Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Funny E-Mail

My website partner received this curious e-mail:


can you please [ask] the director in japan to make "dairanger vs. zyuranger: trilogy" with the footage "dairenoh vs. zyu2 monsters" and "zyurangers vs. the revived gorma monters".
in order to digitally re-edit, reconstruct and re-release the 2nd season episodes of "mighty morphin power rangers" in summer 2012.

thank you.

Daniel Egan,

P.S. can you also ask him to make "zyuranger: the movie" with the footage of "zyurangers vs. dora goblin revived", "great beast god vs. dora cork 2" and more for the MMPR 1st season episodes digitally re-edition in july 2011.