Saturday, July 24, 2010

My first Power Rangers crossword puzzle!

I was bored and made this fun crozzword puzzle on the 17 past seasons of Power Rangers. Some might be easy, most you can find online. I might do a Super Sentai one next.
Come and solve it!

And here is the Super Sentai one, answer key in the link.

Also, the whole new Heisei Kamen Rider crossword too!

This is the second one, 2000's Sentai crossword.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Super Goseiger Picture

Looking great in my opinion, I like the animals on the chests.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attractive Actress: Reiko Chiba

35 year-old actress, best known as Mei/Pteraranger (pink) of Zyuranger.

When she married to Tetsuhito Kirihara in 1998, Chiba's legal name became Reiko Kirihara.

She was part of the J-Pop group Aurora Gonin Musume.

She was a model in her teens, and made her J-Pop debut on 7 April 1993, but retired from the entertainment industry in 1995.

She is now active as a certified yoga instructor, teaching yoga classes and issuing a series of instructional books and videos. She is also the public face of the corporation Cherrybabe, Inc.

Attractive Actor: Tatsuya Nomi

Actor played Daigo/Shishiranger (green) in Gosei Sentai Dairanger, he will be 41 on August 13.

He was 23 and 24 when he played Daigo.

He guest starred in Episode 42 in Hurricanger as a Shurikenger Doppleganger.

In 2006, he had a cameo in the episode 37 of Boukenger.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Attractive Actress: Cerine Vincent

31 year-old actress, best known as Maya/Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

She had complained about wearing the same outfit over and over again as Maya, fans were also wondering why she never wore anything else.

In 2001 Vincent appeared in the feature film spoof Not Another Teen Movie as the foreign exchange student Areola, and spends the entire film nude. The character was a spoof of Shannon Elizabeth's character, Nadia, in American Pie (1999).

Attractive Actress: Sally Martin

Played Tori/Blue Ranger in Ninja Storm.

With actor Jon Foster.

From Wellington, New Zealand; She has been on several other shows such as The Tribe and The Strip and in the TV movie Murder in Greenwich.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Legend of the Rainbowman

Warrior of Love Rainbowman was created by Kōhan Kawauchi, this was the first superhero TV series produced by Toho Company Ltd., and was broadcast on NET (which is now TV Asahi) from October 1972 to September 1973, 52 episodes.

Just like Kawauchi's earlier 7-Color Mask (1959), this series has a superhero with 7 different identities. Takeshi Yamato, the Rainbowman, transformed into 7 different superhero forms (called "Dashes"). Dash 1 is moon, Dash 2 is fire, Dash 3 is water, Dash 4 is wood, Dash 5 is gold, Dash 6 is earth, and the main Dash, 7, is the sun.

In 1982, there was a 22-episode Anime remake of this series and had an updated version of the original theme song, it was very loosely based on this show: A young man commands 7 giant robots, and activate a larger giant robot.

Cutie Honey: The Live

In 2007, a tokusatsu was made of the popular magna and anime Cutie Honey. Gravure idol Mikie Hara portrayed Honey Kisaragi, who is an android girl who can transform into the titular Cutie Honey by tapping on her heart necklace and saying the words "Honey Flash!" There were 26 episodes.

It all started in 1973 with the Cutie Honey manga that appeared on volume 41 of the 1973 edition of Shōnen Champion. oney is notable for being mischievous for a Japanese female hero, often teasing her male friends and mocking her enemies in combat. The live-action and animated versions share a common theme song, which has been covered many times by different artists.

The 2007 series was proceeded by 2004 film that starred popular Japanese model Eriko Sato a and was directed by Hideaki Anno. In the USA, it was released direct-to-DVD in 2007 by Bandai Entertainment. Previously, the 1994 New Cutie Honey OVA was the only incarnation of Cutie Honey to have been commercially released in the U.S. It came in a special lunch box package.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Animals used for the Kamen Rider Monsters Part 6 (Avairy, Plants and more Mammals)

updated August 31, 2010

BATS (7)
No Pic: Bat Kikkaijin (Stronger), and Human Bat (Kamen Rider)
Koumori Man (ZO)

Zu-Gooma-Gu (Kuuga)
3 forms.

Bat Mutant (Black)

Bat Orpnoch (Faiz)

Bat Undead (Blade)

Bat Fangire (Kiva)

OWLS (5)
No Pic: Owl Lord (Agito)
Go-Buuro-Gu (Kuuga)

Owl Man (Kamen Rider)

Owl Orphnoch (Faiz)

Owl Imagin (Den-O)

No Pics: Kaiser Crow (Super-1), and Garaox (Kamen Rider)-half Ox.
Crow Imagin (Den-O)

Corvus Intonsus (Agito)
Crow Queen Lord

No Pic: Division Commander Wild Eagle (Kamen Rider)
Eagle Mutant (Black)

Eagle Undead (Blade)

No Pic: Me-Gaperi-Gu (Kuuga)
Pelican Orphnoch (Faiz)

No Pictures: Taka Roid (Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!!), Satan Hawk (Super-1)

No Pics: Mushroom Beastman (Amazon), Kinokomorgu (Kamen Rider), Kinokojin (Skyrider), Me-Ginoga-De (Kuuga) and Namekujikinoko (Kamen Rider)--half slug
Mushroom Mutants (Black)

Toadstool Orphnoch (Faiz)

No Pics: Saboteguron (Kamen Rider) and Sabotenbat (half Bat in Kamen Rider)
Cactus Mutant (Black)

Cactus Orphnoch (Faiz)

CATS (4)
No Pic: Nekoyamori (gecko mix in Kamen Rider), Doronyango (Skyrider), Black Cat Beastman (Amazon)
Black Cat Mutant (Black)

No Pics: Ring Bear (Skyrider), Strong Bear (Super-1 Movie)
Bearkonger (KR)--half bear

No Pics: Scissors Jaguar (V3), Hasami Jaguar (V3), Isoginjaguar (KR)--half-sea anemone
Jaguar Man (Kamen Rider)

Bearkonger (KR)--half jaguar

Pantheras Magistra (Agito)
Queen Jaguar Lord

Jaguar Undead (Blade)

No Pics: Momonga Beastman (Amazon), Musasabader Brothers (Skyrider), and Musalabisala (Black RX).
Musasabeedle (KR)

Kodama Flying Squirrel (Kamen Rider)

No Pic: Gynaninpo (Stronger), Mantle Kong (Skyrider), Fire Kong (Super-1), Kikkaijin Mecha-Gorilla (Stronger), Tengu (Hibiki)-half parrot
Gynaninpo (Black RX)-ape

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