01 Cheetah

Animals in Super Sentai (2015 Edition)

UPDATED 11/7/15 10:30PM EST
Contrary to popular belief, not many Super Sentai are animal-inspired. Out of the 39 series, there is only about 20 or so series that has animals, mythical creatures or dinosaurs.

If you are looking for the animal from Power Rangers, I am referring to the original intention in Super Sentai. Power Rangers are notorious for changing the animal's identity.


Lions (18)
Liveman (1988) - yellow lion
Dairanger (1993) - green lion Star-ShiShi
Gingaman (1998) - red lion GingaLion
2-Gaoranger (2001) - red Gao Lion and gunmetal black Gao Leon
2-Hurricanger (2002) - yellow Hurricane Lion and white Gattling Leo
Magiranger (2005) - white Magi Lion
Gekiranger (2007) - black Rin Lion
2-Go-Onger (2008) - blue Buson (half bus), black, red and yellow Shishi-no-Shin
Shinkenger (2009) - red ShishiOrikami
3-Goseiger (2010) - Silver and Black Grandeon, blue SeaLion (not actually a sea-lion), and red SkyLion
Gokaiger (2011) - red Gao Lion
Go-Busters (2012) -  Dark Blue LT-06 Tategami Rai-Oh
Toqger (2014) - Safari Reesha (Lion) (Not Pictured)

Tigers (7)
Dairanger (1993) - white Won Tiger
Gaoranger (2001) - white Gao Tiger
Gekiranger (2007) - red Geki Tiger
Go-onger (2008) - silver Jetoras (half jet)
Shinkenger (2009) - white ToraOriKami
Goseiger (2010) - yellow Gosei Tiger (half dozer/tank)
Ninninger (2015) - white Byakkomaru

Jaguars (2)
Gaoranger (2001) - yellow-orange Gao Jaguar
Gekiranger (2007) - blue Gao Jaguar

Cheetahs (2)
Gekiranger (2007) - yellow Geki Cheetah
Go-Busters (2012) - red CB-01 Cheetah

Condors (5)
Jetman (1992) - black Jet Condor
Gaoranger (2001) - blue Gao Condor
Hurricanger (2002) - white Tri-Condor
Go-onger (2008) - red Speedor (half racecar), red, black, and yellow Retsu-taka

Falcons (5)
Liveman (1988) - Red Falcon
Kakuranger (1994) - white Tsubasamaru
Gingaman (1998) - green Gingalcon
Gaoranger (2001) - red Gao Falcon
Gokaiger (2011) - Red and white Machalcon (half race car/half Falcon)

Hawks (3)
Jetman (1991) - Red Hawk
Hurricanger (2001) - red Hurricane Hawk

Goseiger (2010) - red TakaHeader

Eagles (4)
Sun Vulcan (1981) - red Vuleagle warrior
Gaoranger (2001) - yellow GaoEagle
Jetman Manga (1991) - Green Eagle -- not considered canon
Goseiger (2010) - Indigo GoseiBird 
Toqger (2014) - Safari Reesha (Eagle)

Sharks (10)
Battle Fever J (1979) - blue/white Battle Shark (battleship)
Sun Vulcan (1981) - blue Vulshark
Gingaman (1998) - dark blue/silver Ginga Bitus
3-Gaoranger (2001) - blue Gao Shark, purple Gao Hammer (hammerhead shark) and maroon Gao SawShark.
Gekiranger (2007) - sea blue Geki Shark
3-Goseiger (2010) - blue Gosei Shark (half-submarine), cyan HammerHeader (hammerhead shark), Goseiger (2010) - Teal SawSharkHeader

Dolphins (3)
Liveman (1988) - Blue Dolphin
Hurricanger (2002) - blue Hurricane Dolphin
Goseiger (2010) - blue Dolphin Headder

Squids (2)
Hurricanger (2002) - indigo squid
Shinkenger (2009) - purple and white Ika Origami (Octozord)

Alligators (2)-- (I know, not exactly underwater)
Gaoranger (2001) - forest green Gao Gator
Go-onger (2008) - orange CarriGator (half carrier)--was called a Croc in RPM but it's not a Crocodile. Crocodiles and Alligators are from different families.
Toqger (2014) - Light Green Safari Reesha (Aligator)

Tortoises (4)
Liveman (1988) - black/silver Gran Tortoise
Dairanger (1993) - green Dai Mugen
Hurricanger (2002) - periwinkle Totasu Hammer
Ninninger (2015) - Yellow and black Genbumaru

Frogs (2)
Kakuranger (1994) - God Gammer (Frog NinjaZord)
Go-Busters (2012) - Ene-chan FS-0O

Lavender Ranger's Editorial: Power Rangers and no other American Tokusatsu series won't meet the same height of popularity as MMPR in 1993

Lavender Ranger's Editorial:
Power Rangers and no other American Tokusatsu series won't meet the same height of popularity as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993

When Saban took over Power Rangers again in 2010, it was believed that Saban Brands wanted Power Rangers to reach the height of popularity as in 1993-1994. Some fans believed it wouldn't reach the same height. And it has not. Now, what exactly is popularity? It is a mixture of things. It is a combination of television ratings, toy sales, merchandise sales and other similar factors. In a panel at PMC 4 (2014), old producers like Doug Sloan and Robert Hughes specifically said that times aren't the same, kids aren't watching television the same way and neither do they still buy as many toys what with iPads and video game consoles like DS, etc. It is true that kids use tablets and phones much more for video games and also television shows. I think a lot of those factors affect this.
Now why do I think that no new Power Rangers nor any other American Tokusatsu series would reach the same height is because of the aforementioned factors and also the new series aren't meeting the same factors as MMPR. Now what do I think about the new movie? I don't know. It is too soon. It depends on how it is handled. If it manages to appeal to both older fans like us and kids, even outside audiences that aren't fans, have heart, smarts and humor and also has great promotion, then the movie may have a chance to reach true popularity. Also notice I say 'as before' a lot. Here are some factors:
1. Power Rangers doesn't have as many episodes as before
Back in the day, Saban Entertainment made sure Fox ordered more episodes of Power Rangers and there was countless episodes. And now Nickelodeon restricted PR to just be 20 to 22 episodes. Kids have told me that they hate reruns. And now with binge watching, the ideal would be the 32 to 48 episodes as before.
2. Kids not buying toys as much as before
I didn't believe this when I first heard this but it is kind of true. Kids still buy toys. But kids have way more video games in many different media than before. There are phones, tablets, video game mobile consoles and the consoles themselves are more interactive. Also the toy market isn't the same anymore. Also Wal-Mart, Target and K-Mart have changed toy stores. We used to have Lionel's Playworld and K*B Toy Stores, now they are gone. The only major toy store is Toys R Us and the stores that used to be K*B are now Toys R Us Express and just as expensive.
3. Television isn't appointment television anymore
Like with adults, television isn't appointments anymore for kids. Back in the day (50's), there was no VHS and people had to sit down to watch a show at a specific time. Then VHS came and then DVR. So people can watch their shows at any time. As for kids, cartoons and children programming was only on blocks on networks like Fox Kids, ABC Kids, etc. There was Nickelodeon and Disney Channel since the 80's but cable is more accessible now. But there is more cable channels for kids, they repeat shows and there is on Demand and Hulu, so ratings are different now. Ratings are hard to measure now with videos online and on Hulu, etc.
4. Other Merchandise isn't visibly seen as before
Back in MMPR days and even Disney days, Power Rangers merchandise was more visible like Bed items, birthday cards, Bath items, Bicycles and Skateboards, coloring books, posters, etc. Now that Saban Brands has it, we do see those items but not as much as during the Disney days. For example, in big mylar balloons, I only see 1 Power Ranger balloon when there is 50 Frozen and Iron Man balloons. It is not only Disney, Nickeldeon stuff like Ninja Turtles and Spongeboard has more merch than Power Rangers. In the above picture, you can see one Dino Charge pianata up at the top shelf to the left.

5. Other American Tokusatsu Series
VR Troopers was released in 1994 and Beetleborgs in 1996 by Saban Entertainment and they were hits. But Doug Sloan and Robert Hughes said Saban wanted them to be as big hits as Power Rangers was. They were hits but it wasn't enough. Doug Sloan and Robert Hughes both agree that it just wasn't going to be as big as it but they were just as good. Maybe when the footage ended, they didn't want put more money into it to make new footage for another season. When Kamen Rider Dragon Knight came in 2009, it is often compared to Power Rangers. That is the danger with American Tokusatsu, it will always be compared to Power Rangers. But that is not the only reason KRDK failed, there is a lot of other factors that I covered in an older post. If Saban Brands did adapt a Kamen Rider series, it would probably be on Nick and would probably suffer from reduced episodes like Power Rangers.
Are Ninja Turtles as popular as before? Is even Batman? I mean, Ninja Turtles has more name recognition and is more universally liked than Power Rangers. Ninja Turtles, that I know, doesn't have a convention like Power Rangers. Power Rangers is still considered a joke to people born before 1990 other than fans. While Ninja Turtles is more 'respected.' My point is that 'popularity' is a selective notion. So when I mean that PR won't be as popular as it was in 1993 has to do with all of above and pop recognition.

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Ranger Key App Updated

UPDATED 1/23/15 10:30 PM EST
The Android Ranger Key App has been updated. I checked on my nephew's iPad but its not available to update. It now includes Titanium Ranger (the drawing of the key, before it scanned and left a blank spot or a repeat of another key) and now includes Blue Senturion, Magna Defender, Titanium Ranger, Wolf Warrior and White Mystic Ranger. I can't hack into it and get the images but I took a picture.
Here are the barcodes thanks to Elephant on Rangerboard:
Blue Senturion:
Magna Defender:

Wolf Warrior:
White Mystic:
wolfinator11 of Rangerboard says some keys that might not scan are Space Blue, Yellow, Pink, Silver, Lost Galaxy Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Megaforce Blue and Black.
Razzle1337 posted these:

Fury Diamond uploaded these: