Monday, May 17, 2010

Poll Results: New Saban Era/Connection/Series to Adapt/Episodes on Nicktoons

In order to clean some of the polls, there is a lot of polls and I was tired of going through so many, so I am sure you guys are too.
If the 'Disney Era' is over and 'Saban Era' already exists, what should the next be called?
New Saban Era - 101 of 172
Saban/Nick Era - 49
Post-Disney Era - 22

How much connection to past seasons would want in new seasons?
Like PRiS was -- 62 of 155
Like PRRPM was -- 43 votes
Like PRDT was -- 28
Like PRLG was - 22
To say it is like PRiS, it is be directly connected with MMPR, with new cast. To say it is like PRRPM, it is not canon, that there is no teamups and it could stand alone. To say like PRDT, it is to add a veteran as a mentor.

Which Sentai you think Saban will adapt?
Shinkenger -- 101 of 167
Goseiger -- 66

What do you think of PR Episodes on Nicktoons?
Awesome! -- 109 of 154
I need to subscribe to Nicktoons -- 28
Hate it -- 17

Would you buy a Rita figure if it is only available with a bigger toy base or vehicle?
Yes -- 77 of 120
No -- 43 of 120


zPutty said...

Can I comment that the name of the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide's football team is... Nick Saban? If for no other reason, any combination of Saban and Nick wouldn't work for naming a PR era, in my opinion. Lol.

Lavender Ranger said...

I covered Nick Saban here: