Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dreams Come True

Ever since I became a fan of Power Rangers, I have dreamt of a purple ranger. Many fans have agreed with me, spawning fanfics for years. When I discovered Super Sentai, I was excited to find out where were female blue rangers in the past (Liveman and Jetman), because in that time (before Ninja Storm), there were no female Blue Rangers in Power Rangers as of yet. And now by 2008, we have four female blue rangers in sentai history and two in PR history. What I like about Super Sentai is that they play with the formula. The team leader are not always red rangers.

After years of wanting a purple ranger, I thought it would never happen and I gave up on it. I had a rare poster of Time Force with the five rangers on Vector Cycles and the helmet of the Quantum Ranger in the background in purple. And superimposed above them it said "It's About Time!" I found the poster ironic. Who would know that after 31 years, we would finally get the first purple ranger... Geki Violet. But, in Power Rangers, his name is Wolf Ranger and his color has never have been referenced.

Other than the purple ranger, there have been hopes of a female sixth ranger or even a female red ranger leader. Well, maybe people want those two last things more than anything. In Dekaranger, we got our first female 'extra' rangers such as Deka Swan (orange/white), Deka Bright (silver/navy), and Deka Gold. It continued with MagiMother and of course this translated to Power Rangers. But, all those rangers I just mentioned were just 'guest' rangers, appearing once, twice or a couple of times. Go-On Silver was introduced a few months ago and she is the closest thing we have gotten of a sixth ranger, technically she is number 7. But it does show that the Sentai producers want to progress.

So I think if we keep hoping and praying, we could get a red ranger leader and our own solo female sixth ranger. Now, other wishes I think may not come soon: Brown Ranger?? Who knows. But there are other mixes we have gotten but not completely. Such as a female Green Ranger. We got Mele of Gekiranger, who got a zord and was pretty much treated as a Ranger. She even has an action figure here in America. But many fans take it as a experiment. For example, the purple ranger was 'experimented' with Wolzard/Koragg in 2005-2006. And Go-On Silver's progression was experimented with DekaBright, etc. So what could this spell for later on? And in what order? Will the female Red Ranger come first or will the male Pink Ranger? The female Red Ranger actually happened in PR before it has in Super Sentai. The above picture is of the SPD A-Squad Red Ranger. A female Red Ranger has now happened in Super Sentai, but who knows? My own personal guess we will probably get a 'extra' red female warrior first, much like Time Fire/Quantum Ranger and Kabutoraijer/Crimson Ranger.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Jungle Fury: Phatom Beasts (2)

So they are using all the Phantom Beasts.

Scorch = Ron
Snapper = Sojo
Whiger = Suugu

Sonimax = Gouyu
Dynamir = Shiyuu
Runner = Dorou
Verarat = Sojo
Grinder = Shuen
Osiris = Kou
Unidoom = Haku
Lepus = Hiso