Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Gokaiger Promo with ALOT of Past Heroes

There is this new promo that aired after Goseiger this week.

I wonder if they really got over 160 people to get in these suits or just use mannequins for the back. Dukemon22 says most likely they are extras, just hired for the day. Fixed it-- no where's waldo there.

This clearly took me forever, it actually took me 3 hours to complete.
I might be missing some as there are many in the back. Some People were saying Geki Blue was missing but he is behind Geki Chopper. Lots of the sixth Rangers are included such as Gao Silver, Gosei Knight, Shinken Gold, Go-On Gold, Go-On Silver, MagiShine, Dragonranger, Kibaranger (you can kind of see his helmet behind Go Green), etc. You can't see most of the Megaranger and Jetman because they are obstructed by the 35th anniversary logo.

I don't think BullBlack, Signalman, MagiMother, Ninjaman, nor VRV Master are there. I did notice I didn't see Deka Bright or Deka Swan. I don't think Deka Master is there either. For sure Wolzard, Mele and Rio are not there. I counted around 160 visible heroes. Mega Black, Mega Yellow, Go Red, Red Hawk, the other Maskman, other Dynaman, other Turboranger and the other Bioman are most likely there but blocked. I counted before 185 regular heroes, and plus Goukaiger, that is 190.

Ranger Casts Without Helmets

These pictures are thanks to my pal Helena, who found them around the web:


David and Jason David with Arsenio Hall.


In Space:

Lost Galaxy:


Time Force:

Wild Force:

Dino Thunder: