Saturday, April 14, 2012

No Pics this week for Akibaranger 2 nor Go-Busters

Sorry but I couldn't find any pics for Akibaranger this week. The Japanese board that has people post it... well.... the only pictures posted were sort of perverted and this is a family blog. And there is a difference between one kinda perverted pic in the midst of various pictures but just three pics of ladies' behinds on one single post looks obscene to me.

This is for those over the age of 14:

The link wasn't up either for Go-Busters this week.

Power Rangers Super Samurai - Runway Spike - Episode Review

Thank you to for the pictures:
Rent is overdue at Bulk and Spike's. Apparently they live in a garage of someone else's house.

  Spike leaves to get a job and is fired three times.

  The Rangers fight an annoying Nighlok that can duplicate itself. Mia meets Spike and cheers him up.

 Bulk and Spike reunite?

  They use the Light Zord to combat it.

 Mia even uses the Pink Shogun Mode!

 Say what you want about Power Rangers Samurai, I am loving Shogun Mode for the girls.

 In the end of the ep, Mia offers Bulk and Spike to work catching fish for Antonio. I also didn't like the dialogue for the monster, he was really annoying.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Alex Heartman in Martial Arts Productions

Alex Heartman has booked a leading role as a arch nemesis black belt in indie feature "Take A Chance," which starts production next month in Alabama. The film follows a Japanese college student whose father sends him to a karate master in the U.S. to study martial arts. Scott Perkins and Shihan Oyama are financing the project. He also appears in a martial arts themed music video by The Temper Trap's "Need Your Love." For those of you that remember the original Karate Kid, Alex plays the rival and looses but then trains under the Japanese trainer, making the Karate kid mad. It seems to be set in the 80's judging by his wardrobe. Alex Heartman seems to be the one most into martial arts.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Poll Results: Early April 2012

Do you think the Girls in Uniform line will return? 
  132 (64%)
  37 (17%)
  68 (33%)

The Power Rangers Samurai toy waves have had Mooger, Deker and Xandred, who would you want next for Fall 2012? 
  136 (61%)
  139 (63%)
  75 (34%)
  58 (26%)

Would you want a Power Rangers-VR Troopers teamup like Gokaiger VS Gavan?
Yes, only Ryan Steele
  56 (23%)
Yes, all three VR Troopers
  162 (68%)
  54 (22%)

Do you think Go-Busters is moving too slow? 
  114 (44%)
  141 (55%)

Do you think Go-Busters is as uninteresting or boring as Goseiger? 
  44 (16%)
  160 (60%)
Kind of
  39 (14%)
  21 (7%)

Did you vote for Alex Heartman for the Kids Choice Awards?
  157 (65%)
  83 (34%)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gobusters Mission 7

Power Rangers Super Samurai - Episode Review - Kevin's CHoice

 A new Nighlok arrives. Jayden gives Antonio a disc to form Gigazord. Two swimmers spot Kevin, one (Noah) says that Kevin it and left them. Kevin hears this. Bulk sees a flyer about the swimming Regional Final and says he was the 'best' lifeguard. What I recall is he ran at the sight of a monster. Kevin thinks to himself as a Nighlok eats stuff.

Kevin confronts him and the Nighlok eats his Samuriazer. The other Rangers arrive and fight the monster. Jayden bats it away and it goes through a drain. The Rangers de-morph. Mia checks on Kevin.  Antonio says they will get it back. Kevin spots the swimming flyer.

Decker's sword is pulled out of the ground by Dayu at the last battle spot. Serrator arrives and asks Dayu to work for him and promises she won't work alone and he can fix her 'Harmonium.'  Kevin is hanging out the swimming place, Noah and three other guys come out. Noah complains about Kevin. Kevin hears this. Kevin comes into the house at the night, everyone was worried. Mentor shows them the flyer of the swimming final.

Dayu walks through the forest and finds Deker alive in human form. He says the sword took the damage. Dayu says Serrator can fix their weapons if they do something in return. Kevin enters the stadium and sees the swimmers in action. One of them gets a cramp. Kevin takes off his shirt and dives in after the guy and takes him out.  Noah tells him to leave him alone. Another guy says he was a legend. Kevin starts to walk away. Noah says he doesn't understand why he left.

Kevin wishes them luck and leaves. Kevin rinses his clothes near a pier and thinks about what Noah said. He opens a book and thinks on how to combine the zords into the Gigazord. The Nighlok returns eating stuff. The Rangers confront him. The Rangers call Kevin's Samuraizer and found out it is in his right arm. They are about to attack but Deker and Dayu ambush them and fight. Jayden is shocked but goes to Super mode and fights him.

Dayu and Deker slash the monster and leave. They say his true power will be revealed. Jayden slashes his right arm and gets Kevin's Samuraizer. The Nighlok grows and blasts the Rangers. He has a big shield. Kevin arrives and Jayden gives him his Samuraizer. Jayden calls the zords and they form Claw Armor Megazord. Kevin suggests the Gigazord. 

Jayden puts his Bull zord sic in and Jayden makes the call and the Bullzord and the other zords blast the monster and combine into the Gigazord. They destroy the shield. They use all their Symbol Power and Jayden goes to Shogun mode and they obliterate the monster.

Bulk is a lifegaurd just for Spike, he says he is sinking but it is shallow. Bulk's swim trunks fall off, Spike laughs. Kevin arrives at the meet. One of his friends cramp up and Kevin 'suits up' by unsuiting and takes his place. Later Kevin has a pep talk with Jayden and Mentor.

Thanks to Samuraicast for the images: