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Super Sentai Strongest Battle

Following the conclusion of the current series Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, a special commemorative series known as the Super Sentai Strongest Battle will air in the normal timeslot, featuring 160 Sentai heroes facing off in a unique tournament to determine the strongest warrior in all of Super Sentai! The tournament will be arranged into 35 teams with 5 members each. 

Five former Rangers will be returning for the featured team: 
Zyuoh Eagle/Yamato 
Gokai Red/Captain Marvelous 
Sasori Orange/Stinger 
Toq 5gou/Kagura 

 This special will begin February 17, 2019.

Villain Character Conversion: Power Rangers Ninja Steel / Ninninger

In Ninninger, the villains weren't all together like in Ninja Steel. Kyuemon was mostly alone with the grunts and monsters in the series.

Galvanax / Gengetsu Kibaoni
He is the big bad of both series. In Ninja Steel, Galvanax is master warrior of Galaxy Warriors and out to get the Power Stars. He is defeated in first season and does not return in the 'super' season. Gengetsu Kibaoni is the master his underlings try reviving but do not do so until midway through the series. Ariake no Kata is also his wife. They have to gather fear to revive him.

Madame Odius / Kyuemon Shingetsu Kibaoni
Madame Odius is a general but a larger scope villain in Ninja Steel. Kyuemon is the main villain in Ninninger. Kyuemon is male, Kyuemon Izayoi was a ninja who held a huge proficiency in ninjutsu. Kyuemon went astray and betrayed his teacher, ultimately falling to the dark side. Kyuemon is still easily aggravated by flighty or playful persons like his former teacher Yoshitaka and Tsugomori. Madame Odius is sneaky and kidnapped Aidan and took his memories and made the android Aidan to trick Brody. 

Ripcon / Raizo Gabi
Raizo Gabi is a crude Spearman who desires conflict so much, he does not wish to be anywhere other than the battlefield. He's also dismissive of anyone he deems lower than his station, such as Kyuemon Izayoi. Ripcon makes fun of Brody and is Galavanax's loyal servant. He is destroyed by the Power Rangers halfway through the first season. 

Cosmo Royale/Baron Nero
Unique to Power Rangers, Cosmo Royale uses a costume of a villain of a series that ha syet to be adapted. Baron Nero is an Evil Army Shadow Line general in Toqger. Baron Nero disagrees with his fellow commanders' way of doing things, caring the most about resurrecting his lord and infesting the land, believing it should take priority over keeping the Emperor's future bride putting him at odds with Madame Noir. Cosmo Royale is the host of Galaxy Warriors in Ninja Steel and changes face to emotion, he makes the monsters grow. 

Badussa/Ariake no Kata
 Ariake No Kata was the last of Kibaoni's generals to be revived by Kyuemon Izayoi in the present day. Ariake is an imperious, shrewish woman who is extremely vain, often using the fear Kyuemon Izayoi gathers as a beauty aid to wipe away her wrinkles so she will remain beautiful when Gengetsu Kibaoni returns. Badussa was a captive of Sledge and becomes Madame Odius' assistant. 

Tynamon / Masakage Tsugomori
In Ninja Steel, he is a general who works for Madame Odius and steels Levi's voice. While he seems to be playful, its a cover for his inner darkness and he is wise enough to discover that Kyuemon is just a new member of the team and threatens to kill him if he tries to plot something that is against his master's will. His first act as commander was to create a competition for ninjas to lure in the Ninninger.

Brax / Mangestu Kibaoni
Mangetsu was thought to be the firstborn of Gengetsu Kibaoni and Ariake no Kata. After coming out of his mother, he started stealing snacks from children. Mangetsu pretends to be a buffoon, stealing snacks from children and being a poor warrior and a mama's boy. Brax was a famous fighter in Ninja Steel. He arrived as a guest on the Warrior Dome and starred as a contestant in the latest season of the hit show Galaxy Warriors. As the Ultrazord destroyed him, he called out to Badonna, apologizing for his failure to defeat the Rangers, before being consumed by an explosion.

Lord Draven / Juza Yumihari
Juza Yumihari is a Samurai General in the Kibaoni Army Corps who happens to be the most powerful of the group. He has also led the group for Dinosaur's Lord movie and the Ninnin Girls Vs Boys Final Wars. Juza is tasked for searching for the "Evil Dragon" said to dwell within go to a secret hidden village that only ninjas can reach. He also has threatened the village castle. Lord Draven is the main antagonist of the special episode "Dimensions in Danger" in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, who wants to destroy the multiverse. In order to achieve his goal, he has to kidnap Power Rangers throughout the multiverse and has an army of Robo Rangers.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Character Conversion: Power Rangers Ninja Steel / Ninninger

The crossover teamups were Power Rangers exclusive and did not have a counterpart in the Sentai. Victor and Monty also did not have counterparts.

Brody Romero/Takaharu Igasaki
Brody and Takaharu are similar in enthusiasm. Brody was kidnapped as a child and was a slave on the Galaxy Warriors spacehsip and then returned to Earth with little adjustment. Takaharu thinks before acting and as a big brother to the others. Takaharu is the brother of White, cousin to Pink, Blue and Yellow, and son/grandson to two other red (father and grandfather) while Brody is related to Gold (brother) and only one Red (father).

 Preston Tien / Yakumo Katou
Both into magic. Preston is happy go lucky, sometimes worried and jumps before reading when it comes to magic. Takumo learned his magic from England. He is sometimes pompous, cool-tempered rich boy type. Even though Preton is revealed to be rich, he is anything but. Yakumo had a rivalry with Takaharu, his cousin.

 Sarah / Kasumi Momochi
Kasumi and Sarah are both geniuses, both with mechanics. Kasumi is the cousin of Red and White, she is unable to read between lines or take a hint and she can be really sharp-tongued. Sarah does before thinking and multi-tasks and jumps to conclusions. Sarah tried splitting up her mother and Hayley's dad from getting together and felt her mother was a meddler.

Hayley / Fuuka Igasaki
Fuuka Igasaki is Takaharu's sister, she is optimistic and hard working young girl. Hayley is a realistist and a weary girl. She is in a relationship with Calvin and feels as if he could be more attentive. Fuuka doesn't like the antics of his father and brother. Hayley initially didn't think Redbot had feelings and learned the contrary. Hayley helped Sarah split up her father and Sarah's mom when they were getting along. She was the one who broke up with Calvin, later getting back together. 

Calvin / Nagi Matsuo
Nagi is a very friendly guy who initially didn't want to be a Ninninger. He is obsessed with getting licences and certifications for different things to make good use of. Nagi is also cousins with the other four. Calvin is sweet but somewhat forgetful and loves fixing cars initially not knowing how to drive but later learns. He is in a relationship with Hayley.

Adian "Levi Weston" Romero / Kinji Takigawa
Levi was introduced as a cowboy country singer everyone loved and Brody eventually grew to liked. Fans thought at first he would be Brody's brother until Aidan was introduced. It later was revealed that Madame Odius removed his memories of being Aidan and put it in an android. Kinji was born in America and is naive, having following others' orders and quickly apologizes should he had made a mistake, even tends to leave his opponents alone if they were busy with their situations. Kinji is the only one not related to the other Ninninger. 

Mick / Yoshitaka Igasaki
Mick is a shape-shifting alien friend of Brody on board of the Galaxy Warriors ship. Mick is from the Lions Galaxy and was a slave. He serves as their mentor and often makes them realize the errors of their ways. He briefly becomes a Ranger at the first season finale. Yoshitaka trained to become a ninja and, when the time came, he defeated his father, the Former Last Ninja, in battle. As a result of his age, Yoshitaka cannot fight the Kibaoni Army Corps like he used to, and has to wait for his grandchildren to surpass him as a ninja to become the next Last Ninja. He briefly becomes an Akaninger. Mick and Yoshitaka are two completely different characters.

 Dane Romero/ Tsumuji Igasaki
Tsumuji Igasaki is Takaharu and Fuuka's father, as well as Yakumo, Nagi, and Kasumi's uncle. Tsumuji is a happy-go-lucky man who shares similar traits with his son. He is also shown to be a little wise, having Takaharu take a rest while his teammates tried to get on his level. Aidan and Brody's dad Dane made the Power Stars out of Ninja Steel from space and fought Galavanax, being trapped in the Nexus Prism for nearly 11 years. They are different in personality as Tsumuji was goofy while Dane was not. 

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Interview with Trey Moore

Trey Moore is a writer for Boom Comics and has co-written "Only the Strong" in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2016 annual and "The Trial of Astronema" from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary Special #1." 

Did you do any books before Power Rangers? 
The story in the Power Rangers Annual 2016 was my first published work. 

How familiar are you with the franchise? 
I'm very familiar with the franchise! I watched the series premiere back in '93 when it first aired. I followed the series on and off, right up until the beginning of Turbo. After that, I dropped off for a few years and came back to it when I was in college. I got nostalgic for the show and went back to rewatch it, which led to me checking out the (then) current series - Wild Force. I loved all the new stuff they were doing and went back to catch up on everything I had missed. I've kept up with the series ever since, right up to this year with Super Ninja Steel. I've also added Super Sentai and Kamen Rider to my viewing list in recent years. 

How did you get the job?   
My father got into the industry 25 years ago and I would go to conventions with him; even giving away my own homemade comics at San Diego Comic Con back in the mid/late 90's. In college, I majored in English with a specialty in Creative Writing, and tried to break into the industry a few times with little success. Shortly after Boom got the Power Rangers license, they reached out to my father to do a short story in their upcoming annual. They suggested we do a story together - a father/son thing. That was my first opportunity and I gave it my best shot, hoping that I could deliver something good enough that they would ask me back for more work. Luckily, the fans have always responded very well to my work and Boom has continued to offer me great new opportunities to tell more stories.

How is it writing for Boom?
Boom has been fantastic to me. They have been so open and encouraging of my ideas. I've worked with different editors on different stories, and they've all been very accessible and eager to talk through anything I want. I wouldn't expect that type of communication with a guy like me who's writing a few pages in one of their books. I'm very grateful to them for that! 

You mentioned your dad, how is working with your dad? Have you always had a good relationship?
I have a very good relationship with my dad. We're very similar in a lot of ways. Working with him was no different than working with any other artist. One thing I did enjoy was that there was a little more room for collaboration. With these short annual stories, I don't get much direct communication with the artist. With my dad, he could call me up and suggest ideas. For example, in my original Goldar script, Lord Zedd is the one who kills Silverback. However, it was my dad who called me up and said "I'm working on the pages and I noticed that this is Goldar's story, but he's not an active participant in it - he's just observing events and reacting. Let's get him involved. Maybe he can be the one forced to kill his brother." It was a great idea and I rewrote the scene to reflect that. I think strong communication between the writer and artist is key to a comic's success.    

You mentioned the story of Goldar’s brother that story resonated With me the most. I like how it tied in alien Rangers, Master vile and Lord zedd’s origins with the zeo Crystal. Before focusing on silverback, did you guys know Goldar was based on a Griffin in Zyuranger? And that he didn’t originally speak until a spell was cast? Also, in the first MMPR movie, Morton the pig was to be his cousin. 
Yeah, I'm well aware of the Sentai elements. I try to do nods to the original Japanese version where I can, but always focus more on the elements presented in the American version. 

What is your favorite season of Power Rangers other than MMPR? 
I have a couple of favorite seasons, but I think Time Force is the winner. I think that season did the best job of delivering both a complete story and character arcs. The tone was consistent throughout the season and all the characters were very likable (IMO). RPM is fantastic, but I think it's slightly held back by duplicating In Space's brother/sister story. In Space is brilliant, but given the job of wrapping up 6 years worth of storylines, I feel like there were some unanswered questions and lingering character threads. 

Who is your favorite ranger?
I'd probably give you a different answer every time I was asked. The obvious and cliche answer is Tommy. He's essentially Optimus Prime - the face of the franchise. I'm a huge fan of Jason/MMPR Red & Zeo Gold. Jen/TF Pink. Doggie/Shadow. Those are the big ones for me.   

Which character do you feel you found a “voice” for? 
I feel very comfortable with Karone/Astronema. I can put that character in pretty much any situation and know how she'll react to it. I also feel like I found a voice for Finster, though it sounds very different than the voice on the show. In my head, it's the same character, but we're seeing his dark side come out more when he's alone - as opposed to be surrounded by other monsters and Rita. '

Who is your favorite character, villain, ally or ranger? 
I think Astronema/Karone is one of the most well developed characters in the franchise. She may be my favorite. Her arc from the beginning of Space to the end of LG was so well done. 

 Are you working on any future stuff?
There's nothing to announce right now, but I'll be sure to let you know when there is. 

 How is fan response to your work?
The fans have been awesome to me! Every time a new story comes out, people always have wonderfully kind things to say about it. Their positive comments have helped me to feel more comfortable with what I'm producing - that I'm on the right track. Occasionally, I'll see criticism and if it's constructive, I take it to heart and try to avoid that pitfall in the future. For all the fans who have been enjoying my work, I want to do my best to live up to their expectations. 

What other sci-fi, fantasy and any other written work inspires you?
I try to take things from every type of storytelling I can find. I pull from movies, TV shows, cartoons, video games, music, books, comics, pro wrestling, etc. Growing up, I loved things like Star Wars, Final Fantasy, and heavier anime like Evangelion. I'm always drawn to stories that focus on characters above all else. I want to feel emotionally connected to a character. Make me cheer; make me cry! Take me on a journey. I try to do that with my stories. Even if they're only 8 pages long, I want the reader to feel something about that character by the end - good or bad. 

Who are your favorite writers in general? Not only comics. 
I really like Lewis Carroll, L. Frank Baum, JK Rowling, Neil Gaiman, and Alan Moore. The show runners on modern Doctor Who - Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat. Joss Whedon. Matthew Vaughn & Jane Goldman are a great screenwriting duo. Those are the big ones that come to mind.   

What comics did you like as a child? Have you re-read them as an adult? Has your perspective changed?
I grew up on the big ones - Batman, X-Men, Spider-Man. I've re-read most of them as an adult. The charm and nostalgia keep them enjoyable to me, but I see a lot of problems that I didn't notice as a child. Things go by too fast, there are odd logic jumps. There's a lot of big shock moments, but no time to stop and take it all in. However, they were made for a different era that wanted different things, so I always keep that in mind when looking at things from the past. 

like that what you said about the comics and pacing. I read about manga artists and they say they rely on the reader to be judgment on time and taking breaks but I see art as fluid, you need a page of space to let you know you need to take a break. 
Yeah, every writer has their own philosophy! I approach storytelling more like a director - envisioning the flow of the story to push the reader towards the experience I want them to have. 

What PR character you wish you. Hold write for that you haven’t had the chance? 
There's quite a few that I would love to write for. I'd love to do a Jason/Tommy story. It'd be fun to do something with the Alien Rangers. Wes & Jen from Time Force. I have a big soft spot for the Ninja Storm cast. And, of course, Doggie Cruger. 

Any advice for aspiring writers?
Stay connected with the world - listen to the way people talk, how they think, and how they respond. If you want to be a writer, you need to be writing every day. Even if you don't have a job, be honing your craft. Whether you want to write comics or novels or screenplays, be doing it now. Get your rookie mistakes out of the way when no one's paying attention. If I wanted to be a musician, the first time I try to play guitar should not be in a recording studio. Same with writing; your first ever script should not be the one you publish. 

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Ryuusouger pics

Temp info from Dukemon:
KishiRyuuOh (Red T-Rex), Triken (Blue Triceratops) and Ankyloze (Pink Ankylosaurus), TigerLance (Green Sabertooth) MilNeedle (Black Stegosaur?)

The RyuuSouls seem to be "knight spirits". They are definitely like RangerKeys, and install in the mecha.  

-The RyuuSou Join ports on KishiRyuuOh are new, and lego-like

-Triceratops should be "TriKen" as it's a sword. Still not sure what kind of weapon Akyloze is. 

-The three initial mechs combine to form KishiRyuuOh 3 Knights. It's one part gattai, and one part armament

-TigerLance combines with 3 Knights to form KishiRyuuOh TigerLance. This 4-combo seems to actually have a new head. 

-MilNeedle (seemingly a stegosaur) combines with 3 Knights to form KishiRyuuOh MilNeedle. 

-The Henshin Sound for the RyuusouChanger is "Ryuusou Cool!" (RyuusouChanger comes with another RedRyuuSoul. 

-The RyuuSouKen comes with another Soul. 

-Can't make out the names of the other Souls, but like the ZyuDenChi and KyuTama, they definitely give mini power-boosts/attacks. (One says MukiMuki, like Muscular.)

-The RyuuSouBuckle comes with another Soul, and can store 3 souls, as well as holding the RyuuSouKen

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Speculation: Power Rangers Girls Doll Line

The following is not official at this point at November 28th, 2018. If you are seeing this some months after this date, this has probably come true. 
Hasbro Dolls
Since Hasbro got the Disney rights, they have upped their game with the Disney Princess dolls. Now they have Star Wars Forces of Destiny and Marvel Rising. First of all, it is great Hasbro is doing dolls for girls and boys and collectors focusing on the female characters. With Star Wars, they are focusing on the females for a mostly male dominated toy franchise. I found Star Wars Forces of Destiny interesting but unfortunately a lot of the dolls have been warming shelves and found on clearance. Marvel Rising just started and I don't have the estimates on sales. With this being said, if the dolls will be successful or not, I think Hasbro should try with the large wealth of Power Rangers characters to choose from.

 Bandai Dolls 1994-1995
Bandai America tried making dolls of the female Rangers back in the day. They had civilian clothes, Ranger suits, doll hair and helmets. They made them of Aisha as well. They did plan dolls for Kat, Tanya and Tommy for Zeo in 196 but they were never released. Only prototypes. They were not successful that they stopped making them. 

Bandai doll-like figures 2002-2007
Bandai America made action figures that were like dolls at 11 or 12 inches tall. They had the suits, armor, accessories and helmets. They no civilian clothes. Some had the actor faces like Wild Force, Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder. They had human faces in SPD but with wrong skin colors and covering most of the face and did not resemble the actors. For Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive, they no longer had human faces and the helmets were not removable. Some parts of the suits were still removable. By the time of Jungle FUry, they stop making them. 

Power Rangers
In my dream doll line, female rangers would be prominent but there should be a few male characters as well. Of course, I see the first dolls would be Kimberly the Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger and Trini the Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger. Also see focus on 1995 Movie suits, 2017 Movie suits, and Ninja Rangers. Also focus on female characters that have not gotten action figures like Nova Ranger, Kat Ranger, White Mystic Force Ranger (Udonna), Dr. K, Hayley (Dino Thunder), Ms, Fairweather (Lightspeed Rescue), and others. I see including significant others like Tommy the Green/White Ranger, Andros the Red Ranger, Dillon the Black Ranger, etc. Now I know female Legacy Rangers didn't sell well but I think dolls might do better. There are also adult collectors for dolls. One fan on Twitter said it would be cool to have Billy in his original overalls. 

If they do decide to make a doll line, the biggest focus I think should be villainesses like Rita (show and movie 2017), Scorpina, Divatox, Astronema, Psycho Pink, Psycho Yellow, Trakeena, Nadira, Toxica, Marah, Kapri, Elsa, Morgana, Necrolai, Camile, Tenaya 7, Madame Odius, and Poisandra. Only a few villainesses have gotten figures: Poisondra, Madame Odius, Camile, and Rita. It would be cool if they were two dolls for Astronema: cyborg Astronema with red wig and regular Astronema with different wigs. I think villainesses that had rubber monster forms should get dolls too: Necrolai, Queen Machina, Archerina, Metal Alice, etc. 

I'm adding a poll to the blog once again, which I used to do long ago. 

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Beast Morpher toy listings speculations

Power Ranger Talk found these listings on Amazon a week ago. 

 Joining the Lightning Collection:
White Ranger - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 
Pink Ranger - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 
Lord Zedd - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 
Magna Defender - Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Shadow Ranger - Power Rangers S.P.D. 
Red Ranger - Power Rangers Beast Morphers 
Gold Ranger - Power Rangers Beast Morphers 
Red Ranger - Power Rangers Dino Charge

Playskool Heroes
I guess Imaginext is over because Hasbro has now coming  up Playskool Heroes. The figures are smaller than the Imaginext ones. No descriptions so it is unknown what series Rinozord and Wolf zords are from. 
Feature T-Rex Zords 
Mega Mighties Mighty Morphin Red Ranger 
Blind Bags 
2 Pack Figures 
Morphin Rinozord 
Morphin Zords 
Feature Wolf Zords 
Feature Zords Morphin Pterazord 
2 Pack Tri-Cycle 
Mighty Morphin Black Ranger

 Beast Morphers
Here is the gold nugget, recently found. 
Jack Beast Bot 
Red Ranger
Blue Ranger
Yellow Ranger
Silver Ranger
Gold Ranger
Tronic (could be the minions)
Drilltron (Monster?)
Evox (main villain)
Beastbot figures Assorted
Lord Zedd (size unknown)
Zord action figures 

12 inch figures:
Blue Ranger
Blaze V Ranger
Red Ranger

Beast X Megazord
Beast Racer Zord
Smash Blue Beastbot
Cruise Red Beastbot

Cheetah Claw
Blue Ranger Mask
Cheetah Beast Blaster
Reactive Kata Sword
Beast X Morpher

Micro Morphers Blind Bag Assorted
Mirco Morpher Zords

Adam (@liladam87) says "Drilltron" could be Drilloid from Go-Busters.

I don't know the Blaze Ranger has 'v.' People are curious how the Evok figure will look like. I like the Beastbots are getting various figures and also Roxy, confirming that is the name of the villainess. It looks like they are continuing the monsters like Bandai was doing. Also interesting they are releasing Gold and Silver in the first wave, probably because the toys will be released in April, when the series on hiatus.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Power Rangers Ultimate Visual History Review

I know this is a few weeks late but I was busy with work and Rangerstop, here is my review. Written by Jody Revenson and Ramin Zahed, for Insight Editions which have done "Ultimate Visual Historys" for Ninja Turtles and Back to the Future and Revenson has done Harry Potter volumes. It has a touching foreword by Amy Jo Johnson. It is a behind the scenes book from the inception of Power Rangers (Saban in a hotel room) to the series humble beginnings to the juggernaut it became to getting a bit more mature (In Space to Time Force) to being acquired by Disney (Ninja Storm to RPM) to Saban Brands (Samurai to Super Ninja Steel) to now (Beast Morphers). Even a diehard fan such as myself didn't know Saban sang all Sentai songs from Goranger to Jetman, Alpha 5 being based on 50's robot toys and named after an obscure French film Alpha 60 and the literal taping of random hardware to become a new invention for Billy.

The book is thorough in explaining the plot of each season, the characters, villains, zords and the producers and writers. It shows stunning visuals, some we already know and some never before seen such as concept drawings for various things from command center, juice bar, Ninjetti table, Wild Force Animarium and Samurai wardrobe. It is inconsistent in its content of pictures, say, compared to the Super Sentai encyclopedia books as the content is not consistent (for example, Megaforce villains get a two pages but Super Megaforce villains do not). I am not being nitpicky but it gets a little glaring for someone that has ADHD or OCD which I believe (going to conventions) which is probably half of the fandom. (not a criticism but an observation)

The book is guilty of indulging a lot in the earlier seasons and movies than the later seasons but probably for the reader, who probably is guessed to be over twenty years old and probably not as intrigued to have 14 pages on Megaforce. The 2017 movie gets 14 pages. Each Saban Brands season gets 12 pages except Dino Charge gets 10. Disney seasons gets 8 pages except SPD and Operation Overdrive that get 6 each. Each Saban Entertainment season gets from 6 pages to 10. Migthy Motphin, because its 3 seasons and the movie, it gets 58. Zeo and Turbo series gets 6 pages each, Turbo movie, Lost Galaxy, and Wild Force gets 10, Space gets 12 and Lightspeed and Time Force gets 8. It probably had to do with what they had to explain and the amounts of photos. 

I found intriguing reasoning of the writers such as a lower episode count in Mystic Force made producers and writers happy they could use less of the sentai footage and focus on their own. With MMPR season 1, they had to use ALL the footage. Then in other seasons that had so little budget they had no choice but to use mostly footage. Supposedly the less original footage they had to make the more high quality they could had done with it. But unfortunately with Megaforce, it looks like who is in charge is what dictates what 'high quality' is. In the case of RPM, the book claims Disney says it was just the scheduling why they fired Eddie Guzelian but Ari Boyland at Rangerstop 2016 claims it was because Guzelian didn't use all the monster suits they were ordered.

The book doesn't make the usual mistakes other Saban Brands publications do with misnaming things and only trusting fan information. They do quote and site a lot of fan websites (even mine) but mostly with interviews with actors. They used two of my interviews, one with Davi Santos and another with Ryan Carter. Unfortunately I did see one mistake. They have little pamphlets inside and one covered toys and one claimed you had to scan Power Cards" that came with the Ranger Keys which is incorrect. The cards came in the first season of Power Rangers Megaforce and the keys in Super Megaforce. All in all, a great book but if you can't cough up $50, its understandable. With most books it can just collect dust. But for me, this is a book I'll be revisiting. 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Davi Santos Interview at Pride Pop Culture Expo in Orlando

Exclusive interview I did with Davi Santos (Sir Ivan of Zandar) at the Pride Pop Culture Expo October 13, 2018.

And the panel hosted by Harris Cosplay

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Lupinranger vs Patranger: Lupin Collection/Past Sentai Items

The Lupin Collection in Lupinranger vs Patranger are not only simple recolors of henshin devices, weapons and mecha but also inspired by certain items. Here are most of them so far...

Several modified versions of past Super Sentai props can be seen among the earliest shots of the assembled Lupin Collection, like GekiBat from Gekiranger, the Gokai Cellular from Gokaiger, the Morphin Brace, Ichigan Buster, GT-02 Gorilla, BC-04, and GB Custom Visor from Go-Busters, the Gabrichanger, MoBuckle and Stegotchi from Kyoryuger, Cube Tiger and Cube Gorilla from Zyuohger, and Orion Voyager from Kyuranger.

"Like a rolling cube/Comme un cube qui roule"
This piece resembles the Zyuoh Changer from Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger (2016). The name is inspired by the song Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan. It is in reference to gambling.

"Turn me on/Allume-moi"
It resembles the Shishi Origami/Lion Folding Zord from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (2009)/Power Rangers Samurai (2011-2012). The name is inspired by a song title Turn Me On and it is in reference to arson.

"Get Big/Gros calibre"
It resembles the Laser Grip equipped with the Life Bird's Tail Injector/Rescue Bird from Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive (1999)/Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000). The name is inspired by a song Get Big and it is in reference to drugs and doping-related criminal activities.

"Who made who/Qui a fait qui"
This piece resembles Gunmazin/Auric the Conqueror from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger (1995)/Power Rangers Zeo (1996). The name is inspired by the song Who Made Who by AC/DC. It is in reference to art forgery.

 "Dress You Up/Je vais t'habiller" 
 This piece resembles Goggle Pink's Pink Ribbon from Dai Sentai Goggle V (1982). The name is inspired by the song Dress You Up by Madonna. It is in reference to kidnapping.

" Jumpin' Jack Flash /Jack bondissant tel l’éclair" 
This piece resembles Pink Flash's Prism Boots from Choushinsei Flashman (1986)/Prism "New Power" from Super Megaforce (2014). The name is inspired by the song Jumpin' Jack Flash by Rolling Stones. It is a reference to resisting arrest.

"All Your Love/Tout ton amour" 
This piece is a repaint of MagiShine's MagiLamp from Mahou Sentai Magiranger (2005)/Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006), with the prop itself being an actual retool. The name is inspired by a song titled All Your Love, though which particular one, and by what artist, is unclear. It is a reference to the crime of dine and dash.

"Heal the World/Guéris le monde" 
 This is a repaint of the Sougan Blade in its binoculars mode from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (2012)/Power Rangers Beast Morphers (2018). The name is inspired by the song Heal the World by Michael Jackson. It is a reference to spying.

"Electrical Storm/L’Orage électrique"
This piece resembles the Zyudenchi from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (2013)/Dino chargers from Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015-2016) The name is inspired by the song (and album) Electrical Storm by U2. It is a reference to electrocution.

"Roll Over, Beethoven/Fais rouler Beethoven"
This piece resembles the Armored Wheel GoRoader GT's Wheel Mode from Engine Sentai Go-Onger (2008)/Power Rangers RPM (2009). The name is inspired by the song Roll Over, Beethoven by Chuck Berry. It may be a reference to physical assault.

"Life in the Fast Lane/La vie sur la voie rapide"
This piece resembles the Chrono Changer/Chrono Morpher from Mirai Sentai Timeranger (2000)/Power Rangers Time Force (2001). The name is inspired by the song Life in the Fast Lane by The Eagles. It is a reference to high-speed chases.

"Jailhouse Rock/Le rock du bagne"
This piece resembles the Shinobi Scrolls from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (1994). The name is inspired by the song Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley. It is in reference to a lockdown.

"Small World/Le petit monde" 
This piece resembles the Nin Shuriken from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger (2015)/Power Rangers Ninja Steel (2017-2018). The name is inspired by the song Small World by Huey Lewis and The News. It is in reference to an escape.

"Far away/Au loin" 
 This piece resembles the Mega Sling from Denji Sentai Megaranger (1997)/Power Rangers in Space (1998). The name is inspired by the song Far Away by Nickelback. It is a reference to sniping.

"Great Balls of Fireball/Belles balles de feu"

This piece resembles the Vulcan Ball from Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan (1981). The name is inspired by the song Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis. It is a reference to bombing.

"Long, long, long/Long, long et long"
 This piece resembles the Masky Blade from Hikari Sentai Maskman (1987). The name is inspired by the song Long, Long, Long by The Beatles. It is a reference to flagellation.

"A Stroke of luck/Le coup de chance"
This piece resembles the Car Navick from Gekisou Sentai Carranger (1996)/Power Rangers Turbo (1997). The name is inspired by the song A Stroke of Luck by Garbage.

"Ride like the Wind/Filer comme le vent" 
This piece resembles the GekiFan from Juken Sentai Gekiranger (2007)/Jungle Fury (2008). The name is inspired by the song Ride Like the Wind by Christopher Cross. It may be a reference to property damage.

"Endorphin Machine/La machine d’endorphin"
This piece resembles the Techno Brace from Choudenshi Bioman (1984). The name is inspired by the song Endorphin Machine by Prince. It is a reference to the use of steroids.

"Smoke Gets in your Eyes/La fumée t’embrouille les yeux" 
This piece resembles Mythical Chi Beast Star-Jishi from Gosei Sentai Dairanger (1993)/Lion Thunderzord of MMPR (1994). The name is inspired by the song Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, originally from the 1931 musical "Roberta" and made famous by a 1958 cover by The Platters. It is a reference to the use of a smoke screen.

"I Turn to Stone/Je me change en pierre" 
 This piece resembles the Twin Array from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman (1990). The name is inspired by the song "Turn to Stone" by the Electric Light Orchestra.

"Purple Rain/La pluie violette"
This piece is a repaint of a Gosei Blaster equiped with the Shark Headder from Tensou Sentai Goseiger(2010)/Power Rangers Megaforce (2013). It is named after Purple Rain by Prince.

"The heat is there/La chaleur est là"
This piece resembles the Denzi Ring from Denshi Sentai Denziman (1980). It is a play on the 1980s pop song The Heat is On by Glenn Frey.

This piece resembles the Yudo Breaker from Ressha Sentai ToQger (2014). It is unknown which song title the piece refers to.

"Doctor, doctor/Docteur, docteur"
This piece resembles half of the Twin Brace from Choujuu Sentai Liveman (1987). The title alludes to the song Doctor Doctor by UFO.

"The tiny bubbles/Les minuscules bulles"
The piece resembles the helmet and Earth Force symbol of Change Mermaid from Dengeki Sentai Changeman (1985). The name is inspired by the song Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho. It may also be based on the original version of The Little Mermaid as written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

"Control/Le contrôle"
A recorder that manipulates humans. The device is a repaint of the Zyusouken from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (1992)/MMPR (1993) and its name comes from the 1986 song "Control" by Janet Jackson.

This device is a repaint of the Shark Cutters from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (2001)/Wild Force (2002) and it's name comes from the song "The Plunge" by The Deserters.

"Memory/La mémoire"
The device resembles the Ichigan Buster from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (2012)/Power Rangers Beast Morphers (2018) and it's name come from the song "Memory" from the musical "Cats", originally performed and recorded by Elaine Paige.

"Life in rose/La Vie en rose"
This device resembles the Rose Saber from Kagaku Sentai Dynaman (1983) and it's name comes from the song "La Vie en rose" by Edie Piaf.

"Upside-down/À l’envers"
This device is a repainted SP License from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (2004)/SPD (2005) and it's name comes from the song "Upside-Down" by Diana Ross.

Take it on/Prends-le dessus" 
This device resembles the Dino Brace from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger (2003)/Dino Thunder (2004) and it's name comes from the song "Take on Me" by A-Ha. 

"Les voyous/Rogues" 
The device is a repainted Transformation Cellphone Mobilates from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (2011)/Power Rangers Super Megaforce (2014), and it's name comes from the song "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle. 

"L’Appel de réveil/Wake me up" 
The device resembles the Transformation Handheld ShodoPhone from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (2009)/Power Rangers Samurai (2011-2012), and it's name comes from the song "Wake Me Up" by Avicii. 

"Le croisement/Crossroad" 
The device is a repainted Transformation Cellular Go-Phone from Engine Sentai Go-Onger (2008)/RPM (2009), and it's name comes from the song "Cross Road Blues" (also just called "Crossroads") by Robert Johnson. 

"Appelle-moi/Call me"
This device is a repainted Accellular from GoGo Sentai Boukenger (2006)/Operation Overdrive (2007), and it's name comes from the song "Call Me" by Blondie. 

"Ton amour brûlant/Your burning love" 
This device is a repainted MagiPhone from Mahou Sentai Magiranger (2005)/Mystic Force (2006) and it's name comes from the song "Burning Love" by Elvis Presley. 

"Le porte-tempête/The storm-holder" 
This device resembles the fan section of the Turbo Brace from Kousoku Sentai Turboranger (1989), and it's name comes from the song "Riders of the Storm" by The Doors.