Saturday, June 20, 2009

Power Rangers RPM - Episode 15 - "Ghosts"

New Opening Sequence!

Episode Summary:
We get a 'last time on Power Rangers' about 'Brother's Keeper' and 'Embodied' about the virus in Dillon's body and Venjix in a new body attacking the Rangers and the two new Rangers. The Go-Onger bus enters the damaged abandoned city of Kenmore. It had been three days. Ziggy is the navigator. Scott found video of the two zords. Flynn says they are ghosts. He points out it is a giant flying chicken. Ziggy says they can't be in judgement of weirdness because he rides in a green fish and Summer rides in a giant yellow teddy bear. Back in Dr. K's lab, she does a read-out on a Venjix symbol coin and Kenmore. She figures out it is a trap. In Kenmore, Dillon wants to turn back around, saying nothing looks familiar and he feels something bad. They get out of the bus. Dr. K sends the Rangers a message but they don't see it since they are already walking outside.

Back with Corporal Hicks and Truman, Truman says he can't do much, even for his own son. Dillon finds the Kenmore sign but there is nothing around. Scott suggests splitting up. Dr. K tells Truman about her growing up in Alphabet Soup, saying there is real meaning behind it because she doesn't talk about it. When she was 11, she was asked to make a liquid to cause real bad diarrhea, threatening him in her own way. He then orders Hicks to do something that will help the Rangers. Ziggy and Flynn run in and talk to Dr. K. They don't get what she says, and I don't either at 5:30 in the morning. Something about false memories for Dillon. The gold and silver zords excerpt from Ziggy alerts Dr. K. Ziggy and Flynn run off before Dr. K can confirm what she heard.

The five re-group, alerting of the trap and a new Attackbot Dyna-bot comes in with Grinders. After the commercial break, the Rangers fight the threat. The Rangers morph and fight the monster (the blue bomb one from Go-Onger). He sends a bomb towards them and the new Rangers arrive and throw it back at them. We then see the five Ranger's eyes under the helmets. Gold and Silver fight the Grinders in the abandoned city of Kenmore or Venjix City. They beat up the monster and then fly up in their zords. The five want to talk to them but they leave. The five de-morph and enter the bus. Dillon is bummed. Summer tells him they will find the answer. Dyna-Bot reports to Venjix, he left a bomb on their van.

Ziggy opens a bag of chips and the bomb goes off and the bus is no controllable. The five morph and get out of the van and it goes off a cliff and boom---no more Go-onger reference van. Then Venjix, Shifter and the monster arrive. The five form the RPM Enforcer and Venjix attacks them before they can use it. After the commercial break, Venjix ties up the Rangers but the two new heroes come in and fight the Grinders. Gold does a fire attack. Silver fights for a while and then does an ice attack. Venjix attacks them and they deflect the attack and double-attack him. He deflects it. The Dyna-bot goes towards them. Shifter tells Venjix to pull back and they do so. The duo fight Dyna-Bot.

The duo fly in the air and attack/destroy Dyna-Bot. The five are then freed, they go up to the duo. The duo still finish off their own sentences. They take the five to Corinth in their zords. Hicks detects two signals, Truman is against lowering the shields because they don't detect bio waves or whatever. Dr. K tells him to lower the shields because he built the two devices, that they have hidden bio signals. The two zords land.

The five enter with the two Rangers in their suits. Ziggy warns the two that Dr. K is a bit cold but that's just how she is. The doors of Dr. K's lab opens and she enters the garage. Gem and Gema take off their helmets. Dr. K gives them a big hug. Ziggy says that she is trying a different management style with them. Dr. K is actually crying out of happiness!

Video coming soon today.

Episode Review:
Great ending. I like how Dr. K was in Truman's office for once and the mention of Diarrhea! Not so creative on the trap and Dillon part and the whole 'ghosts' thing felt tacked on as there was no real substance behind it. I am glad they didn't go with slapstick and a fake ghost. They could have called the episode "False Starts." I am also saddened they blew up the Go-Onger van. But I guess they needed a reason for the duo to fly in the five into the dome city. I guess a lot of fans are disappointed about the twins being the same, cheery and finishing their sentences. But I have three words for them... GET OVER IT!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger/Kamen Rider Decade Teamup

UPDATED 6/22/09 6pm EST

It has finally happened and it didn't take a straight to DVD special. It has been confirmed that the Shinkenger will appear in Kamen Rider Decade. According to rumors the Decade crew will end up in Samurai World in episodes 24 and 25 (July 12th and July 19th) of Decade, and will probably make a cameo in episode 21 of Shinkenger. Show producer Kazi Shiyun said, "I finally realized the dream of the fans after so many years." Rumors say this will prelude the movies or have some tie-in to the movies. Now, some Kamen Rider fans aren't happy about this and some Super Sentai fans are not happy either, I read one fan saying that they didn't want a Kamen Rider supplying the Shinkenger with something, basically into getting involved with the arc. I think that it ridiculous to take it so seriously. I think this is very interesting and semi-historic and people have been wanting a teamup for years and I think we should be happy it's happening.

The portal into Shinkenger World. For those not familiar with Kamen Rider Decade, in the Hikari Studio, a drape rolls down with an illustration representing the new dimension they have entered.

ShinkenRed usin Kamen Rider Blade in his weapon mode.

Kamen Rider Decade Complete using a card for Shinken Red's Rekka Daizantou.

But this is not the first time Kamen Rider is mentioned in Super Sentai. In JAKQ Vs. Goranger, Kamen Rider V3 and Kamen Rider Amazon were mentioned. Kikader was also mentioned.

And in the "A Friend in Need" 3-parter of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season Three, Masked Rider (the adaption of Kamen Rider Black RX) fought alongside with the Power Rangers (four Zyurangers and Kibaranger from Dairanger).

Yahoo Japan Article

Thursday, June 18, 2009

5-piece Blasters and Bazookas

UPDATED 10.18.11 
 Yet another of my lists. I wanted to see if one of these group weapons were phased out but it seems they are still being used to this day. First I cover the blasters made of individual weapons and then the cannons that was just a cannon or from a robot or vehicle or a variation. The teams that had nothing like this were Goranger, Denjiman, Sun Vulcan, Goggle V, Dynaman, Bioman, Kakuranger, Gingaman, and Magiranger. Most of the those mentioned used energy as a group attack, a ball they kicked around with their energy or put their weapons next to each other but not combined.

5 (with more or less)-piece Blasters (13):
Penta-Force Cannon (Battle Fever)
A lazy-looking version but it was the first. It was the first of its kind... sort of, the JAKQ's Big Bomber was five-piece but they were not individual weapons. This was made of their Command Bats, which was their common sidearms.
Note: Pictures that follow were scanned by Mike Bastian.

Power Bazooka (Changeman)
It looked like a team cannon but it was made of five individual cannons.

Rolling Vulcan (Flashman)
For the second time, the Flashman put together their cannons to make one big five-barrel cannon.

Howling Cannon/Power Blaster (Zyuranger/MMPR)
No Comment.

Big Bang Blaster/Zeo Blaster (Ohranger/Zeo)
This was actually seven-in-one, the five individual weapons and the two common side-weapons together.

Giga Formula / Turbo R.A.M. (Carranger/Turbo)
This was cool because the three weapons formed together to make a little car and a blaster.

Multi Attack Rifle/Quadroblaster (Megaranger/Space) This was unique as it was not a 5-piece blaster but four piece, the Red Ranger would blast along with them with his individual weapon locked with the similar weapon each member had.

Lifebird/Rescuebird (GoGoV/LR)
This weapon was unique as it was made from 5 individual weapons and not only made a cannon but it also made a bird that flew. The individual weapons weren't used much by the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers.

Vortech Bazooka/Vortex Blaster (Timeranger/Time Force)
This is third and possibly last time that a group bazooka was made of five individual weapons the Rangers used.

Evil-Crushing Hundred Beast Sword/Jungle Sword (Gaoranger/Wild Force)
This one was mosty straight and was held upwards. In Power Rangers, they had a second blaster based on some of the other Auxiliary Power Animals.

Victory Gadget / Thunderstorm Cannon (Hurricanger/Ninja Storm)
The Triple Gadget/Storm Striker had three modes (and in Sentai, 3 unique names while in PR, only one) and the Double Gadget/Thunder Blaster only had one mode.

Super Dino Bomber/Z-Rex Blaster (Abaranger/Dino Thunder)
Most of the time, we only saw the three weapons become one, occasionally with the Black weapon. But White was rare and I think the name was not said on either side.

Super Highway Blaster/RPM Enforcer (Go-Onger/RPM)
The first three Go-Onger's weapons became one blaster and other two made a blaster and the two blasters became one.

Gosei Buster (Goseiger)
Skyick and Landsea Busters combined.

Bazookas (13):
Big Bomber (JAKQ)
The JAKQ crew had to assemble the cannon but it was not like they used the pieces as weapons individually.

Jet Cannon (Maskman)
I like the look of this. It was so old school because Red Mask had to put a backpack and a tube connecting to it.

Triple Bazooka (Liveman)
I beleive this came before the other two came in and then they used it with the five.

V Turbo Bazooka (Turboranger)
It had all the Ranger colors on it.

Earth Cannon (Fiveman)
Their robot nanny Arthur G6 becomes the Earth Cannon. It had all the Ranger colors, including green on it.

Fire Bazooka (Jetman)
The only vehicle to become a cannon. It was just red.

Super Chi-Power Bazooka/Power Cannon (Dairanger/MMPR)
The Dairanger added their Lailai jewels into it and needed the power from Kibaranger and Daimugen too. The Power Cannon, instead, used power balls.

OhreBazooka/Zeo Cannon (Ohranger/Zeo)
In both Ohranger and Zeo, they had a 5-piece blaster and this cannon.

Giga Booster/Turbine Laser (Carranger/Turbo)
The Carranger/Turbo both had a 5-piece blaster and this cannon. It could go on top of their blue jeep.

D-Bazooka/Canine Cannon (Dekaranger/SPD)
This is the second time in Sentai history that a robotic friend became a bazooka. Murphy/R.I.C. also became the armor for the Battlizer.

DualCrasher/Drill Blaster (Boukenger/Operation Overdrive)
It had the motifs of two of the auxiliary zords and used by all five, it would be held by one of them using a special vest. It was used as a group weapon even though it didn't look like it.

GekiBazooka/Claw Cannon (Gekiranger/Jungle Fury)
The cannon had three colors of the main three Gekiranger. Most of the time it was only used by three people. It once used by Blue, Violet and Chopper/Rhino Ranger.

Rekka Daizanto Ozutsu Mode (Shinkenger)
Red's main weapon takes six Hiden Rings to become a cannon. It depends on the ring on the white part that what power it would have.

 Super Sentai Bazooka (Gokaiger)
The Super Sentai Bazooka is a cannon used by the Gokaigers and Goseigers that was created by the first 33 Super Sentai teams' power and spirit. It appears in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle.

GokaiGalleon Buster (Gokaiger)
It was created by Don after tinkering with the GokaiGuns to use more than one Ranger Key per weapon. Don uses the Greater Power of the Ohrangers and after turning all five keys, they transform it into the GokaiGalleon Buster.