Saturday, April 20, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - A Friend Indeed - Episode Review

Blaze and Roxy makes a Robotron from a train and wants the info from the Beast Bots to control the Megazord. Ravi and Devon spar in the base. Smash offers Ravi blueberry drink and Ravi doesn't take it. Devon takes it and Cruise is disappointed when he brings him a drink. Smash offers to spar with Ravi, Ravi says not to do it soft. Smash stains Ravi's shirt. Zoey looks for Jax and finds a bag and wants office supplies. Inside are party supplies. Jax says it is the wrong bag. Betty and Ben get the bag and leave with Jax. Ravi and Devon enter. Nathan tells them to train. Zoey wishes the Beast Bots would do what they want. A truck comes towards the but it is a hologram.

Nathan shows them it is a nano-projector in their blasts. Beast Bots arrive and tell them to take a break. They tell them later. Beast Bots are disappointed. The Tronics attack and the Rangers morph. They fight. The Robotron takes the memory data from Cruise and Smash and they shut down. Robotron goes after Jax when the Opening Sequence runs. Zoey helps him. Blaze takes him away. Zoey tells them. They find  Cruise--who had a reboot and doesn't remember them. Same with Smash. Later, Nathan explains they just obey them, no personality. Devon and Ravi aren't so sad about it.  Nathan wishes he wants one like that--like a brother. Zoey says Jax drives her crazy too. Devon rides Cruise and happy he obeys him. He splashes in mud. He is mad. Cruise says he was told to take it.

Ravi tells Smash not to take easy. He punches him back. Ravi is mad. Smash says it is what he commanded. Jax and Zoey bumped into each other. Jax says the tablet is in Nathan's lab. Zoey wants to go into a room and Jax doesn't let her in. Ravi and Devon talk to Nate and Nate leaves. Zoey complains about Jax with Jax behind her and heard it. He turns the jacket and her tablet is there. Jax leaves. Zoey feels bad. Zoey goes after him and find a party the Beast Bots wanted to give them. Jax explains the reasons why Smash and Cruise messed up earlier. Zoey apologizes to Jax. Nate arrives and explains why they got the discs. Jax wants to set up a trap. Zoey wants to keep him safe. The others convince her. Later, Jax bumps into a Robotron.

Zoey comes out of hiding and knocks the discs out of the Robotron's hands. They get the discs and gives them to Jax to give to Nate. The Rangers fight the monster. They destroy him. Snozzle is upset and send an Alpha model Gigadrone. Raildrone arrives with two other robots. Nate adds the memories back to the Beast Bots. They reunite. They go in the zords. Gorrilla mode and battle mode are used. They attack the Gigadrones. The trio form the Megazord. The three Gigadrones do like a train. The two drones are destroyed. Cheetah Beast Blaster is called. Raildrone eliminated. The Beast Bots enter a dark room. Lights turn on and the party has turned into a thank you to the Beast Bots. Zoey explains they deserve the party and they are their best friends. Nate ask for Ben and Betty. Smash knocks on the cake and Ben and Betty surprise them from within. Snozzle tells the Tronics to take parts to a warehouse. Roxy and Blaze are told about a secret plan--a cyber gate for Evox.

A friend of mine wanted more interaction with the Beast Bots, here is a whole episode dedicated to it. Wish it was more in every ep though.