Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gokaiger Book Scans 2 - Attacks and More

UPDATED 7/3/13 10:30PM EST
It has been requested to me to post pics of the attacks and weapons of past teams, there is not much highlight of the weapons but individual pictures of attacks or just the rangers themselves.
 All Green

 All Pink

 All Red

 All Yellow

 Final attacks

 Goranger and JAKQ

Battle Fever J


 Sun Vulcan

Bioman, Dynaman and Goggle V (in this order because Japanese read from right to left)

 Changeman and Flashman

 Maskman and Liveman

(Turboranger coverage was too small and insignificant to cover here)


Jetman and  Zyuranger



Kakuranger and Carranger




GoGoV and Timeranger




Abaranger and Dekaranger


Boukenger and Gekiranger




Ending Theme

 Gokaiger as Jetman with Gai

 Gokaiger as members of different teams
Pink as Green Flash, Green as Black Gryphon, Red as VulEagle, Blue as Blue Mask and Yellow as Yellow Mask; Pink as Time Pink, Green as MegaBlack, Red as OhRed, Blue as GoBlue, Yellow as Yellow Lion and Silver as Kingranger

Gokai Yellow as Oh Yellow versus Princess Shinken Red (from the Ohranger tribute episode)

 Goseiger and Gokaiger with Color Clones in 199 Heroes

 Gai Ikari's Gingaman Book with illustrations.

 Christmas Dolls (a monster turned people and a grunt into dolls)

 Episode 10 Zangyack playing cards

 Episode 29, Ahim spotlight

 GokaiBlue and GokaiRed

 Luka and Don body change, episode 27

 Gokaiger as powerups. Legend MagiPink, DekaGreen Swat Mode, Hyper Shinken Red, Super Gosei Blue, Super GekiYellow and Gokai Silver Gold Mode.

Tresure Box and Super Sentai insignias. 

 Marvelous and Aka Red


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

does the book have front views scans for all the teams or just for the gender changed sentai rangers

Lavender Ranger said...

all but because we all seen before and people take the stuff we scan and edit with no credit. so whatcha see is whatcha get for now. mike is looking for a graphics person so tweet him at @rangercentral or email him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if Turboranger coverage is too small maybe you try scaning the whole page.

Lavender Ranger said...

ron kat. it's not about size. its just a blur, not worth posting.

Beast said...

Hi do you have a scan of the front cover page? I'm looking to buy some magazines that either highlight the Gokaiger series or shows all of the sentais.

So far I like the two magazines below in the post above. The one on top apparently is a toy book so I'm not getting that. Please helppppp :)