Saturday, March 16, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - End of the Road - Episode Review

Pictures thanks to No Pink Spandex

Nate merged the devices to make the Beast-X Cannon. Zoey asks for her Morph-X Bike and he shows her. He demonstrates it. Ben and Betty arrive. Zoey leaves and rides in town. Her mom, a newscaster reports about construction. Zoey talks tot he mayor. She shows a lizard almost got harmed. She tells them about the forest, to save it. She shows off the bike and give the city bikes. Mayor funds it for a week. if it works, they will cancel the road. Zoey's mom applauds her. 

With Evok and Snoozle, Snoozle blames the avatars. They show them about the Rangers' bikes. Evok tells them to steal the Morph-X. Ravi and Devon try get people to ride the X-Bikes. People reject them until they see Ben and Betty's dual bike. Blaze arrives and starts loading Morph X into his key and then creating a Needletron. Needletron drains the Morph X from the bikes. He blasts Ben and Betty into the water. The Rangers morph. Blaze morphs. The fiver fight. Red and Blue de-morph. Yellow is knocked down by Blaze. Intro runs.

Needletron blasts Yellow and she jump avoids it. She gets the Blaster and makes the cannon. She destroys Needletron. Blaze takes the needle and leaves. Zoey goes to the boys. Zoey thinks nobody will go near her bikes. Roxy tells Snoozle to make a Gigadrrone. Snoozle needs more. Blaze and Roxy have a plan. Zoey talks to the mayor, tomorrow is the deadline. Devon puts a centipede in a container. The other Ramhers make sure the critters are safe in case the forest gets run down. Zoey tells Nate she is concerned. He shows her his lizard that is his friend now. He says his parents are overseas and he is an only child so he always imagined what family would be like. He always wanted a brother. Zoey bemoans. She comes up with an idea with the X-Bikes make cooler. They are informed of a Blaze sighting.

Blaze takes Morph X and his needle is blasted away by the Rangers. Blaze can't morph and gets on a bike. The Rangers follow him. The Rangers are led to a warehouse where Tronics and Roxy are taking Morph-X. Roxy threatens. They charge the keys. The Rangers fight them. Roxy bats them. Blaze and the Tronics leave. Roxy morphs and fights the Rangers. Blaze almost files the vat for a gigadrone. Beta Model becomes Needledrone and sent to the city.

Ravi is told by his mom. Devon sends Ravi to handle it. He and Smash go in the Wheeler Zord. They change to Gorilla Mode. They send rockets on it. Roxy fights Red and Yellow. They take Morph X from the zord. Devon leaves in the Racer Zord. Zoey is alone with Roxy and she throws a explosive at her that makes a big explosion. Roxy leaves.

Zoey needs a carrot. Racer Zord arrives and stops the drone. It goes to Battle Mode and Red uses the Cheetah Beast Blaster. He does Cheetah Strike and destroys the drone. Later, Zoey arrives to the construction site. Her mom says she is proud. Mayor arrives on an X-Bike, saying he doesn't need a limo. On the news, Zoey's mom's footage of the Rangers on the bikes went viral. Mayor cancels the construction on the forest and orders more bikes. Zoey hugs her mom. She tells them the Rangers did it. Nate and Zoey let the lizard back to his home. They promise to bring the others. Ben and Betty converted the X-Bike into unicycles. The cycles go haywire and they crash. 

Cute episode. It had plot, character development, tension, conflict and a satisfying conclusion. Even though the plot is not so believable with the mayor being able to order bikes so quickly and just cancel construction willy-nilly, this is when the excuse 'it's for kids' applies. Children need to see things, not hear them. Politics and government are boring. In real life, Zoey would had to petition and boycott the construction before it was even broken ground to do so. But for Power Rangers, its done fine. I like that Zoey's mom is a reporter and they seem to have a positive relationship. Where most parents in Power Rangers lately they either have a positive relationship that is not explored or a conflictive one and one where they are apart.