Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Morphin Madness Winner Pack (I never seen it before)

This is way behind, this pic popped out February 2015 but if I didn't see it, maybe some people didn't.

Winner at Twitter @CABAN81

 For those who don't know, there was a promotion in March 2014 called Morphin Madness and the winning Rangers were Phantom Ranger, White Mighty Morphin Ranger, Red Mighty Morphin Ranger, Titanium Ranger and Pink Titanium Ranger. It looks like White, Red and Pink are metallic, maybe all of them are metallic. 

By the Way, TokuNation got an interview with Bandai in SDCC 2015 and Ranger Keys are officially out since they are making room for the new gimmick Dino Chargers. 

So we won't have official Power Rangers Keys of those above. It's a shame since if they didn't do the translucent keys for the last two waves because of sexism, we could've had Pink Space, Pink Lost Galaxy, Yellow Samurai, Yellow SPD, and Pink Operation Overdrive.