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Sailor Moon Crystal - Act 17 Secret - Sailor Jupiter - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
Rebeus takes away Mercury in the last episode. Usagi wonders who Black Moon are in her room. Usagi cries. Chibi Usa and Luna P come in to cheer her up. Chibi Usa shows Usagi her Tuxedo Kamen doll, which makes her jealous (much like in the anime). Later, Mamoru waits for Usagi at the arcade and Chibi-Usa has followed her there. Mako has been coughing, Minako meets her with up and they get a signal someone is playing the Sailor V game--which is Chibi-Usa, doing it real well. She gets a lot of candy out of the machine. Motoki gives them Sailor V dolls. The others comment on how they are similar. Mamoru sends Chibi-Usa home. Later in the base, Luna says Chibi-Usa was the one to make Usagi feel better.

Artemis and Luna have been trying to track down Mars and Mercury. They figure out that Black Moon is after Chibi-Usa and they can't let them have her. Back at Tsukino household, Chibi-Usa watches Usagi's parents and thinks back to her own parents. Chibi-Usa walks by herself under the rain. Pluto communicates to her through her Luna P about having a fun magic trick, piegons come out of an umbrella which surprise a little girl. The Luna P toy ends up getting broken. Mamoru notices her, he touches her and sees a vision of something exploding. The thunder scares Chibi-Usa. Back at Nemesis, Mercury and Mars are resting. Prince Demande wonders if they are immortal like the Queen. Wiseman says haste makes waste. Rebeus and Petz come in, Petz has a plan to corner Makoto. Demande sees an image of the Queen Neo Serenity in another room.

At the café, Mamoru, Luna and Usagi talk. Chibi-Usa is going to school. Mamoru can't fix Luna P. Ittou Asanuma, the kid that Makoto introduced earlier spots them and notices Luna talking and the Luna P making pink dust. Usagi says maybe Chibi-usa knows where the enemy base is. The boy is freaked out. He walks in the rain and spots Makoto. He touches her and he gets 'electric shock' which is more related to her power. They go to her apartment, where she tells him her parents died in a plane crash long ago. She gives him tea. The boy is freaked out because of the talking cat, Rei and Ami missing, and Makoto shocking him, he asks if they are humans or aliens? Makoto says she can't lie to him, that they are human but they are sworn to fight bad guys. She explains it in a sweet vague manner about sacrifice and love. He says he wants to be strong like her, if he had power, he would protect her. She kisses his forehead, he runs out, blushing.

He thinks back to the moment. She does too. He told her he wouldn't tell anyone her story. Her temperature has gone up and news report a typhoon. Makoto faints. Her watch blinks. Luna comments Usagi isn't sick. Minako and Artemis contact them, telling them Makoto isn't answering. Petz sends Droids to replace the sick people. The new Makoto droid strangles Makoto. Usagi and Minako arrive at Makoto's apartment. Makoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter. The other two transform too. Jupiter knocks down the droid. Petz is floating in the air with Droids. Jupiter introduces herself and flies up and fights off droids with Flower Hurricane. Petz sends her attack and Jupiter counters with Sparkling Wide Pressure, taking down the other Droids. Jupiter thinks back to what Asanuma said. Usagi and Minako take down the droids. Moon destroy Petz but Makoto is captured by Rebeus. Venus and Moon are left shocked. Asanuma looks up.

Episode Review:
Usagi says Mamoru is cold, which is more like the first Anime than this one. She acts more like Usagi from the first anime now. Man, does the big Petz have big breasts now. I like how Makoto has electric shock because of her powers and also, her backstory of her parents are explained like the Manga and PGSM, never mentioned in 5 years of the new anime. I liked Makoto's speech and the connection she seems to have with Asanuma. I also like all the images of Neo Queen Serenity and the future, moving faster than the old anime.

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Breaking Black - Episode Review

 Episode Summary:
Chase is cooking but reading a phone, Shelby takes his hamburger before he finished it and when she is about to take an order, she finds Chase flirting. The grill goes on fire and he runs to fix his problem. Kendall an the others berate him. He promises to pay more attention.. Moana arrives and he hugs her. She says she needs help. She had a vision that someone will steal from her. She is a Maori fortune teller from New Zealand, she needs him to guard it. She says the police think she is crazy, she knows about the Dino Gem. Apparently her shop is in the same town (lots of Kiwis in this town). She leaves her shop in his hand. He spends most of the time goofing off. A new monster arrives when Chase is sleeping. He gets one item that will put Rangers under his control, he puts it on and puts a spell on Chase. Chase runs after the foe on the skateboard and calls the others.
 He morphs and finds him in a warehouse. He has a weird feeling again. Inside the warehouse, he introduces himself as SpellBinder and they fight. The other Rangers arrive and call for Dino Steel. Koda says his cape is hard like rock. Chase tries shooting SpellBinder but he puts Red in the way. Spellbinder commands Black to shoot his friend, Chase can't control himself. Chase lets go of the morpher. Spellbinder won't let go Red. Green gets him off and he runs of. Black doesn't want to tell them whats going on. Sledge locks SpellBinder in solitary. He tells him that Chase is under his spell but it is slow to work. He gives him one chance. The Rangers tell Kendall about her about the cape. She gives them a new charger, that uses all 5 Rangers to activate it, it is called Dino Spike. Keeper detects the spell on Chase, he says the board calms him down. He needs to speak to the lady. Koda calls it black magic. Chase says she is on their side.
Chase gets up, he blames himself. Keeper gives him advice, saying to learn from his mistakes. Moana tells the others to destroy the pendant, because Chase will turn against him. Moana says if he can focus, Shelby says he cannot focus, Moana tells them a story. A while ago, when she was going to close up her shop and Chase ran after her baby carriage on his skateboard. Chase saved what seem to be a baby from a truck, it was actually a cat. He was surprised he risked his life for a cat but was nice to Moana. She gives him something for his bravery which is the Black Energem. It glowed when he touched it and bonded with him. Koda says it was easy for him, that he was frozen in a glacier for thousands of years. They get call from Kendall. Elsewhere, the Rangers confront SpellBinder, Wrench and Curio.
 The Rangers civilian-fight the trio after the commercial break. Tyler wants to use the Dino Spike. Spellbinder hypnotizes the boys. Chase arrives and is under SpellBinder's command. He wants Shelby to be destroyed. He points the Dino Morpher on Shelby. She throws a skateboard under him and the spell seems to fade from his eyes. He is back to normal for a moment and shoots SpellBinder's pendant. The spell comes off the others. The five reunite. The Rangers morph and put the Dino Steel on. They fight SpellBinder in the warehouse. They call the Dino Spike, number 13 and combines they weapons and use the Dino Spike Final Strike, destroying the monster. The monster is made to grow.
Chase calls for Para Zord, which comes from an unexplained castle. T-Rex, Para Zord and Raptor Zord combine to make Dino Charge Megazord Pararaptor formation and destroy the SpellBinder with a fireball. On the Sledge ship, Sledge says he could've gotten 20,000 something money. He got the pendant back and there might be some magic in it. He tells Wrench to save it. Moana and Chase reunite and hug. Koda tells him to clean the museum floor, Shelby says she'll do it. Chase has a plan, he gets on his skateboard to do it. Shelby tells Koda it is his day to clean floor. Koda says he needed it.
Episode Review:
A play on the show title "Breaking Bad"? Ugh. Well, I guess it could be an in-joke as Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad) voiced monsters in the first season. I like the bond between Chase and Moana. I like Moana. It was a cute and well-done episode. I know that Parazord comes out of England in Kyoryuger but it is not explained here in Dino Charge. I liked the International aspect in Kyoryuger, it is hinted upon in Dino Charge but not really explored. I would had liked if it got a mention where the zords are and what exactly they are (robots or the old dinos). I hope I don't get shot for this comment but I feel Brennan Mejia's readings are a little stiff and stale. I know he has acting experience. Maybe it's just my imagination.

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Dino Charge Production Stills given to Power Force

Episode 6: Koda and Tyler
Episode 5: Spellbinder

Episode 4

Episode 3

Rangers Helmetless


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Last round of Ranger Keys found and posted this. I don't know who posted these first. Anyway, the last group of keys (Operation Overdrive B, Wild Force B, Jungle Fury B, Samurai B, Dino Thunder B, In Space B, and Time Force B) have been spotted at Toys R Us. Not sure where but hopefully they will be all over the US by the end of the month.
  I am not so happy because I am not finished finding Ninja Storm B and Lost Galaxy B of the first round. Also, all of these suck because they are missing Rangers to complete teams. Operation Overdrive doesn't have pink, Wild Force doesn't have white, Samurai doesn't have Yellow (No word yet if the Red is female or male), Time Force has no Yellow, In Space has no Pink and Jungle Fury has no Spirit Rangers, Dai Shi nor Camile but we already knew that.

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Power Rangers Dino Charge - Return of the Caveman - Episode Review


Koda was digging and found the Energem all those years ago. He heard a roar and ran out of the caves. His brother was fending off a Sabertooth Tiger near a cliff. Koda hurried to Taku, his brother and took down the tiger and fell in the water, where the Energem glowed and bonded with him. He presumably froze all those years. Koda awakes in present time and is startled by the Dino Cycle. Chase says Australian/New Zealand slang "Squiz" which means "take a look." Chase rides the Dino Cycle, it jumps up, Koda attacks it. Koda is told is relax, Shelby says anything that makes a strange sound is a threat. He then knocks out her phone, which she is upset about. Kendall says he's used to becoming a Ranger but modern things make him nervous. Chase says he rides Kangaroos, Riley says that's Australian, not New Zealand.
In the evil ship, Fury introduces a monster Slammer to capture stuff. He is sent down to Earth on a smaller ship. Poisandra doesn't want to spend more time on her own. Sledge calls Wrench with a present-Curio, made of old monster parts. Chase is on a skateboard and Koda on a bike with training wheels and falls on his head. They talk on a bench. Koda says it isn't only the bike, others things like TVs, glass and combs that are different. Chase says that he has nothing to worry about. Water sprinklers go on and Koda jumps back. Chase tells him to relax. Koda wonders why the Energem would choose him. A case traps Chase and Slammer appears. Koda kicks the cage and grabs a shovel and fights Slammer. Koda is knocked down and captured along with a little boy.
The little boy and Koda appear in a cave. Chase says he can't morph. The boy thinks his leg is broken, the cage landed on the bike and Koda and the boy escape. Koda makes fire real quick. Peter the boy is made to hold the torch Koda made. Chase's Dino Com doesn't work (when do these things actually work?) Koda puts Peter the boy on his shoulder and walks out. Kendall goes to the others in the restaurant and tells them Chase and Koda are late, that they aren't answering the Dino Coms. She sends Tyler and Riley on the Dino Cycles. Somewhere else in the cave, Koda confesses to Peter he protected his little brother. Slammer is upset that Koda escaped and goes after him.
Koda doesn't know what path to take and Peter gives Koda a GPS on his phone. Tyler finds a magnetic field, which must be stopping the Rangers from communicating and morphing. Riley is sent coordinates to the mountain, the girls head that way with a jeep. Peter and Koda find an opening and is blasted by Slammer. Koda reunites with the others. Kendall takes Peter to a hospital. Slammer arrives above them and throws a cage. Koda holds the cage and throws Slammer along with it. The four Rangers morph. They do a roll-call. Viviks fight them. Riley and Tyler fight the monster. The two try the battle mode of the cycles. They take Slammer down. Sledge watches this and has a Vivik fire the Magma Beam and makes the monster huge, blocking the cave entrance.
The Rangers from Dino Charge Megazord. Tyler calls Riley to call his zord and Raptor Zord is summoned from a bamboo forest. StegoRaptor formation is made, Triceratops gets out  and Raptor takes her place. Pink stays in the cockpit and Green joins them. Shelby sends Tricera to save Chase. The four do a final strike attack and destroy Slammer. Later, the Rangers take the jeep and see Peter telling the story to some kids. Peter says he was like a Caveman. Peter meets up with Koda and hugs him. His leg seems to be fine. Koda brings him a new Bicycle. Peter wants to teach him how to ride a bike. Koda thinks back to his little brother and rides the bike.
So we got backstory on Koda. I like how it has flashbacks like RPM but the flashbacks don't take over the episode. An irony is that Slammer was in a slammer to begin with on Sledge's ship. Koda's story of losing his little brother is sad. He saved him once and then never saw him again. A fan even brought up how Chase has been captured and hasn't had much chance to fight. Some fans were saying on how strange it was how Peter healed so quickly but probably his leg was not really broken he is just a kid, what does he know? Anyway, I liked the episode. I don't have much to complain about the episode.