Friday, July 5, 2013

Meeting JDF at Florida Supercon and seeing David Yost, Walter Jones, Barbara Goodson, and Robert Axelrod again

So I went to the Florida Supercon today...
 I saw Walter Jones at PMC last year but didn't meet him. Jay from Morphin Legacy told me to get his autograph but I was out of money and didn't listen to him. Anyways, I got my photo op!

 I met David Yost at PMC, took a picture with him this time.

 Close up of Jason David Frank banner thingy. He had a panel today, he was real funny. He knows how to move a crowd.

 Got my photo op with him. I was supposed to get an interview but he was super busy and I ended up getting sick--still have a stomach bug. But the weekend is still young! Oh yeah and JDF said at his panel that he will be at SDCC and he will try to get 20 Gold Legacy Morphers and try to give them away through contests on his facebook account so look out for those!

 I got Catherine Sutherland, Steve Cardenas, David Yost, Johnny Yong Bosch and Karan Ashley's signatures at PMC. I got Walter Jones and Jason David Frank today. I got Amy Jo Johnson a few months ago and taped it to the bottom. I am only missing Austin St. John.

 Jason David Frank signature

Walter Jones signature

I am so poor now.

I got these six Ninja Coins (I know they are silver, they had gold but I wanted them because it was so unique) from who had a booth there. They got it from a guy who makes them, when I got his name again, I'll post it here. will be a convention in Orlando in November. I am thinking of going. Jason Faunt, Nakia Burrise, Jessica Rey, Steven Skyler, Paul S. and Jason Narvy will be there. Hector David Jr. was supposed to go but Steven Skyler will take his place.

 David Yost signature

 Robert Axelrod and Barbara Goodson signature, they are so sweet