Saturday, April 5, 2014

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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - Silver Lining Part 1 - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
A car drives at night. A space ship goes by that looks like a comet. It crashes, it looks like the enemy ships. Gosei tells Tensou something crashed not from Earth. The ship opens and a man gets out. We don't see his face. The opening sequence runs. Meanwhile in the evil ship, X Borgs are sent to the planet. Vekar wants no general. Damaras and Levira disagree.

 At the high school Mr. Burley talks about how normal events are remarkable because everything they faced. A girl says thanks to the Power Rangers. Troy says they did their part but when it came to rebuilding the school and city, it was regular people. The students clap. X-Borgs shoot randomly at some construction workers. School Bell rings. The Five hear their Morphers and go outside. Gosei and Tensou see Troy on their screen and Tensou tells them of the warehouse district. The Rangers arrive and find the X-Borgs already been beat up. Tensou tells them of another attack, they run down. Vekar is mad. The Rangers arrive to more beat up X-Borgs.

They go to the mall, Gia bumps into a guy with long hair and silver clothes. The others wish they know what was going on. Troy offers to pay all for five. Jake says he'll do it if he gets money. Troy tells the others Tensou called.

They run to the site and once again, the X-Borgs are already gone and people are fixing up. The Rangers help. Damaras and Levira want to send a commander and new plan, Vekar repeats this. Gosei and Tensou have no idea who it was. The Rangers talk to witnesses about who saved them--- a 'Silver Ranger.' This shocks the others. Commercial Break. Jake doesn't believe there is a silver ranger. They get called so they get there before the X-Borgs are beat.

There is now a commander with them and a bomb. So the Rangers morph (full Megaforce sequence) and fight X-Borgs. The X-Borgs play keep away with the bomb. Then they go to Super Mega Mode. They are about to fight but Silver zooms in and fights off the X-Borgs. When he finishes them off, Silver runs off.

The Rangers then morph to Lost Galaxy and fight the monster. Yellow and Red try an attack and it doesn't work. Green fights the monster on his own and finds a weak point in its back. We see the dagger part of the Dragon Dagger from the Gokaiger footage and not a Transdagger from Lost Galaxy.

 After commercial break, the Rangers wonder about the New Ranger at the froyo place. They get served by a new waiter, who is the mysterious stranger. Gia notices the bracelet. Jake mentions hitting the back of the collar of the monster (another Dragon Dagger flashback), the Rangers want to hit it. They return to the monster and target his reinforced collar. Vekar says he asked Levira to make it looked reinforced but it will explode when the Rangers hit him. Damaras is shocked he is willing to risk his commander. Orion watches. Jake jumps in a tree to target the collar but Silver stops him, telling them to trust him.

Silver says he won't let 'this planet' loose 'its protectors' too. Silver takes off the collar, it goes in the air and explodes. Vekar is mad. Silver busts out a Ranger Key and does a Super Mega Final Strike, destroying the monster. The Rangers wonder how he got a Ranger Key. Blue says if he was the real deal then Gosei would have told them. Pink thinks he is the real deal. They run to him and Silver takes off the helmet to show off his long hair. Gia recognizes him. Troy is surprised she knows who he is.

Episode Review:
I watch these with my nephew and the first act was entertaining for me but for my 4 year old, he says its boring. He liked it but there was no butt kicking. As for Orion, he doesn't look like he is from another planet, he looks like he came from the 90's with his longest hair, silver bracelet, khakis and dad shirt. I don't like that they replaced the footage of the Rangers as Sixth Rangers (Solaris Knight, Quantum Ranger, MM Green Ranger, female Silver Space and female White Dino). But I guess they replaced it because Orion must have the Six Ranger keys. And Ernie sure does hire quick and he doesn't seem to care that Orion has no prior Earth experience (well he doesn't know that) nor that he looks like a shipwreck hobo.

I do like how they concealed his face throughout the episode until the end. Interesting. In the promo for the next ep, Orion is holding three keys from the footage, hope they don't mess up and say Gosei had the keys. Last year we saw the pictures of them filming and we saw Lost Galaxy, I hoped they didn't replace the five as Sixth Rangers. I liked that sequence in Gokaiger. I don't see why they pick Lost Galaxy as they appeared in "Samurai Surprise," they could've picked Zeo to Time Force who haven't appeared yet.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Poll Results: Casey in Spirit of the Tiger/Female Ranger Products


What do you think about Casey's appearance in "Spirit of a Tiger"?
Better than a cameo
  109 (70%)
Super Mega
  55 (35%)
Should have been a cameo
  10 (6%)
There should be more veteran guests
  62 (40%)

Would you want more veteran Rangers in episodes in the extent of Casey did?
  154 (92%)
  0 (0%)
  11 (6%)
Don't Know
  1 (0%)

Did you like the database website used in "Spirit of the Tiger"? 
  105 (72%)
  19 (13%)
Dislike use of logos
  18 (12%)
Dislike only just a few
  22 (15%)
Do you like or dislike that the Super Megaforce Morphin Command Center Playset was canceled?
  93 (80%)
  22 (19%)

Would you had wanted to purchase the Morphin Command Center Playset that would had been $37.99?
  93 (80%)
  22 (19%)
Which of these final 20 do you think will be the final 5 for Morphin Madness?
Mercury Ranger
  23 (16%)
Time Force Pink
  47 (34%)
RPM Ranger Gold
  24 (17%)
Red Super Megaforce
  32 (23%)
Red Samurai
  23 (16%)
Titanium Ranger
  78 (56%)
Time Force Red
  27 (19%)
Jungle Fury Wolf
  33 (24%)
Mighty Morphin Green
  69 (50%)
Dino Thunder White
  36 (26%)
Zeo Gold
  46 (33%)
Mighty Morphin White
  49 (35%)
Mystic Force White
  28 (20%)
Mighty Morphin Yellow
  30 (21%)
Mighty Morphin Red
  54 (39%)
In Space Red
  32 (23%)
Jungle Fury Rhino
  21 (15%)
Dino Thunder Black
  46 (33%)
Phantom Ranger
  58 (42%)
Ninja Storm Green
  32 (23%)
The final five you guys picked being Titanium Ranger, Mighty Morphin Green, Mighty Morphin White, Phantom Ranger and Mighty Morphin Red. Time Force Pink was in the final 5 but it changed maybe because of the Tommy controversy. Those 5 are in the final 10 indeed.  
What male Ranger only products would you want female Rangers to have?
Training Set
  31 (27%)
More Masks
  32 (28%)
  41 (36%)
Mega Mission Helmet
  26 (23%)
Talking Plushies
  25 (22%)
Double Action
  29 (26%)
10 Inch Talking
  28 (25%)
Walkie Talkie
  18 (16%)
Battle Buddy Plushie
  23 (20%)
4 Inch Figures
  47 (42%)
Back Packs
  26 (23%)
  24 (21%)
Ranger Keys
  99 (89%)
Other Products
  42 (37%)
Of course other than Ranger Keys, fans want 4 inch figures, other products, and Vehicles.