Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bat Ranger Halloween Costume??!!!

I go to the Disney store online website and I am surprised to find to my surprise a Bat Ranger mask and not only that...

A costume! I was hoping the Disney Store would make a Wolf Ranger costume like the Yellow Wind Ranger, but purple has been shafted. I had a feeling they would do a Spirit Ranger, I was hoping they wouldn't pick one, in place of the Wolf Ranger. If they did the Wolf Ranger and Bat Ranger, I'd been fine. Halloween is a month away, so I am hoping they surprise me. For SPD, they did two exclusives: pink and shadow. For Mystic Force, they did blue. But, who knows. This costume is $39.50 and the mask is $9.50, which is an outrage because the regular Halloween costumes are a little cheaper. The regular you can get for $20 and the muscle costumes at $36 with mask. Funny enough the costume doesn't look like the toy or the suit on the show, it is in opposite color. Maybe the cost is in that it is... did I forget to mention the costume is 'Glow in the Dark'???!

The reason I believe the Bat Ranger was selected was because he is the one in most of the PRJF clothes at Disney. If it is glow in the dark, it would make more sense if the majority was in white like the one on the show. I guess there wasn't much communication between one company to another ad that is the majority of the problem of what happens with Power Ranger merchandise. Also, some little voice in me is telling me the reason it is majorly black is because of Batman.. maybe they wanted a combo to sell into the popularity of Batman.