Saturday, March 28, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge Monsters in Media and Merchandise

UPDATED 9/2115
Wow, 11 Monster toys!!!
For Samurai, the monsters appeared in Squinkies and Video Games. Megaforce and Super Megaforce monsters only appeared in 3DS games and Nickelodeon website games. But Dino Charge takes the ultimate step by appearing in action figures.

Ice Age
Appeared in Episode One and Two of Dino Charge. His action figure was released along with Curio, Wrench, Puzzler and Bones in late Summer 2015 as "Ice Monster". And he was in the Dino Charge game Level One.
Slammer from Episode Four. He appears in Level Two of Dino Charge game. He will be getting an Action Figure. Figure released in October.
From Episode Five. He will be getting an action figure. Figure released in October.

Sting Rage
From "Let Sleeping Zords Lie," he'll be getting an action figure. Figure released in October.

He appears in "Knight After Knights." Second Power Ranger monster toy to be called so (first was from MMPR). Figure was released along with Curio, Wrench, Puzzler and Ice Monster in late Summer 2015.

He was the villain in "When Logic Fails," his toy listing was "Maze" but his final product says "Puzzler" like his show name. was released along with Curio, Wrench, Ice Monster and Bones in late Summer 2015.

43244 Ninja
My monster expert friend thinks it is Debo Shinobinba.

43245 Game Face 
My friend thinks it is Debo Spokorn.

43308 Professor Stickler
Originally called Teacher. 

43307 Shinge says 43307 Shinge could be Endorf that is full of fire.

43308 Doomwing
43308 Doomwing has to Mad Torin, the evil counterpart to the Kyoryuger mentor.

43243 Snide (Villain)
Has been confirmed to be "Neo Zeltrax" the monster form of new villain Jekyl.

Starninger in Ninninger and ToQ 7gou scans

ToQ 7gou will appear in the new Toqger special as the series is over. 

 Starninjer will appear soon, probably late April or early May.


Ninja Red and Hurricane Red will appear in an episode before the Starninjer.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rangercrew shows off Dino Charge 12" 6-Pack with PINK RANGER

Many fans have expressed they do not like the "Nutcracker" 12 inch figures that are not only in Power Rangers but have sweeped all superheroes and toy companies like Star Wars, Avengers, Marvel heroes, etc. Anyway, there will be an upcoming 6-pack that will have the yet to be released Gold Ranger and the rare Pink Ranger. I'm looking forward to it because my niece loves the Pink Ranger but she is 1 years old and the 5 inch figures are too small for her to hug.
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ToQ 7gou is the Conductor

 A month ago, it was revealed we will have a purple ToQger named ToQ 7gou in the new ToQger special and people assumed it would be Zed. Now it has been revealed it will be the Conductor. And he will also use the Hyper Mode.