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Who Would Win? #2 - Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers

Dillon vs. Gunpei
Dillon was alone in his car in the desert, where he is stopped by Gunpei, attempting to arrest him for improper parking. Dillon kicked his butt.
Of 164 votes, Dillon won 1112, Gunpei got 64 votes.

Tommy vs. Burai
Out of 176 votes, Tommy won 112. Which I disagree. In my scenario, Rita accidentally opened a wormhole and the evil Green Ranger was sent to when Burai was alive and raging mad. In my imagination, Burai killed him.

Theo vs. Retsu
Out of 157 votes, Retsu won with 118 that he could win a battle against Theo. The Fantastic Technique would outsmart Theo, who would be too busy gloating and multi-tasking to concentrate.

Casey vs. Jan
110 out of 162 votes, fans voted for Jan to kick Casey butt. I think Jan would just want to be friends and they would go out for Pizza afterwards.

UPDATED 4/14/10
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight vs. Kamen Rider Ryuki
Len Vs. Ren
With 108 out of 174, Ren was voted most likely to win against Len. I am split on this decision, I do not know who would win. Ren was really tough, no mercy. Len was tough but he would feel bad about it and might be caught off guard by another Rider that has armor just like his but might think it is a Xaviax trick.

Extensive Analysis of Terra Venture

After scoping out Lord Zedd's balcony on's Writer's Guide to the Power Rangers, I took a look at the Terra Venture from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999). I myself would not try to figure out the cluster-maze of a space station itself but I am glad someone did. It is interesting. I do wonder if the creators, especially Ron Mason, who is credited to having a hand in it [according to the image below from Paul Schrier's (Bulk) old website], had a schematics to it. I thought it was just generic domes but there seems to be some detail and logic to it all. Above is my scan of a Fox Kids Magazine at the time, I no longer own it.

Above is the image that used to be in Paul Schrier's (Bulk) old website. I am surprised the Saban Entertainment had enough money to make such a detailed computer-graphic model. Sometimes it looked like a real scale model (miniature). Above details where the Astro Megaship docked, the Living Quarters, and the small upper dome where the command headquarters was.

I figure that if Transformer fans can compare the sizes of the Death Star to Unicron to see which is bigger, then us Power Rangers fans can try to decipher Terra Venture.

As for the site, he goes into more detail. He names the domes 'Red Dome,' 'Purple Dome,' (I like colors so I like this) because of the lack of names on the show itseld. There were some domes that got names in the episodes but never really established which dome which was. There was Ocean Dome, Mountain Dome, Industrial Dome, and Forest Dome, but as I said, some didn't get establishing shots and some got ambiguous footage. And it was hard to tell by all the little cluster domes. I used to think they just showed random domes.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 - Green With Evil Part 1 - Ep Review

121 of 145 voted that they are looking forward to the legendary five-parter.

Episode Summary:
Jason fights a new kid in town in a martial arts tournament. It ends up in a tie and Kimberly is smitten with the young man named Tommy, as he scares off Bulk and Skull the next day at school. Unfortunately he has also caught the eye of Rita, who has decided to make him the owner of the Sixth Power Coin and be her evil Green Ranger under her spell. Tommy trashes the Command Center, dis-communicates Zordon from 'this dimension' and puts a virus in Alpha, leaving the Rangers helpless. The Rangers fight the mysterious stranger and wonder who is this green dude bent on destroying them.

Episode Review:
Now the comic book graphics are international! And there are more Anime 'woosh' effects and a new movie-like widescreen sideway effect (below). I didn't like so many graphics on the inital fight with Jason and Tommy. Especially the red glow when Jason hits Tommy, because it suggests to little kids who haven't seen the series before that Jason has magic powers outside of his suit and used them against Tommy.

Dan Evans the Third already apologized about what he did to the saga. But it doesn't look too bad. I like the effect above. And as you can tell, the title card says 'Green With Evil Part 1,' how I remember it when it first aired. Video tapes had it as 'Out of Control' and the TV Guide (below) entry has it as such. I am not complaining that both titles aren't on the episode, I just think it is interesting. As for the episode itself, it indeed is still as good as remembered, unlike early episodes. It sets everything up wonderfully. Tommy does de-construct everything that has been established and the brutalness is what got us hooked. Except for the original footage inconsistency, where Tommy is frozen in the crystal---that's Burai, who was frozen and you can see his pointy vest, Tommy didn't have on... yet. And the head scratcher that Zordon knew the Green Ranger was Tommy in a matter of seconds even though he never met him (unless he is the Rangers' creepy stalker) while the Rangers don't recognize him through his voice.

The Dinozord labels have been upgraded. A new 'to be continued' graphic is added, moving larger on the screen and all the rangers get cut out with colors and a 'we're doomed' voice bubble was added. When it first aired, I was 11 and thought it was really awesome that it was a five parter. I had seen two parters before but never a five parter (they are really rare in TV, that five episodes are called the same title). And five parters never happened in Power Rangers again. All in all, I can't wait until the next episode next week but too bad we gotta wait two weeks for the rest of the five-part saga (Part 2 airs next week and Parts 3, 4, 5 air in May) while we only waited a day each for the original one.

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Zedd's Chamber in Bandora's Palace

I got curious. When Lord Zedd was introduced in Season 2 of MMPR, we didn't see Rita's palace front view like we did in Season 1. We only saw a part of it, the balcony to Zedd's Chamber of Command. I used to think it was just random, they just made up the signs on it and it was in an arbitrary location. But looking at the above shots and the shot of the original Bandora's Palace in Zyuranger, it does have an actual reference. The Zedd balcony most likely was a miniature but well detailed. I like that they did different angles of it.

For those that don't know, Rita came from the Japanese show Zyuranger and Lord Zedd is an original American creation. So when the Japanese created the castle (Bandora's Palace), they didn't have Zedd in mind. When Season 1 of MMPR started, I always wondered what the name of Rita's palace was, it clearly had the word 'Palace' in it but the show would always speed up the footage so we didn't see it. As you can see the arrow, the chamber is suppose to be in the center of the building, to our left. The Saban crew did really pay attention and made the chamber balcony like it for Zedd.

In the movie, the palace is reduced to look like a volcano stoop. It looks more like you expect Zedd's palace to look like if you only saw the balcony and not Bandora's Palace. The balcony looks more or less like the Zedd balcony on the show. The Zedd Palace in the movie looked like a prison. I thought some would find this interesting as well.

Voting Results Off-Topic: Who Should Play Captain America?

Who Should Play Captain America?
32 of 139 voted for Mike Vogel, unfortunately Chris Evans got the role, who was not in my poll. I stil see him as Human Torch, I think if it was another comic world, it would have been cool but since he is playing two Marvel characters, I think it blanks out the opportunity of have Fantastic Four in an Avenger movie or cameo.

Best Main Villain Special Only to Power Rangers?
Not surprisingly, Lord Zedd won 99 of 207 votes, Venjix got second and Scorpius got the less votes at 1 vote.

If Kamen Rider Abyss was in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, what would it be?
Jaws got 76 votes of 146 votes.

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April's Fools Day! Hannity Grid

Happy April's Fools Day!
Henshin Grid has been re-named Hannity Grid only for today.

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Dan Evans III (MMPR Reversion) on Twitter

Producer Dan Evans III has written a couple tidbits on the reversion of MMPR, including an apology on his Twitter. I have to admit I am not a big fan of Twitter, yes I don't have a Twitter account, go and sue me. Well, don't do like Ms. Palin and get a gun. You got the hang Bear Arms on your wall. Anyhoo, I degress,I save you guys some time sorting through some juicy and sort-of-juicy comments.Super juicy ones in Yellow.

Also "Shower the rangers with a hail of putty" just sounds nasty.
(Sounds like a quote from Rita Repulsa)
11:17 AM Feb 11th via Seesmic

WHY ARE ZACK AND BULK ALWAYS HAVING DANCE CONTESTS? That is like Justin Timberlake challenging Stephen Hawking.
11:14 AM Feb 11th via Seesmic

I have to give Cheryl Saban props for actually trying to do character beats on Power Rangers. She also seemed to have the biggest sets.

I script out the effects shots.
3:34 PM Feb 9th via Seesmic in reply to poweranimals

nah a month ago that is the script I was writing. I am on script 25.
(Approximately the episode could be Life's a Masquerade or Island of Illusion, hard to tell.)
2:19 PM Feb 9th via Seesmic in reply to poweranimals

YAY another epsiode of Zack getting moded by Angela!
11:53 AM Feb 2nd via Seesmic

Sorry i am not following anyone i don't know personally or professionally. Otherwise I would be overwhelmed by MMPR folks currently.
9:31 AM Jan 23rd via Seesmic in reply to aresef

Uh we are only halfway thru MMPR so not sure what I am doing next.
6:09 PM Jan 5th via Seesmic in reply to dillangandhi

While I love iCarly, their graphics do not influence the MMPR treatments.
12:04 PM Jan 23rd via Seesmic

I really am not supposed to talk about MMPR anymore but it wasn't a simple swap since it is a one-off. Color correction was tried.
(I think he is referring to my complaint of A Different Drum and the silver-ified Pink Ranger)
8:21 AM Feb 27th via Seesmic in reply to nekollx

If I can't get it from Disney i just start googling.
4:15 PM Jan 4th via Seesmic in reply to pattychanman

There are two women on MMPR I am dying to know who they are and how they were on the show so much.
(He is not the only one that would like to know who uncredited people are!)
12:23 PM Jan 22nd via Seesmic

Seriously, even the staunchest Ranger fan has to admit the opening fight in PR Punks is terribly edited and shot.
9:50 AM Jan 15th via Seesmic

I want to say we try to pumpit up but I try not to think about MMPR in HD. I will get you a better answer.
9:07 AM Jan 9th via Seesmic in reply to ashuraou

3:10 PM Jan 13th via Seesmic #

This show has the best pyrotehnics. DRAGONZORD!
3:09 PM Jan 13th via Seesmic

Seems a waste of putties to just bust up Kimberly's Float model. Next time Rita will send a monster to pick up some takeout.
(Referring to "The Spit Flower")
3:03 PM Jan 13th via Seesmic

I am just the Reversion producer. You gotta talk to Disney.
8:03 PM Jan 3rd via Seesmic in reply to AdamStabelli

So when they form Dragonzord Fighting Mode, where does Tommy go?
(Maybe, he is referring to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" or a later episode)
2:39 PM Jan 28th via Seesmic

HOLY CRAP! I forgot about the awesome Power Bow Cam!
(Maybe he is talking about "Power Punks")
11:43 AM Jan 11th via Seesmic

If you get attacked by Rita Repulsa every week, wouldn't you just automatically assume anything bad happening is her fault?
11:22 AM Jan 11th via Seesmic

Disney format. Credits over the end. You learn something new everyday.
8:10 PM Jan 10th via Seesmic in reply to FortMax

That really isn't the Q-Rex.
(Response to the popular conception that it is Q-Rex behind the Red Ranger, even though a fan has a pic of Q-Rex that exactly matches it.)
6:41 PM Jan 9th via Seesmic in reply to PrometheusUFO

I swear to god we just used the Trex shot coming out of the ground and reversed it for that shot. I have the chart for the QRex
7:03 PM Jan 5th via Seesmic in reply to JohnPGreen

hahaha that is just reversed footage of the Trex
5:59 PM Jan 5th via Seesmic in reply to JohnPGreen

Seriously, I have not cut one episode. Only added stuff.
9:43 AM Jan 9th via Seesmic in reply to poweranimals

pretty sure I answered this. Disney decides.
11:00 AM Jan 6th via Seesmic in reply to Diehardgamer

no we color corrected the show then added graphics.
6:07 PM Jan 5th via Seesmic in reply to dillangandhi

Asked. I was stoked. I Like Rangers, I like comics.
(I think he means he was asked to do it)
2:18 PM Jan 4th via Seesmic

Oh I guess I should have said I am working on "Power Ranger Punks" since the order is different.
11:55 AM Jan 4th via Seesmic in reply to poweranimals

If I understand your ?, we remaster from the orig Saban masters. Oh and we don't change the music. We can't legally
8:58 PM Jan 3rd via Seesmic in reply to fantasythunder

Yes yes I know it isn't in the Japanese version.
8:02 PM Jan 3rd via Seesmic in reply to Rofang

Does anyone know why Jason is changing clothes in the background?
1:14 PM Jan 2nd via Brizzly

we try to match the effects to the shot. I just couln't look at that building anymore.
2:51 PM Jan 4th via Seesmic in reply to FortMax

I love that the ABC promos use NONE of the new footage.
12:57 PM Jan 2nd via Brizzly

The first 4 episodes efx are influenced by JH WIlliams and Jim Mahfood. Neither of them will ever talk to me again.
12:56 PM Jan 2nd via Brizzly

The first two episodes are on with my new fiddlings.
12:51 PM Jan 2nd via Brizzly in reply to NikoleZ

Yes I resorted to BATMAN efx. But I have a practical reason for it.
12:51 PM Jan 2nd via Brizzly

POPUP FACT: When Rita blows up that rock it is super clear that they used totally different people.
12:47 PM Jan 2nd via Brizzly

I also wish they would let me do a Pop Up Video style version of the show.
(I actually mentioned this in my first harsh review!)
12:46 PM Jan 2nd via Brizzly

Wow I already hate some of the stuff I did to the show, knowing what we can do now.
12:41 PM Jan 2nd via Seesmic

OMG did we just have a shot looking thru the hole Dragonzord drilled in the spider???
("Itsy Bitsy Spider")
12:20 PM Dec 29th, 2009 via Seesmic

I just realized I haven't seen Kimberly in 5 minutes. She must have gotten sick during shooting
12:19 PM Dec 29th, 2009 via Seesmic

The only thing that hurts is that people think I am trying to ruin it. I have been watching Rangers since it aired. Even the movies.
8:15 PM Jan 3rd via Seesmic in reply to Rofang

Dammit I want that Dragonzord Missles music cue for my ringtone!
12:18 PM Dec 29th, 2009 via Seesmic

In the end, Evans is just a worker and following orders, it isn't his fault and he is not the bad guy. He is a Power Rangers Fan, but a job is a job and PR Fans are always difficult, so more power to him. Like I have always said for years, MMPR Season 1 is not perfect. Now those fans that loved MMPR S1, are now claiming the episodes they loved better were in the last ones (with the zyu2 monsters) because now that they saw the early eps as adults, they see the faults such as repetitiveness, faulty editing, lack of budget, etc. I personally believe we didn't notice it as much since the episodes ran back to back on weekdays for a while. Interviews Dan Evans

Major/Minor Changes in Spanish Dub

In the Spanish dub (translation) of Power Rangers, there are major and minor changes. It also depends on the country it comes from. For those that don't know, much like English from the United States and English from England, Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, South American, Central American and other Spanish-speaking countries, they are different too. All seasons have been dubbed by Mexico and Spain and some have been dubbed by Argentina. I am not sure if all seasons were dubbed in Argentina but I've heard a couple. The Mexico dubs serve for Central America and the Caribbean and most of South America.

I speak/understand/read Spanish and my parents are from Guatemala, I was born in the U.S.; I translated Power Rangers Central myself. Some complained to why I would have a Spanish site, but many American web surfers forget the Internet is International and what is the point of dubbing a show in another language then?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers = Power Rangers (the Mighty Morphin part was cut out)

The Putty Patrol became Patrulleros or Masillias, depending on the dub. Patrulleros obviously means Patrollers. And Masillias comes from Masa, which means dough.

"Morphin Time" has changed to metamorfosearse or sometimes, Morfosis. Metamorfosearse means metamorphosis.

Sabertooth Tiger sometimes called Tigre dientes de sable and Smilodon in Spanish.

From some episodes I've been able to see online, they changed some of the monsters' names, in recent seasons they kept their names the same, in English. Here are some that I could find: King Sphinx = Rey Esfinge; Gnarly Gnome = Gnomo Lujoso (not sure of spelling or what Lujoso means); Pudgy Pig = Cerdo Rechoncho (Super Gross Pig); Eye Guy = Hombre Ojo (Eye Man); Terror Toad = Sapo Terroífico; Chunky Chicken = Pollo Gordo (Fat Chicken); Knasty Knight = Caballero Manzarin (not sure of spelling or what Manzarin means); Pineoctopus = Pulpopiña; Dark Warrior = Guerrero Negro (Black Warrior); Samurai Fan Man = Hombre Abanico Samurai; Hatchasaurus = Incubasaurio (mix of names, Incuba means Incubator); Jellyfish = Medusa (Medusa means Jellyfish); Grumble Bee = Queja Abeja (Complaining Bee); and Slippery Shark = Tiburón Resbaladizo.

Power Rangers Zeo = Power Rangers Zeo
Not much changes--other than the basic translations, only ones worth mentioning is that the Gold Staff became the Bastón Dorado (Golden Baton).

Power Rangers In Space = Power Rangers En el Espacio
Not much changes to Turbo that I could find. In this season, Battlizer became Batallador, which is closer to the English word Battler.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue = Power Rangers A La Velocidad de la Luz
Lost Galaxy became la Galaxia Peridad, which I can't find much changes. The name 'A la velocidad de la luz' which literally means 'At the velocity of the light.'

Power Rangers Time Force = Power Rangers del Tiempo
Basic changes like Time Ships = Naves del tiempo; Visual Scanner = Escáner Visual; Quantasaurus = Quantumsaurio.

Power Rangers Wild Force = Power Rangers Fuerza Salvaje
Ferocity of the Blazing Lion became Ferocidad del Leon Ardiente (Ferocity of Burning Lion) for Mexico and in Spain, it was León de Fuego (Lion of Fire).

For Alyssa, guile and agility of the Noble Tiger became astucia y agilidad del Tigre Noble, for both Mexico and Spain which means the same thing. Funny enough, in Japan with the original Gaoranger, Noble Tiger was Belle Tiger, Belle means Beauty in French.

For Max, the Surging Shark became el Tiburón Fugaz (Fugacious Shark) in Mexico and in Spain, Tiburón Emergente (Emergent Shark).

For Taylor, Soaring Eagle became Águila Elevada (Elevated Eagle) in Mexico and in Spain, it is Águila Planeadora (Planeadora has to do with planes but means flyer). Funny enough, in Japan with the original Gaoranger, Soaring Eagle was Noble Eagle.

For Danny, it remained the same from Iron Bison to Bisonte de Hierro for both Mexico and Spain. And Merrick was Lobo Aullador (Howling Wolf), in Japan it was 'Sparkling Wolf.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm = Power Rangers Tormenta Ninja
Storm Striker = Golpe de Tormenta (Hit of Storm); Hawk Blaster = Halcon de Fuego (Falcon of Fire); Lion Hammer = Martillo de León; Sonic Fin = Aleta Sonora (Sonar Fin);

Where the Squid had no name, I like that the Spanish dubbers gave it a name in Taladro Calamar (Squid Drill); Bee Spinner = Abeja Destructora (Bee Destroyer); Sting Blaster = Cañon Mantaraya (Mantaray Cannon); Nameless Spider became Gancho Araña (Spider Hook); Star Blazer becomes Rodillera Estrella (Knee Star); Ninja Firebird became Fénix Ninja (Ninja Phoenix).

Power Rangers Dino Thunder = Power Rangers Dino Trueno
Tyranno Staff = Tirano Vara (Tyranno Rod); Tricera Shield = Tricero Escudo; Ptera Grips = Ptera Garras (Ptera Claws); Raptor Riders = Raptor Movils (Mobile Raptors).

Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta = Power Rangers Super Patrulla Delta
They had to change the word Space to Super to make SPD sense, because Espacio means Space in Spanish. Canine Cannon = Cañón Canino; Shadow Saber = Sable Sombra; Deltamax Strikers = Rayos Deltamax; Delta Runner = Delta Coche (Coche means car but literally it means Carriage); Uni-Force Cycle = Uni-Fuerza Moto (Moto is short for Motorcycle).

Power Rangers Mystic Force = Power Rangers Fuerza Mistica
Mystic Staff = Varas Mágicas (Vara means rod, Varitas is usually used for Magic Wands); Mystic Force Fighters = Puños Fuerza Mística (Punos means Fists, gloves); Brightstar = Estrella (Star); Mystic Sprite = Hada Mistica (Hada means Fairy, but it can also mean Sprite).

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive = Power Rangers Operacion Sobrecarga
Power Rangers Operacion Sobrecarga (Sobrecarga means Over-charge, but that is basically the same thing). These posters are from Argentina, Todoterreno means All-Terrain. Drivemax Vehicles = Vehiculos Maxi; Flashpoint Megazord = MaxiFlash Megazord; Rescue Runners = Los Corredores Del Rescate; Overdrive Tracker = Explorador Sobrecarga (Overcharge Explorer); Drive Detector = Maxi Detector.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury = Power Rangers Furia Animal
I thought Power Ranger Jungle Fury was Furia Jungla but it is actually Furia Animal. Blue Antelope Zord was Gazelle in Japan and became Gazelle again in Spanish: Gacela.
Jungle Chucks = Nunchaku Animal (Animal Nunchuck); Jungle Mace = Furia Masa (Fury Mace); Jungle Fan = Abanico Animal (Animal Fan); Shark Sables = Escualo Sables; Jungle Tonfa = Tonfa Furia (Fury); Jungle Bo = Bo Furia (Fury Bo); Strike Rider = Turbo Moto.

I haven't seen the dub for RPM, so I don't know the changes.