Friday, April 26, 2013

Metal Heroes Ranger Keys and Bunpachy gets a Kyoryuger!

Ranger Key Complete Edition
Jansperson, Jiraya, Jiban, Draft Redder, Blue Beet, B-Fighter Kabuto and 2 Ranger Key mysteries. One has a Kakuranger symbol so I figure it will be Ninjaman. Another has an Abaranger symbol so I figure it might be AbareMax (or AbarePink?!).

In the new hero movie, the Gokaiger will transform into Metal Heroes.
Gokai Pink --- Jansperson
Gokai Green --- Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya
Gokai Silver --- Jiban
Gokai Red --- Draft Redder of Exceedraft
Gokai Blue --- Blue Beet of B-Fighter
Gokai Yellow --- B-Fighter Kabuto
Bunpachy will appear next month with his own partner, name still not provided.

 Raiden Kyoryujin, combination of Kyoryujin with Pteragodon .

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Power Rangers Hot Wheels Pink Ranger and Vrak and Mini Battle-Ready FIgures #2

 Pink Ranger and Vrak 'Alien Cyborg' Hot Wheels Cars
In February, it was reported that there would be a Pink Ranger and villain car for the Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels toys. Entertainment Earth said they would appear in April. These have appeared on now. I think they might start hitting stores in May. There is some debate over Vrak, because that does not look like his cyborg form. Maybe they got the image wrong or this will be it. If you don't know Toys R Us has the first 5 in a set from around $17: Red, Yellow, Black, Blue and Robo Knight. I like the Vrak car and I knew the Pink Ranger car would be mostly white because the zord is--also no matter who is in charge of Power Rangers, they think boys won't buy pink but there has been a number of pink Hot Wheels cars aimed at boys for years. The Pink Ranger car looks a little inimaginative, I expected it a little more dynamic.. er.. pun intended.

 Mini Battle-Ready Figures Series 2
FuryDiamond ordered these off ToyWiz. I estimate it will be a while until we get them in stores but most likely May. The pictures above are thanks to Fury DIamond of
Red Megaforce (and Translucent)
Blue Megaforce (and Translucent)
Black Megaforce
Robo Knight
Gosei Grand Megazord
Gosei Great Megazord
Alpha 5
MM Blue Ranger
MM Yellow Ranger
MM Green Ranger

Series 3 is on Entertainment Earth to come out June 2013:
Ultra Red Ranger (and Translucent)
Ultra Blue Ranger (and Translucent)
Ultra Black Ranger
Ultra Pink Ranger
Ultra Yellow Ranger
MM Super Red Ranger
MM White Ranger
MM Dino Megazord
MM Battle Mode Dragonzord

Polls: KyoryuNavy/Power Rangers movie/SDCC exclusive

What would you want for a SDCC Power Rangers Exclusive? 
6 Metallic Megaforce Set
  22 (61%)
6 Metallic MMPR Set
  25 (69%)
5 Ultra Mode Set
  18 (50%)
With Exclusive Cards
  18 (50%)

What do you think the name of the Kyoryuger of Tobaspino? 
  28 (56%)
  21 (42%)
  11 (22%)
Another name
  15 (30%)

Two Weeks Poll: Realistically, do you think it is still a possibilty there will be a Power Rangers film?
  37 (50%)
  13 (17%)
  23 (31%)

SPOILERS: Super Megaforce #5

If you follow the blogs, twitter and Rangerboard, then these are probably old for you. This is mostly about the new Silver Ranger and rumors on cameos. 

Click on 'Click here' on the left to see the pictures.

Monday, April 22, 2013

KyoryuRed Carnival mode and Plesoh

New pic with Plesoh, Bakuretsu Kyozyuzin, KyoryuRed Carnival, KyoryuGold, KyoryuBlue, KyoryuBlack, KyoryuGreen and KyoryuPink.