Saturday, May 22, 2010

Poll Results: Products/Tzachor/Non-Toei Toku/Female Red Who Would Win?


What Power Ranger Products would you buy if made well?
iPod/Phone Case/Cover 107 of 462 votes by 170 people
Bobble Heads 83
Digital Clock 61
Steering Wheel Cover 42
Car Floor Mats 33
Antennae Head 32
Car Sun Visor 29
Toiletries 27
Novelty Waffle Iron 25
Novelty Toaster 23

What other products of Power Rangers would you like?
Pez Dispenser 61 of 345 votes from 129 people
Lighter 48
Snow Globes and Digital Camera 46
Necklaces 43
Car Decals 42
Bike Helmet 36
Waste Basket 26
Shower Curtain 22
Face Slippers 21

* These were multiple choice, the fan could pick more than one.

UPDATED 6/6/10

What Power Ranger Product would you want the most?
iPod/Phone Case - 80 of 153
Bobble Heads - 34 votes
Pez Dispensers - 23 votes
Cigarette Lighter - 16 votes

Which is the Best Chouseishin Series?
Gransezar -- 56 of 111
Sazer-X -- 28 votes
Justirizer -- 27 votes

Favorite Non-Toei Toku Series?
Tomica Hero -- 80 of 138
Chouseishin Series -- 29 votes
Sport Ranger -- 25 votes
Wecker -- 4 votes

What do you think about Johnathan Tzachor running the new PR Season?
Awesome -- 124 of 201
Either Way is Fine -- 50 votes
Whatever -- 25 votes
Don't Like it -- 2 votes

What kind of Power Rangers Movie would you prefer?
Shinkenger Adaption -- 87 of 233
Totally Original -- 67 votes
MMPR Reboot -- 51
Goseiger Adaption -- 28

Would you buy Shinkenger-inspired Power Rangers Figures if 4 inches tall?
Yes -- 88 of 1174
Only if 5.5 -- 50 votes
No -- 36 votes

Who Would Win? Charlie vs. Karou
Shinken Red got 109 votes out of 134. A wormhole opened when Charlie was in her heyday as the leader of the A-Squad and she was taken to Japan where Karou was fighting the Ayakashi as Shinken Red. Charlie wanted a challenge and fought her and lost.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 - Green With Evil Part 4 - Episode Review

"Green With Evil Part 4"
(Eclipsing Megazord)

WARNING: My DVR can only record the non HD channels and ABC was all fuzzy with spots. So sorry for the crappy images. I mixed in some from the ep guide.

A lot happens in this episode, the Rangers try to morph-they can't. Goldar rampages through the city. Bulk and Skull go into a bus. Billy fixes the morphers and Goldar takes the bus and asks the Rangers to surrender. They refuse so Goldar heads to the beach where the Rangers see Rita and Scorpina. Meanwhile, Green Ranger goes to the Command Center to finish what he started. The bus is dropped, the Megazord catches it. Goldar and Scorpina fight the Megazord as the Eclipse starts. Alpha manages to hold the Green Ranger in a force-field but Rita teleports him out to fight the Megazord and it goes down. The Rangers mourn the zords as they find out Tommy is the Green Ranger.

Above left is the exaggerated acting of the American Power Ranger suit actors back in the day. Trini even utters an aloof 'uh-no' and the stunt person does a funny movement. Above right, I couldn't believe my eyes. Rita and Scorpina in American footage! When I first saw this as a kid, my mind was blown and I wondered why we couldn't see their faces. The people Saban put in these costumes probably didn't match how the original actresses looked. This footage was filmed to replace Zyuranger footage with the Battle Bikes. But they later allow it with "Calamity Kimberly," and the toys were available at the time so I don't know why they didn't use it.

The first attempt of using the Zyuranger footage, the sword superimposed on new footage, again to get rid of the Battle Bikes.

Top left, must be the BEST shot this reversion has ever done. A giant mark appears behind Scorpina and it goes from black to red. I WONDER what it is suppose to represent. Hmm... It splatters and it's red. I am surprised it went to air! Top right, uh... you edit this and hear it every episode 'Power Lance!' and no, you put Power Sword on Billy's bio. What I loved about the ending of the episode was that even though we knew who the Green Ranger was, the Rangers discovering it wasn't a bad and boring scene, it was suspenseful and impacting, they did a great job--especially having Tommy rotate slowly.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Comparison: Boukenger/Operation Overdrive monsters based on 'Megazords'

This was requested by a fan and I can't believe I didn't think of it before. The monsters of Boukenger were inspired by past robos, Jetman, Changeman, Goggle Five, Dynaman, Bioman, JAKQ and Turboranger got no love. These are in order of the robos/megazords through the years, from 2005 down. Carranger, Megaranger, Flashman, GoGoV and Dekaranger only got 1 monster/robo to get something based on them when they had more than 1 robo.

The Karths/Chillers seem to be the only villains who are not based on anything. I could have a million theories on what they resemble but I haven't found any official document saying what they resemble. I have a magazine with the concept designs and there is no mention. And of course, Flurious isn't based on anything either, because he was made exclusively for Power Rangers.

Modified Mirage Beast Gordorum (Vulturus) / MagiKing (Titan Megazord)
The monster has a unique look, I like the shapes. The wings look similar and it has the M on the chest. It looks similar structure wise. The horns in the front and the shape of the head emulates the hat.

Mirage Beast (Vulturus) / MagiLegend (Manticore)
The wings on the monster is much bigger, the center thing doesn't look anything like a lion. It has a crown on its head.

Quester Robo Turbo (Rapidly) (Jet Robo) / DekaWingRobo (SWAT Megazord)
The only monster based on a robot from Dekaranger/SPD.

Dembey / Abarenoh (Thundersaurus)
Dembey's horns, shoulder pads and feet look like the robo, but everything else I don't see the difference. Dembey is actually based on a TV show mascot (not a real one) so it had to simplify.

Prince (unnamed monster) / KillerOh (Stegozord)
The leg flaps looks similar, the shape of the monster is similar. The wings on the face are similar, even the shape of the gold thing on his chest. The color scheme might not be in the same spots as the color scheme of the robot, but it is similar.

Zorad (Lavadactyls) / Top Galer (Dragozord)
It is clearly inspired and based on the robo, I think they even used the same movements.

Dagargin (Magmador) / MaxRyuuOh (Mezodon Megazord)
The colors are definitely inspired but it doesn't really look like it.

Madness Weather (Weather Machine Monster) / Bakureno (Replicant Megazord)
The shouldar pad, shield, arms, legs and the head are similar. The middle is not the dinosaur but it has a design somewhat similar.

Nendogami (Camera Monster) / Furai Maru (Minizord)
It clearly has the crescent moon shape and the big circle in the center and the head has a similar shape. Everything else has more to do with clay and cameras, which the robot is based on as well.

Jougami (Ultrog) / Sempujin (Storm Megazord)
Okay clearly has the center circle, the left hand is the same shape and the right shoulder is similar. Also the knee pads. Everything else seems to be inspired by antique lock and new data disks.

Takumigami (Bombardo) / Gouraijin (Thunder Megazord)
It clearly has the center stag horns thing. It is more inspired by, because it has a similar head but different design and has leg cuffs that look a bit like the robos' legs. The shoulder pads are nothing alike.

Ouga (Crazar) / Gao Hunter (Predazord)
The monster is based on the evil mode, hence the horn on the head. it clearly looks like a wolf. It has diamonds on the knees which seams to be inspired by the kneecaps of the robo. The weapon looks nothing like the weapon of the robo.

Hyde Gene / GaoIkarus (Isis Megazord)
From the movie, this monster has the wings and horns for sure. And the 'Eyes' turned into red gems.

Hyde Gene / GaoKentarous (Pegasus Megazord)
It has the wings, the bottom, where has a mouth, it looks like the lion but the tail... i guess it is the tail from the lion.

Magi (Tyzonn) / Time Robo Alpha (Time Force Mode Red)
The face looks similar and the face, but everything else doesn't look anything like the robo, it looks like it was inspired slightly. The feet, how one part comes out, the monster has those side tentacle things.

Kanadegami (Amplifier Monster) / V-Rex Robo (Quantasaurus)
The monster has one amplifier that looks like the shoulder pads of the robo. Other things that are similar are the feet, the right arm missiles, and three horns on the head.

Dragon Grand (Cybernetic Rex) / V-Rex (Qunatasaurus)
Clearly the Tyrannosaurus is present in the monster design and the arm cannons too. But the top part of the monster is new. But everything else looks exactly like the robo.

Time Demon God Chronos / Providus (Transwarp Megazord)
From the Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, I don't see it.

Akutagami (Garbage Monster) / Linerboy (Max Solarzord)
Because of the nature of the monster, it looks like garbage, so doesn't look the same as the robo, maybe mildly similar.

Dryken (Volcan) / Gingaoh (Galaxy Megazord)
The head horns, the shoulder pads, V center, ape face and lower legs are similar.

Girad (Dragonizer) / GigaPhoenix (Stratoforce Megazord)
It clearly has the shouldar pads in common but the rest is more inspired, because it doesn't look exactly like it.

Zard (Moltor's Robot) / Giga Rhinos (Centaurus)
The monster has a more bloated look but it is similar. It has the face, waist, and legs.

Naga (Bullox) / BullTaurus (Torozord)
The horns, feet, shoulder pads and chains on chest and weapon are clearly from the robo. They made the gem in the waist into a bigger one on the chest.

Zukangami (unnamed) / Astro Galaxy (Astro Megazord)
Hmm.. The tie kinda looks like the M. The arms are similar, the circle thing on the monster's left arm looks like the shield of the robo. He uses the same attack but I think he is more 'inspiried' by the robo than anything.

Kawazugami (Big Mouth Monster) / VicTrailer (Artillatron)
The monster is inspired by the robo and I like the final design. I am not crazy about the robo though. The only thing I see that is inspired by is the center mouth thing. And the legs look like the four squares but stylized. The only robo from Carranger/Turbo.

Desparado / Ohranger Robo (Zeo Megazord)
Desperado didn't appear in PROO. The head is similar, the color scheme is unique. Everything else doesn't look the same. The center looks somewhat similar. The shoulder pads a bit more twisted and the 'horns' on the waist goes downward and there are more than two.

Gajadom (Flurious) / OhBlocker (Super Zeo Megazord)
This is really exaggerated but it does look like the robo, without looking like the shapes, using other shapes to build up one shape.

Mamorigami (Datum) / King Pyramider Battle Formation (Zeo Ultrazord)
The only thing I see similar is the box in the middle, the center thing under it and the keyboards and the knee marks. I think this is one of the cases where the monster is inspired by the robo.

Golem (unnamed monster) / Gunmajin (Auric)
The head is not similar but the center and the flap thing in front of the crotch is. The hips are longer. The boots are the same. His arm cuffs are way bigger. And he has the similar technique of being small and needing a key to activate it.

Yaiba (Kamdor) / Invinicible Shogun (Shogun Megazord)
He is clearly inspired by. I like his designs. I like both designs actually. The only similarities I can see is the shouldar pads and maybe Yaiba/Kamdor's helmet.

Super Shizuka of the Wind (Kunoichi Monster) / Daishogun (Ninja Mega Falconzord)
She did indeed looked like the robot, the wings from the 'falconzord', the eyes on the crotch to look like the frog, and the headdress. The arms aren't the same though. You can't see the boots but they don't look like the robot's feet. Shizuka was based on the Ninja Megazord and this super form was based on it with the falcon.

Demon Bird (Miratrix) / Tsubasamaru (Falconzord)
Both are giant birds. The claws and talons are similar.

Gai (Mig) / Ryuusei'Oh (Red Dragon Thunderzord in Battle Mode)
I see he has the lines on his legs, the V shape on his waist and the shoulder pads but the rest seems to be left to the imagination.

Quester Gai (Mig) / Dairen'Oh (Thunder Megazord)
He clearly has the green gem in the center and the shoulder pads but the waist doesn't look like it and the helmet is much more elaborate.

Rei (Benglo) / Won Tiger (White Tigerzord)
The tiger face on the chest is the most obvious part.

Quester Rei (Benglo) / Kiba-Dai'Oh (Mega Tigerzord)
The face is no where near the look, maybe the gem but that's it, he clearly has the shoulder pads.

Hyouga (Cheetar) / DaiMugen (Tor)
He clearly has hexagons on his chest like the robo and has the horn and gem on the battle mode head. His wrists has covers that looks like the paws of the turtle. The leg cuffs look a bit like the feet of the battle mode.

Talong (Blothgar) / Daijinryuu (Serpentera)
He is clearly inspired by Serpentera, they look so much alike (shoulderpads, shape, feet, etc.), except the monster has a more animated look and the hip pads. The ying-yang simple does look like the gem on the robo's chest.

Ryuuwon (Moltor) / Daizyujin (Megazord)
He is clearly inspired on the original Megazord as he has the horns, shoulder pads and teeth on his chest.

Jaryuu (Lava Lizards) / Dragon Ceasar (Dragonzord)
I don't see it.

Lindom (Scaletex) / Gouraijin (Dragonzord in Battle Mode)
It has the shoulder pads, the chest seems to have a similar design and the hips has that pad thing. I would not directly think of the Dragonzord when seeing it but yeah at further expectation, it is clear.

Dold (Giant Sea Monster) / Ultimate Daizyujin (Ultrazord)
It looks like it was more inspired by the King Barchion/Titanus part but not the feet. The circle on the waist is like Dragon Ceasar/Dragonzord's shield. The dragon face and neck looks like Titanus and so was his side arms.

Quester Robo Elite (Commander) (Commando Robot) / Five Robo
It is based on Fiveman's Super Five Robo and Five Robo, clearly by the helmet, chest and shoulder pads. Jetman robos got no love.

Shirubegami (Sextant Monster) / MaxMagma
I don't think it looks anything like Max Magma of Fiveman.

Kyoshin Gagadomu (Flurious' Robot) / Super Live Robo
It is much more bloated and doesn't remind me much of the robo. I hate the design of the Boukenger evil robo.

Homunculus with Quester Jet Over (Agrios)/Great Five
The helmet, chest stuff and shoulder pads clearly look like Great Five from Maskman.

Homunculus (Agrios) / Galaxy Five
It is said to be based on Galaxy Five from Maskman, it is much rounder, it is like they made it all round. The veins from the knees seem to emulate the upside down V's from the legs and the nipples seem to be inspired by the black boxes on the robo's chest.

Quester Robo Cannon / Flash King
Uh.. the shoulder pads are way too big and the arms are nothing like it but the helmet and V chest is clearly modeled after the Flashman's robo.

Quester Robo Blaze (Erupt) (Centurion Robot) / Sun Vulcan Robo
It clearly has some V-parts and the legs are similar but the shoulder pads are moved to next to the head.

Quester Robo Radial (Advance) / DaiDenzin
The helmet clearly looks modeled after it, I like the design of this Quester Robo more than the original robo from Denziman.

Mogari (unnamed monster) / Battle Fever Robo
The shoulder pads of the robo was round, this one is more square. On the chest, it looks more like two boxed B's instead of BF. The legs are very much the same, the big box on the thighs and the things on the sides.

KamiGordom (Atlantis) / Varibloom
I see the helicopter things on the shoulders.

Gaja / Varriccune
WTF? This is the strangest inspiration, I do not see it.