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Animals used for the Monsters Part 1

I will be doing some posts, the only order is by broad titles like 'feline.' If you see other animals missing, they will be in the other posts, this is just by my memory since there are sooooo many animals. I got help from my friend Larry, whose forte is Monsters. I will only go by the Super Sentai names because there so many. I will also cover the 'Zyu 2' monsters made for PR. I am only covering the animals that are covered more than once, not those onners like Canary Nejira (Megaranger) or that Archerfish Rinshi (Gekiranger) for examples. Also not counting generals. Of course I will be missing some, so politely tell me which ones!

Anything from before Jetman, I have the picture on Super but it is a grid of a bunch of them and I don't feel like cropping it and make a bunch of new pictures.

No Pic: Google Five has Cat Mozoo, Lion Mozoo, Tiger Mozoo, and Cheetah Mozoo.
Sniper Cat (Jetman)

Dora Chimera (Zyuranger)
It is a chimera but it has lion aspect.

Cat Signal (Ohranger Movie)

Bakeneko (Kakuranger)

UU Ussu (Carranger)

Land Zuzoon (Carranger)

Lion Nejilar (Megaranger)
A golden lion pyscho nejilar.

Madogi (Hurricanger)
A cat-like ninja.

Bakudandelion (Abaranger)

Namiayashi (Shinkenger)
Had a half-tiger motif.

Dora Sphinx

Desufuiasu (Gingaman)

Sphinx (Magiranger)
Female sphinx with glasses.

No Pic: The Elephant-like Seal Bōma in Turboranger.
Elephant Nejira (Megaranger)

Ganeujaa (GoGoV)

Oonyuudou (Kakuranger)
Appears in the Kakuranger movie, blue Elephant.

Chimera Org (Gaoranger)
Combo of the stolen Power Animals: Griaffe, Elephant and Bears.

Hachochin (Shinkenger)
Resembled an Elephant.

Yumebakura (Shinkenger)
Half Elephant, Half Rhino


No Pics: Mammoth Kong (Goggle V) and Mammoth Shinka in Dynaman.
Dimensional Mammoth (Jetman)
Mammoth took Yellow Owl back in time.

Bara Mammoth (Ohranger)

No pic: Goggle Five's Shark Mozoo, Samelar/"Sharkler" (Denjiman) as half-shark and Samejigokugin (Fiveman) was half-shark. I am not counting generals like Saandaru of Hurricanger.
Shiyakurumagaretsuto (Abaranger)
Shark-daisy-car Torinoid.

Marine Zaboon (Carranger)

Slippery Shark (MMPR Season 1)
Hammerhead shark.

Onimaru and Yamimaru (Gingaman)

No Pic: Armadillo Monger (Sun Vulcan), and Sazaemadillogin in Fiveman was half-Armadillo.
Light Armadillo (Jetman)

Soccerdillo (MMPR Season 1)
Armadillo, a bit like the Jetman Light Armadillo.

Bara Madillo (Ohranger)

Muzankose (Gekiranger)
Pangolin, only one. Not an Armadillo, but didn't have any where else to put it.

No Pic: Mole Mozoo (Goggle V Movie)
Dramole (MMPR Season 1)
Part of the Zyu 2 monsters.

Mole Nejire (Megaranger)
Black mole.

Mogudorago (Hurricanger)
Mole robot.

No Pic: Nezumi Mozoo (Mouse) of Goggle V, and Goggle Five's Rat Mozoo.
Toxic Rat (Jetman)

Chuupid (Hurricanger)
Mouse/cupid robot.


Sojo (Gekiranger)
Rat motif Addanc.


No pic: Toad Monger of Sun Vulcan, Frog Shinka of Dynaman, Frog Kans of Bioman and Wanikaerugin (Fiveman) was half Alligator and half Frog.
Dora Bugaranan (Zyuranger)

Toad Nejire (Megaranger)

Gamajakushi (Hurricanger)

Toad (Magiranger)

Maga (Gekiranger)
Toad-Fist user

Eruka (Gekiranger)
Re-paint of Maga.

Like pigs, spiders, dragons, crocodiles, and more! Oh my!

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HELP! Power Morpher in need of help

I bought my morpher in 1993 and never changed the batteries.

The batteries were all old and corroted. I have the two new batteries but two parts popped out. The red thingy below and a spring. I forget how the red things goes. Please some one has to know how to fix this!
I have the two batteries, red thingy and spring which is needed to open and close the morpher. I have everything.

Poll: What odd colors should a new Ranger be?

Brown ブラウン
I am not crazy about this color but some people like it. Closest we have had has been Richard Brown in Shinkenger.

Chartreuse ライムグリーン
It is like a lime green.

Turquoise ターコイズ
I think this would be the most likely, as female blues have been light blue.

Orchid color 蘭
Light pink-purple, exactly the same color of the flower of the same name.

Fuchsia フクシア
Like Magenta, it is kinda of a pink but mix with red and purple. I love this color but I think it is unlikely it will be used because it is so much like pink. Maybe for the male Pink Ranger if there is ever one.

Periwinkle ツルニチニチソウ
It is like a light blue with a mix of violet.

Peach 桃
Peach is a popular fruit in Japan. In America, many use the crayon peach as skin color.

Poll Results: Continent you live in/Zordon Return/Kamen Rider OOO/Toy Story 3

Which continent do you currently live in?
North American - 108 of 167
Asia - 22 votes
Europe - 21 votes
South or Central America - 10 votes
Australia - 5 votes
Africa - 1 vote

Do you like Kamen Rider OOO design?
Yes - 75 votes
Growing on Me - 54
No - 25

Would you want Zordon to return to the Power Rangers Franchise?
Yes - 88 of 148
No - 60 of 148

Who Would Win?
Dragon Ceasar - 100 of 129
Kiryu (Godzilla) - 29

Off-Topic: Did Toy Story 3 Make you Cry?
Haven't Seen it yet - 65 of 127
A Little - 29
Yes - 22
No - 11