Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gokaiger 34 and 35 Preview

As always here are these pics from a Japanese message board, not mine:


 Episode 35:

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Poll Results: Halloween / TTAFFBH / Mega Force

For Halloween this year, if you or your family member child is dressing as a Power Ranger, which color (no matter the team)?
Red Ranger
  133 (65%)
Blue Ranger
  54 (26%)
Pink Ranger
  38 (18%)
Gold Ranger
  57 (28%)
White Ranger
  54 (26%)
Green Ranger
  57 (28%)
Black Ranger
  51 (25%)
Yellow Ranger
  41 (20%)

If you have seen Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters of Beverly Hills, you....
Still don't like it
  104 (70%)
Second chance
  25 (17%)
Love It
  21 (14%)
Growing on me
  13 (8%)

Would you buy a Build-A-Bear Power Ranger?
  108 (60%)
  72 (40%)

Saban has copyrighted Power Rangers Mega Force, what do you think it is? 
Goseiger 189 (74%) 
Super Legends-esque 65 (25%) 
Video Games 65 (25%) 
Something else 57 (22%) 

Do you like Power Rangers Mega Force for Goseiger? 
Yes 96 (45%) 
No 117 (54%)

Power Rangers Samurai - Origins Part 1

Like I thought "Origins" is just the first episode, just like Shinkenger's first episode, with no reference of the past episodes. You would think it would have an opener with Antonio asking how they met, but no nothing like that. Antonio does not appear in the credits. So why postpone the episode? Why not do any editing to it? 

The Nighlok rise and Jayden is told he must join a team, Jii sends arrows to four young people. Mia gets picked up by a big black car. Oooh Kevin shirtless with nice abs and it looks much better than seeing Ryunousuke in kabuki makeup. Kevin is for a swimming match and comes to the black car, thinking Mia is the Red Ranger, saying he didn't see she was a girl (foreshadowing). Emily and Mike all meet, Emily thinks Kevin is Red and he is wearing blue. Jayden comes in a horse hilariously. Jayden's speech sounds like a Reality Show. This so should had been the premiere, it gave me goosebumps. We also see the rarely seen Pink and Yellow cockpits. And about the 18th Leader comment? Clearly about the 18th head of Shiba Clan, the lords in Shinkenger. As for Power Rangers linearly, he is the 15th, not counting RPM and SPD. If you count by seasons and count Charlie, he can be 18th.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

MegaBloks Power Rangers Samurai Pictures form New York Comic Con 2011

Correction, it is the NYCC (New York Comic Con) 2011. None of these pictures are mine and all of them are given credit.
 Left to Right: Yellow Ranger and Yellow Zord, Blue Ranger and Blue Zord, Red cockpit (Probably from Hero Pack), Red Ranger vehicle (name unknown), and Deker Motor Head

 Left to Right: Blue Ranger and vehicle (name unknown), Red Ranger and Red Zord, Samurai Megazord, Green cockpit (Probably from Hero Pack), Yellow MotorHead, and Red Ranger and vehicle (Name Unknown).

 Other Red Motorhead and Blue Motorhead sets above.
Pictures from ToyNewsi.Com who has it incorrectly as Voltron

Pink, Blue, Red, Mooger and Deker

These pics are from
Regular mode Blue and vehicle

Deker and vehicle

Mega Mode Yellow with vehicle

Deker Motor Head

Mega Mode Green

Regular mode Yellow with Ape Zord

Regular Red

Mega Mode Red

In the back you can see the Gold Ranger in cockpit blurry.

A fan dressed as the MMPR Green Ranger stands next to a stand of upcoming toys.

The only clear picture I could find of Gold Ranger.