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Power Rangers Megaforce - End Game - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
 Troy practices the Dragon Sword shirtless in the forest. Vrak says the armada is coming, robots and Loogies rise from the water. The other Rangers tell Troy about the attack, he puts on his shirt and they run. They arrive to three robots and Loogies arriving to the shores. They morph.
They fight Loogies. Vrak wants to join, Messenger asks if he is sure. Metal Alice wants to fight but Vrak tells her it is personal and he needs to do it on his own. He leaves by himself. The Rangers continues fighting the Loogies with their individual weapons, naming them (Shark Bowgun, etc).

Robo Knight arrives and fights Loogies. The Rangers attack the three robots and destroy them. Vrak arrives and they go Ultra Mode and fight him. Troy asks for Metal Alice, he gets no answer. Vrak just says it is their last day. 

Robo Knight fights Vrak individually as he says it is enough and Vrak sets his sights on him. Vrak says his technology is superior and attacks all six. Knight and Blue both do Sea Shower. Yellow and Black access their powers and so does Red and Pink. Vrak go down. The six do their final attacks.

Vrak absorbs their energy and throws it back. They loose Ultra Mode and their morphers are burned and they can't use them. Messenger arrives and does a 'Moses' and splits the ocean in half. Vrak is weak but victorious. Mesenger reveals that Vrak is second in line at the throne, the brother of a prince. The Rangers aren't giving up. They fight the Messenger.

Robo Knight then fights the Messenger. He says that he could had chosen to fight him. Yellow gives RK his Robo Morpher that he dropped. The Rangers keep fighting and get blast, de-morphed. Messenger is about to kill them, they get up and say never give up and run towards his blast until RK stops it. He tri-fusions his morpher and is able to blast a beam of light towards Messenger.

Robo Knight was able to do this by energizing from within. With restoring his morpher and taking Messenger down for a while, he powers up the others' Morphers again. Robo Knight goes down, he gives Red his blaster, he can't help them, he needs to recharge. They morph and go Ultra and fight Messenger. They attack him but he is absorbing their powers.

Troy does the Vulcan cannon load up an they combine their ultra powers and blow up Messenger, pieces fall. Vrak is up again but Metal Alice arrives, she says that Vrak din't call her but she will do it. She was holding back before but she was a real robot. She says even with 100 Rangers, they won't be able to defeat her but she quickly goes down. They say that her loyalty was said. They see Vrak walk away.

Messenger (as just a head) and Vrak talk. Messenger tells Vrak to go into hiding. He might get mistaken for an enemy as they might not recognize him. It starts raining. Metal Alice tries getting up and apologizes to Vrak. Vrak thanks her. The Rangers just watch in Ultra Mode.

 Vrak tells Metal Alice she was discarded. She blows up behind him.  Troy tells Vrak that he is ruthless. He teleports away. It stops raining, the Rangers de-morph.

They run to look for Robo Knight but he is gone. Noah thinks he dragged himself off. Troy reports to Gosei. Gosei screams at them to morph. So they morph. They look up in the sky and sees endless amounts of ships attacking the city. They run and into trees. Troy calls for Gosei but no answer.

Troy goes running for Robo Knight even though the others tells him not to. He avoids blasts. The screen says "To Be Continued..."

Episode Review:
I liked the foreshadowing from Metal Alice about the '100 Rangers.' I also like the use of the Armada. And Gosei just screaming at them to morph and then not answering them, he must be talking to the other Rangers but does he really have no call waiting for two lines? ANYHOO, I think they spent too much time with Messenger and too little with Metal Alice but I think that was the footage. And at first, I was curious to know why Vrak left them but it was probably because of the Messenger's advice and the armada coming. The Christmas special will air next week December 7th.