Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Character Conversion: Power Rangers Ninja Steel / Ninninger

The crossover teamups were Power Rangers exclusive and did not have a counterpart in the Sentai. Victor and Monty also did not have counterparts.

Brody Romero/Takaharu Igasaki
Brody and Takaharu are similar in enthusiasm. Brody was kidnapped as a child and was a slave on the Galaxy Warriors spacehsip and then returned to Earth with little adjustment. Takaharu thinks before acting and as a big brother to the others. Takaharu is the brother of White, cousin to Pink, Blue and Yellow, and son/grandson to two other red (father and grandfather) while Brody is related to Gold (brother) and only one Red (father).

 Preston Tien / Yakumo Katou
Both into magic. Preston is happy go lucky, sometimes worried and jumps before reading when it comes to magic. Takumo learned his magic from England. He is sometimes pompous, cool-tempered rich boy type. Even though Preton is revealed to be rich, he is anything but. Yakumo had a rivalry with Takaharu, his cousin.

 Sarah / Kasumi Momochi
Kasumi and Sarah are both geniuses, both with mechanics. Kasumi is the cousin of Red and White, she is unable to read between lines or take a hint and she can be really sharp-tongued. Sarah does before thinking and multi-tasks and jumps to conclusions. Sarah tried splitting up her mother and Hayley's dad from getting together and felt her mother was a meddler.

Hayley / Fuuka Igasaki
Fuuka Igasaki is Takaharu's sister, she is optimistic and hard working young girl. Hayley is a realistist and a weary girl. She is in a relationship with Calvin and feels as if he could be more attentive. Fuuka doesn't like the antics of his father and brother. Hayley initially didn't think Redbot had feelings and learned the contrary. Hayley helped Sarah split up her father and Sarah's mom when they were getting along. She was the one who broke up with Calvin, later getting back together. 

Calvin / Nagi Matsuo
Nagi is a very friendly guy who initially didn't want to be a Ninninger. He is obsessed with getting licences and certifications for different things to make good use of. Nagi is also cousins with the other four. Calvin is sweet but somewhat forgetful and loves fixing cars initially not knowing how to drive but later learns. He is in a relationship with Hayley.

Adian "Levi Weston" Romero / Kinji Takigawa
Levi was introduced as a cowboy country singer everyone loved and Brody eventually grew to liked. Fans thought at first he would be Brody's brother until Aidan was introduced. It later was revealed that Madame Odius removed his memories of being Aidan and put it in an android. Kinji was born in America and is naive, having following others' orders and quickly apologizes should he had made a mistake, even tends to leave his opponents alone if they were busy with their situations. Kinji is the only one not related to the other Ninninger. 

Mick / Yoshitaka Igasaki
Mick is a shape-shifting alien friend of Brody on board of the Galaxy Warriors ship. Mick is from the Lions Galaxy and was a slave. He serves as their mentor and often makes them realize the errors of their ways. He briefly becomes a Ranger at the first season finale. Yoshitaka trained to become a ninja and, when the time came, he defeated his father, the Former Last Ninja, in battle. As a result of his age, Yoshitaka cannot fight the Kibaoni Army Corps like he used to, and has to wait for his grandchildren to surpass him as a ninja to become the next Last Ninja. He briefly becomes an Akaninger. Mick and Yoshitaka are two completely different characters.

 Dane Romero/ Tsumuji Igasaki
Tsumuji Igasaki is Takaharu and Fuuka's father, as well as Yakumo, Nagi, and Kasumi's uncle. Tsumuji is a happy-go-lucky man who shares similar traits with his son. He is also shown to be a little wise, having Takaharu take a rest while his teammates tried to get on his level. Aidan and Brody's dad Dane made the Power Stars out of Ninja Steel from space and fought Galavanax, being trapped in the Nexus Prism for nearly 11 years. They are different in personality as Tsumuji was goofy while Dane was not. 

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