Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Funko Vinyl Pop Power Rangers

UPDATED 1/1/17
In 2012, Funko released three Power Rangers and that was it. All of the sudden., they released a butt load more and yes, even though they have been mostly Mighty Morphin, they have also released new poses and exclusives.
In 2012, they released:
#22 - White Ranger
#23 - Red Ranger
#24 - Pink Ranger

Recently in 2016 they release these:
#360 - Green Ranger
#361 - Black Ranger
#352 - Yellow Ranger
#354 - Blue Ranger

Soon these new poses will be released, some have been spotted:
#405 - White Ranger
#406 - Red Ranger
#407 - Pink Ranger

Blue Ranger #363 Exclusive with metallic paint and Wolf Ninja symbol was only available at Target a few months ago. Summer 2016?

Alpha #408 is said to be released in December Exclusive by Target.

#407 Pink Ranger metallic with Crane Ninja Symbol to be released exclusively at Hot Topic in 2017.

#406 Red Ranger metallic with Ape Ninja Symbol also available at Hot Topic. 

Exclusive of Gamestop of Yellow Ranger metallic and gold.

2017 Movie Funko Pop Figures
#396 Black Ranger
#397 Pink Ranger
#398 Yellow Ranger
#399 Blue Ranger
#400 Red Ranger
#401 Rita (Elizabeth Banks) -- Hot Topic exclusive [Feb 2017]

Gamestop exclusives of Translucent Power Rangers

Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - Here Comes Heximas - Episode Review

This episode surprised me when it takes place after the finale, I thought it would take place before it. Chase, Riley and Shelby get early Christmas presents and open them. They get hypnotized and leave. Tyler arrives and gets two presents, one for him and one for Kendall. He goes to the base and before he and Kendall can open it, Keeper arrives with Koda and Ivan from a portal. Tyler opens the present and becomes an evil elf, Koda reminds him of his real self with memories that I guess didn't occur but they all remember.

Tyler returns to normal. Santa contacts them telling them someone stole his coal. They then find Viviks and a left over monster Heximas are making presents. Heximas escaped Sledge's ship and making his own Viviks to apply his spell on Santa's coal. They see Riley, Chase and Shelby as elves and manage to get Chase and Riley. Ivan reminds Chase who he is saying he was on a quest for love. He is brought back to normal. Kendall tries to remind Riley who is by telling him he has grown up.

The Rangers morph and fight Heximas. Tyler manage to get Shelby and reminds her who she is. Heximas becomes big and is defeated by the zords. The Rangers later celebrate Christmas together. They get pies in their faces, some things don't ever change.
As delightful it was to see hot guys like Tyler, Koda, Chase and Riley act as evil elves, this episode is confusing as they could remember things that were re-written in their own history. So I assumed that Koda and Ivan would forget who they were once they went back in time. Apparently not. But they aren't in possession of the Energems. And wouldn't no more contact with the Energems make James normal. I think it would be weird if it happened. Saban has done a lot of holiday clip shows, Trick or Trickster had to be the most insulting and frustrating one and this one had to be the most confusing. Why did Heximas wait all those years to do his plan if he could have done it before the main give were born? I understand them still having their memories if they had the gems. But I guess the producers wanted them to keep their memories. I would enjoy this episode if it wasn't riddled with what fans have complained about the two seasons: plot, the inconsistency of energems, lack of backstory and huge plot holes.