Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sentai 2017: Kyuuranger (Space Team Nine Ranger)

Last night Kyuranger was revealed with a blurry pic. The Sentai is space-related, having to do with constellations, not necessarily horoscope and zodiac. There will 9 Rangers right out of the gate.

Main team:
Shishi (Lion) Red
Ookami (Wolf) Blue
Oushi (Bull) Black
Chameleon Green
Kajiki (Swordfish) Yellow

Auxiliary Team:
Sasori (Scorpion) Orange
Washi (Eagle) Pink
Tenbin (Libra) Gold
Hebitsukai(Orphiuchus-Snake) Silver

The Kyuurangers' personal Mecha are known as Voyagers and the main five make Kyuurenoh, which are:

Shishi Voyager
Ookami Voyager
Oushi Voyager
Chameleon Voyager
Kajiki Voyager

This Mecha Combo will have multiple configurations depending on which Voyagers are used by the team.

All Kyurangers will henshin using the Seiza Blaster, the device mounted on their arms. The Kyuurangers’ powers are enhanced by orb-like devices called KyuTamas which will be sold in special sets. The Kyuurangers have a signature sidearm called Kyuu TheWeapon which takes a unique configuration for each Ranger!

DX Sasori Voyager - Scorpion
DX Tensin Voyager - Libra
DX Hesitsukai Voyager - Snake
DX Washi Voyager - Eagle

-Pink and Green are female, others are male
- First Pink auxiliary ranger
- First female green ranger in core team (Mele of Gekiranger is considered an extra hero and MidoNinger was in a special.)
- Third orange ranger (after Battle Fever J and Toqger)
- third male yellow ranger since Ninninger
- Third team with both gold and silver (after Go-Busters & Kyuryoger).