Monday, July 1, 2013

Gokaiger Book Scans

 UPDATED 7/2/13 10AM EST
My Co-Webmaster of,, and Mike (@Rangercentral) got this Gokaiger book a while ago. As you know, we get most of our scans from final 'yearbooks' of the series. They used to come out immediately after the series ended but now with teamups and other kinds of movies, they come out way later and with a DVD. This one was extremely expensive and came with a DVD (I forget which one). It covers the Gokaiger movie, the Gokaiger vs. Goseiger movie, and Gokaiger vs. Gavan and the Hero Taisen.

 First round of Giant Robos

Second Batch

 Minion Combo from the movie

 Male Go-on Silver

 Go-On Wings

 Gokai Christmas

 Blue Swallow, Yellow Owl

MagiBlue and MagiYellow


Female GaoYellow

Time Yellow and Go Yellow

Female GekiChopper


Female GekiRed

Female AbareKiller

Male Pink Flash

Male Pteraranger

Male DynaPink

 Female Shishiranger (Dairanger)

Green Flash

 Female GoYellow

 Female MegaSilver

 Female GingaRed

 Female MagiRed

Female Ninja Black


 Gavan Bootleg

Basco's Wanted Poster

In Super Hero Taizen, the Riders get cards

 Rider Keys, Kamen Rider OOO




 Gavan and the Go-Busters in Gokaiger vs Gavan.

 The Sentai Scrapbooks that Gai Ikari made

Gokaiger vs Gavan

 Mega Red, Red Racer, OhRed, OhPink, TimeYellow, Black Knight, GingaRed, Go Green, GoPink, AbareKiller, GaoRed, Ninjaman, AbareBlue and the three Hurricanger.

 Ryuuranger, KirinRanger, Blue Mask, Green Flash, TemnaRanger, MammothRanger, Yellow Lion, Ninja White, Black Condor, Turbo Red and Five Yellow.

 DenjiBlue, Battle Kenya, Big One, AkaRanger, GoggleBlack, VulEagle, DynaPink, and other veterans.

Go-On Silver, Go-On Red, Go-On Yellow, Deka Yellow, Deka Red, Deka Pink, DekaMaster, Shinken Green, Shinken Gold, Hime Shinken Red, Bouken Red, Magi Red, Magi Pink, Geki Red and the Goseiger


Renegade Tom said...

This is GREAT! I've also seen how the Gokaiger pics were put up on Central, I hope the same can soon be said for Kamen Rider OOO too :)

Anonymous said...

Hey can you upload scans of the pages about the sentais weapons and attacks, please?

Dekamaster said...

TimboPassion Kamen Rider OOO's did not have a complete series book and the best than can be done for that is piecing it together with alot of lesser books which is not a cheap thing to do.

Lavender Ranger said...

yeah that is mike you guys, he is my co webmaster. we have been working hard on OOO. i wrote the section up twice!