Saturday, March 27, 2010

Who Would Win in A Battle? -- Big Boss

Lord Zedd vs. Xaviax
Xaviax faced him after he faced Eubulon years ago. Lord Zedd visited Earth, disappointed to find out Rita Repulsa was still in her space dumpster. Xaviax wanted to prove himself to the legend. Lord Zedd wanted to get the black alien out of his face.
Zedd won 156 of 209 votes.

Grimlord Vs. Xaviax
Grimlord traveled through his virtual reality and found himself on Karsh, where he fought Xaviax. Grimlord wanted to be the baddest scum that fought a orphaned boy.
Xaviax won 115 of 166 votes, Grimlord never stood a chance.

Lord Zord vs. Emperor Grumm
Emperor Grumm traveled through a wormhole and fought Lord Zedd before he married Rita. Grumm wanted to also prove himself to the legend. Zedd ripped off Grumm's other horn where the Sun don't shine.
Zedd won 126 of 161 votes.

Count Dregon Vs. Master Vile
Before Dregon and Vile both went to Earth, Vile fought Dregon on Edenoi. Vile had time to kill but Dregon was very busy trying to take over his home planet and shame his own family.
Vile won 92 of 119 votes.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 - No Clowing Around - Ep Review

This episode was one of the only episodes I had in Spanish since I bought the tape. It was interesting to watch it in Spanish. For more information on the dubbing, check out the PRC site in Spanish. The episode was called "Dejate de Pajasadas," which means the same thing... essentially. Anyhoo, the additions are even more annoying and there is even more foreshadowing that is unnecessary. Now it's hard to tell which one is old graphics or which is new (the putty above). Well, I know the truth but still.

The episode is infamous because of the creepy clown and how he turned Trini's cousin into a cardboard cutout. If you think the plot is dumb, it's better than Zyuranger, where the evil plot was to make everyone sneeze. I loved the clown Pineapple, I wish the actor appeared as other monsters. I think he was one of the rare monsters that had a human disguise. Trini's cousin Silvia also appeared in a behind the scenes promo. Silvia is my sister's name.

One more week for the Green with Evil Saga to start!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Power Rangers at Disney World Guide for Parents

UPDATED 1/1/12
A Guide for Parents and Fans alike, the Power Rangers have been appearing at Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios) since 2005. Many say it was difficult to meet with all five at once, so many parents asked their kids to pick their favorite color. The suits they use are specially made for the park, not from the show, notice the holes on the helmets. They are said to also be at Disneyland Paris, but I have not seen pictures. The Power Rangers have left the park August 7th, 2010 (my birthday) because Saban bought the franchise back. Power Rangers are no longer at any Disney park.

1. Pink Time Force Ranger
Season: 2001, ninth
Active: 2005 - early 2006
Retired: 2006
Replaced with: Pink Mystic Force Ranger

 Leader of the Power Rangers Time Force (2001), about time-traveling officers. Jen was tough as nails, hurting from the murder of her fiance and has to deal with working with his exact look-a-like ancestor. She was the original five Power Rangers in Disney World and retired the year late and replaced with Pink Mystic Force Ranger. She hung around for a bit for rare appearances, there are pictures of her and Pink Mystic Force Ranger together.

2. Lunar Wolf Ranger
Season: 2002, tenth season
Years Active: 2005 - 2007 (2)

Retired: 2007
Replaced with: Yellow Ranger

 The Sixth Ranger of Power Rangers Wild Force (2002), he is a Silver Ranger with some blue. The show was about animals and preserving the world. Merrick, the character, was an ancient warrior who was cursed to be a wolf monster. He was incorrectly thought to be a Blue Ranger by parents and Disney park fans. He was part of the original five Power Rangers in Disney World from 2005 to 2007, he was retired in 2007 for a Yellow Ranger. He hung around a bit for rare appearances, a picture of him in 2008 with the other Power Rangers was seen.

3. Green Samurai Ranger
Season: 2003, 11th
Years Active: 2005-2008 (3)
Retired: 2008
Replaced by: Jaguar Ranger
The Sixth Ranger of Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003), a series about ninja students. Cam, the character, was the smart Asian son of the Ninja master. He was part of the original five Power Rangers in Disney World from 2005 to 2008. He was retired in 2008, replaced by Blue Jaguar Ranger.

4. White Dino Ranger
Season: 2004, 12th
Years Active: 2005-2009 (4)
Retired: 2009
Replaced by: Green RPM Ranger
Of Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004), where Tommy (the original Green Ranger) is now a teacher, mentor to a new team with dinosaur powers. Trent (a Latino), the White Dino Ranger, was evil for a bit but ultimately became good. His dinosaur is the Tupuxuara. He was part of the original five Power Rangers in Disney World from 2005 to 2008. He was retired in 2009, replaced by the Green RPM Ranger.

5. Red SPD Ranger
Season: 2005, 13th
Years Active: 2005 - 2010 (5)
Retired: 2010

The leader of Power Rangers SPD (2005), a series about police officers who arrest aliens in the future. Jack Landors is the second of three African-American Red Ranger leaders and is cocky and usually jumps before thinking. He was part of the original five Power Rangers at Disney World parks. Many were hoping he would be replaced in 2010 by MMPR Red as Disney was re-airing the first season but alas it never happened.

6. Pink Mystic Force Ranger
Season: 2006, 14th
Years Active: 2006 - 2010 (4)
Succeeded: Pink Time Force Ranger
Retired: 2010

The first change to the roster, she replaced the Pink Ranger to promote the new season at the time, Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006). Vida, the character is a Latina who loves to DJ but doesn't initially like pink. There is a butterfly on her helmet, her power is of the Fairy. She was the obvious choice. She is the second pink ranger at the park. Mystic Force was about magic.

7. Yellow Operation Overdrive Ranger
Season: 2007, 15th
Years Active: 2007 - 2010 (3)

Succeeded: Lunar Wolf Ranger
Retired: 2010

She is from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007), about a team that followed treasures from multiple groups of villains. Ronnie, the character has 'a need for speed.' She was probably added to the Disney World roster to have another female. She is the first yellow ranger at the park, she replaced the Silver Ranger. There have been three male Yellow Power Rangers through the years.

8. Blue Jaguar Ranger
Season: 2008, 16th
Years Active: 2008 - 2010 (2)
Succeeded: Green Ranger
Retired: 2010

From the series Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008), about three kung-fu students who fight evil animal spirits. Theo, the character is smart Asian student and often puts too much tasks than he can handle. He is the first Blue Ranger at the park, he probably was added because there had been no blue ranger yet. He replaced the Green Samurai Ranger from Ninja Storm.

9. RPM Ranger Green
Season: 2009, 17th
Joined: 2009 (Approx. 16 months)
Succeeded: White Ranger
Retired: 2010

He is from Power Rangers RPM (2009), a post-apocalyptic series about a computer virus that takes over the world. Rangers with animal-vehicle hybrids fight it. Ziggy Grover, the character is clumsy, funny and easily distracted and corruptible. His helmet is based on a Orca. He joined the parks last year, replacing the White Ranger, being the second green ranger at the park. So now the fans (young and old) can see Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Green.

So there was 1 Red Ranger, 1 Blue Ranger, 1 Yellow Ranger, 2 Pink Rangers, 2 Green Rangers, 1 White Ranger, and 1 Silver Ranger.

As of May 12th, it has been announced that Saban has bought back the Power Rangers. Parents! The Power Rangers are no longer at any Disney Park as of August 7 2010!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poll Results: Best Footsoliders

Nanashi won best Super Sentai footsoliders for this decade, 77 of 180 votes. Worst was Barmia Hei of Abaranger.

Best for Disney Era was the Grinders (83 of 221 votes), worst was Triptoids of Abaranger and Hidacs of Magiranger (both got 2 votes each).

Golem Hei got 60 of 168 votes and Putties got 48 of 142 for best footsoliders. I accidentally deleted the poll for the Saban Era!

Swabbies of Lost Galaxy got no votes, so they are the worst. Yattotto of Gingaman (1998) got 6 votes. Same ones on both!!!

Skyick GoseiGreat and Datas Hyper

updated 4/1/10
Following Pictures from Dukemon22's Toku Insider.
Exotic GoseiGreat
When I first saw the extra heads, I thought it was just a toy but apparently it will be in the series, no explanation on them yet. It will appear on the April 4th Episode.

Datas Hyper is all grow'd up!

Datas Hyper and the Hyper Change Headder.

Finishing move is called "Datas Dynamic Crash".

Skyick GoseiGreat/Skyick Brothers

In an upcoming episode, we find out that Hyde came down with a second Seaick memeber and a monster killed him. Well, that answers what happened to the second one. It looks like he is wearing a black jacket, it perhaps is a dark green jacket.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Korean Animated Series based Zyuranger

In the biggest copyright infringement ever, there is a new CGI and 2D animated series from South Korea that is literally a rip-off of Super Sentai. The robots are copies of the Zyuranger (1992) God Beasts (Shoguzyus) a.k.a. the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Dinozords. Yellow is a Chinese Dragon (in place of the Red Tyrannosaurus), White is a tiger (in place of the Yellow Sabertooth Tiger), Green is a dragon (In place of Blue Triceratops), Blue is a turtle (in place of the Black Mammoth) and Red is a phoenix (in place of the Pink Pterodactyl). The Dragon Caesar/Dragonzord becomes a Cockatrice-like creature. The sixth ranger is Black. The actual heroes have lame costumes, Yellow is the leader and Red is the only girl--updated 3/25/10, differences is that they use cards and they are kids. To continue the infringement, their main weapons are the Gaoranger (2001) Gao Daggers/Power Rangers Wild Force's Crystal Sabers. On top of that, the big robot is called the God Beast Megazord, a clear combination of the original Japanese name (Shoguzyu) and the American name (Megazord).

God Beast King = 신수금강