Saturday, February 16, 2019

A Gold Roxy?

Everyone was happy about Roxy (Escape) getting her own toy but perplexed as to why she had a green-yellowish color. In some new footage in a Habsro promo at NY Toy Fair, it is revealed she is indeed a goldish yellow. Since Hasbro had to re create the suits, they probably decided to change her from purple to gold. It is probably to go along with the Red Ranger/Blaze comparison. 

Someone commented on her having rabbit designs but Escape always had them.

Lightning Collection Pics Wave One

Tommy, Tyler, Zedd and Doggie out for pre-order. Goldar will be a Gamestop exclusive. pics from and

Lord Zedd

Shadow Ranger (Doggie)

Tommy/White Ranger

 Tyler/Red Dino Charge


Red Beast Morpher Ranger

Friday, February 15, 2019

NY Toy Fair 2019 Hasbro Power Rangers Toy

Spotted from Dino Charge: Red, Green, Silver, Gold, Grumm, T-Rex Super Red
From Dino Thunder: Zeltrax, Yellow, Blue, White, Dragozord, Triassic
From Wild Force: Yellow, Black, Blue, Silver
From MMPR: Rita, Tigerzord, Ninjor (Samurai Mode)

Toys look awesome but some headscratchers:
Why is Black Wild Force Ranger with the JUNGLE FURY Rhino Steel Megazord?
Why is Roxie (Escape) yellow and not purple?
Why Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger looks male? 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Toys List (So Far)

List of most of the upcoming Hasbro toys...

6" figures
Fans love these so far, they come with keys to unlock features and sounds. Tronic is the footsolider and Blaze Ranger --- in Go-Busters, Dark Buster didn't have a figure.

Beast Racer Zord

Beast Wheeler Converting Zord

Dual Converting Beast Chopper Converting Zord

Beast Jet Converting Zord
Beast Wrecker Zord

Beast X Megazord
Cheetah, Gorilla, Rabbit, Stag Beetle and Rhino Beetle. Cheetah goes from animal to robot to car. Cheetah, Gorilla and Rabbit combine. Gorilla goes from truck to animal. Rabbit goes from helicopter to rabbit. 

Deluxe Megazords
Ultrazord to the left.

Playskool Heroes
It seems they will be doing a variety of seasons and Red Dragon Thunderzord looks good.

The Wild Force Megazord doesn't look as good. 

Cheetah Beast BlasterOriginal, not from Sentai, NERF gun.

Beast-X Morpher
Comes with key that unlocks features.

Beast X Saber
Common sidearm.

Cheetah Blade
Original creation, not from Sentai

Cheetah Claw
Original, not from Sentai. 

UPDATED 2/15/19
Lightning Collection
MM White Ranger
Lord Zedd
Shadow Ranger
Red Dino Charge Ranger