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Sailor Moon Crystal - Acts 29-31 Episode Reviews

UPDATED 5/14/16
ACT 29
Infinity 3 Two New Soldiers
Sailor Uranus had just kissed Moon. Usagi is too embarrassed that she doesn't tell anybody about it. She fantasies of Haruka as a boy kissing her and then as a girl and then as Uranus and asking her why she runs away. Uranus says that she has limited time. Meanwhile Hotaru, Ami, Minako, Usagi, Mamoru and Rei dreaming a premonition of the Senshi dead in an apocalypse and the talismans. Rei, Mamoru and Usagi wake up. Rei says she has a bad hunch. Rei thinks of collecting the talismans. The next day, Usagi walks alone in the park and thinks of Haruka and bumps into Mamoru. They see a banner for Michiru the violinist and Usagi recognizes her. Mamoru remembers his interaction with her. Usagi wonders if he is interested in her.

 Usagi bumps into Haruka outside of Crown, Haruka tells her that her friends told her to keep her away but she misses her. Usagi says she sees Haruka as both a  girl and a boy. Usagi says Haruka and Michiru are famous. Haruka gives her tickets to Michiru's concert and leaves. Usagi meets with her friends, they are discussing the Talisman dream. They hear about a concert about Mimi, one of the Witches 5 and apparently Minako is a fan. She berates Usagi, saying she is famous. Artemis says it isn't time to talk about this. Luna says it will be held the same day as Michiru's concert. Usagi shows them the concert tickets. Mamoru comes in and he also has tickets. Kaolnite talks about the Senshi and Tailsmans and speaks to Mimite. At the school, Chibi-Usa's friend shows her pictures of that day they were at the carnival. Chibi-Usa remembers Hotaru and goes visits her to return her handkerchief. Inside her room, Hotaro tells her she has a lot of scars because she had an accident and attacks happen all the time.

They speak about amulets, how she has one that heals her and in a way, Chibi-Usa has one. She uses her silver crystal to heal Hotaru, who told her to stay away from her, that she will soon become what she isn't. They exchange names. They pinkie promise to keep her secret of being Sailor Chibi-Moon and about Horaru's dad. She confesses the monster they fought could be a monster fro her dad's lab. Her dad isn't bad and saved her life. Michiru and Haruka were spying on Chibi-Usa and take her home in their helicopter, they ask if she is friends with Hotaru. They ask what they spoke about, Chibi-Usa says it was a secret but they spoke about amulets. Chibi-Usa asks about her amulet and Michiru shows her her mirror which is a talisman. They drop off Chibi-Usa, telling her not to discuss what they spoke about.

Chibi-Usa told Usagi that Haruka said she knew Usagi well and that they dropped her home from Hotaru's. At the concert, the girls find Mamoru and Chibi-Usa as Mamoru had tickets from Michiru. She was going to invite Usagi. Michiru begins the concert. Minako runs off and becomes a male Infinity school student with her crescent moon compact from when she was Sailor V to attend the Mimite concert. She hypnotizes the crowd. Michiru finishes early. Haruka and Michiru felt something. Minako contacts the others and transforms into Venus. Venus introduces herself and fights Mimete. Mimete plants eggs in three students and makes monsters. The other students run out as Venus avoids the monsters. The others come in and do their attacks. The eggs are destroyed and the kids are alright. Mimite attacks Chibi-Usa but Uranus and Neptune destroy her and Tuxedo Mask shields Chibi-Usa. Neptune and Uranus introduce themselves.

Gender-bending fun and too quickly building relationships between Haruka, Michiru and Chibi-Usa. The Haruka-Usagi stuff was fine. The Chibi-Usa/Hotaru stuff was great. I hated Mimite in Sailor Moon S and her squeaky voice. She has it here but at least it is just for one episode. I loved Minako becoming a male student. I'm not sure where this Usagi/Haruka arc is going but it's interesting.

ACT 30
Infinity 4 Haruka Tenoh, Michiru Kaioh - Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune

Where we last left off, Neptune and Uranus destroyed Mimete and introduced themselves to the six Guardians and Tuxedo Mask. Minako asks if they new Guardians. Uranus says it isn't their concern. Neptune holds up her mirror and Chibi-Usa recognizes it. She says it is a talisman and the others are shoked. Neptune recognizes Chibi-Usa. Rei asks about the bad dreams. Uranus says they sensed the promotion of ciris of destruction. Uranus says they will not fight alongside them. Moon asks if they are not allies. Uranus says no and walk away. Mercury asks their purpose. Neptune starts playing her violin and Tuxedo recognizes her as Michiru. She blasts them away, deafening them. Tuxedo Mask thinks they will be the destruction. Uranus does her World Shaking on them. Usagi fainted and woke up at the computer base. Makoto is upset they attacked. Luna says they are not guardians who are normaly suppose to be here. Like Pluto, they are Sailor Guardians but have different roles and provinces. The Guardians are supposed to be far apart and they never meet. It is said that the Outer Senshi protect the Silver Millennium from the distant universe. Artemis says he never expected they would be re-incarnated. Ami thinks it could be the invasion of the Death Busters.

Usagi wants to believe they aren't enemies, Minako says they are because they attacked them. Rei says they clearly said they weren't allies. Minako syas they will have no choice to fight them if they attack again. Usagi keeps thinking of Haruka as Mamoru, Chibi-Usa and Usagi walk home. Chibi-Usa says she doesn't think those two really mean to fight them. At Mamoru's apartment he watches the two sleep and touches Usagi's hand. He sleeps and his dream he sees a shrouded figure, the deity of destruction. The two awaken, having the same dream. Rei speaks to herself in front of the fire about the three Tailsmans that will being them destruction, one being Neptune's mirror, she wonders what is Uranus'. The next day, Usagi thinks of Deity of Destruction and Haruka surprises her. She calls her Uranus and says they smell the same and asks if they are allies. Haruka says she wishes she could keep meeting her. She touches her shoulder. Usagi asks if she is a man or woman. Haruka asks if it is important if she is female or male.

Mamoru yells Usagi's name. Haruka says 'here comes the prince' and disappears. Mamoru and Usagi hug. Usgai cries. At Crown, Chibi-Usa looks for Mamoru and doesn't find him but finds the Inner Senshi. She wants to make the Legendary Holy Grail. Diana explains Neo Serenity had it when she was young and saved people. Usagi only saw a picture of it in her room, where she wasn't supposed to be in. Minako wonders if she used it as a weapon. Chibi-Usa says she doesn't know but she and Diana snuck in the room. Makoto asks if she wants to return home, Chibi-Usa says no because she wants to be a guardian so she leaves. Back at Mamoru's apartment, Usagi wonders if Mamoru is mad. Chibi-Usa enters into the awkward moment. Diana asks if they were fighting, Usagi says no. Chibi-Usa tells Mamoru she needs help with her homework. Usagi is asked to stay too when she forgot her English homework.  Mamoru says a Holy Grail is from ancient times, it can have holy water or wine in it to purify and make them powerful.

Usagi and Mamoru construct one but Chibi-Usa falls asleep. Usagi hugs Mamoru and apologizes about Haruka. Mamoru tells her he trusts her. Usagi admits she was jealous of him and Michiru, Mamoru says he was jealous too but figured Haruka had something to say, that those two have pain and anguish. Usagi says she felt his anguish. Mamoru and Usagi kiss. Chibi-Usa wakes up and says they made up, Diana and her wink at each other. The next day, Ami talks about the Inifnity prep school, having an open exam. She has to beat Yui Bido, who is number one. She goes to the academy and meets her who recognizes her as Ami. Yui says the prep school is nothing compared to the academy, a perfect environment. She asks her to try the trail enrollment. Back at the base, Rei says it is dangerous. Ami says she will call them if anything comes up and enrolls. She sees a small galaxy under glass in a lab and Yui explains it is a miniature version of the Tau Star System. She leaves her and tells her to wait for her.

Ami feels something strange. Kaolinite is watching and figures Ami is a Guardian. Yui talks to her, she is really Viluy. Viluy is at level 202 and will make a hoste out of Ami. Ami knocks out the security camera and runs off. Michiru and Haruka watch this. Ami enters a room that is full of monsters in cells. Yui and other students confront Ami and take her to part of a nano robot experiment. They put Ami in front of a screen to be a vessel. The other students are knocked out by Haruka and Michiru. Ami calls the others. Yui becomes Viluy and Ami transforms and fights her. Amy does Mercury Aqua Mirage but misses Viluy. Viluy and Mercury fly in the air. Viluy attacks Mercury and puts her in an orb with nano machines, digging into her body. Mars and Jupiter attack. Venus catches Mercury. Viluy puts two eggs in two students and make monsters. Haruka and Michiru say they can't stay in this school anymore. 

Uranus and Neptune transform in front of the Guardians. They introduce themselves. Uranus takes out her sword and does Space Sword Blaster and destroys Viluy and the two monsters. Mars recognizes the sword as a Tailsman. Uranus and Neptune leave. Furuhata and Reika talk at college. Reika meets a new student named Setsuna Meioh. She is majoring in physics.

Nice ep, I liked they explored more the jealousy love triangle between Usagi, Mamoru, Michiru, and Haruka, it's not really about cheating, its about them bonding on another level and understanding each other and their love for their respective partners growing. Also, the bit about Chibi-Usa wanting to make a clay replica of the Holy Grail was in the Manga and the original Anime too. It is interesting how the image of it differs. The ending theme has been changed to a Chibi-Usa song.

ACT 31
Infinity 5 Sailor Pluto, Setsuna Meioh
 Setsuna the new physics student is watching a report when Reiko and Motoki come in, Motoki talking about Makoto making Reiko jealous. On the train, Motoki and Reiko speak about Setsuna, not knowing details on what she researches. Reika gets freaked out as she sees the dark clouds over an area they're heading to. Meanwhile Professor Tomoe has a unsuccessful Daimon. The Master Pharaoh is mad at Tomoe and Kalonite. Tomoe says the Guardians have interfered. Later Usagi and Chibi-Usa visit Tomoe's house and meet Tomoe. Chibi-Usa wants to give her Holy Grail to Hotaru but she doesn't accept it. (A boy gave Chibi-Usa a Sailor Moon mug he made.) Hotaru does crave the silver crystal again. 

Makoto is at a greenhouse and there is a strange plant there that is sucking energy. It is a plot from the green Witches 5 chick. Setsuna gets the plant and faints, having her energy sucked away. The Senshi end up fighting the Witches 5 chick and are overwhelmed. Chibi-Moon calls for help from her mom in the 30th century and receives her own Cutie Moon Rod. She tries the Pink Sugar Attack but fails. Setsuna is seemingly dying and she says she wasn't reincarnated just for that. Mamoru and Michiru and Haruka feel the 'awakening.' Pluto comes and does 'Dead Scream' and kills the foe, everyone looks at amazement that she is alive.

It was a good episode, I dont like that they squeeze the inner Senshi having their own ep with so much of the arcs going on (Chibi-Usa and Hotaru's friendship, Michiru and Haruka). And very little Pluto for her name being in the episode. It is understandable in the flow of the storyline if it wasn't named "Pluto." The summary is shorter because of technical difficulties.